Four E-Mail Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

March 26, 2013    By Linda Telesco

Four E-Mail Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you a physical therapist with a plan to start an e-mail marketing program to reach your patients and attract prospective patients? If so, good for you. E-mail is one of the most effective ways to reach your patients consistently and keep control of your marketing.

But e-mail also has pitfalls that can easily annoy and alienate the very people you want to connect with. Here are the top four and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Sending unsolicited e-mails. Most readers face an in-box deluge every day.  The last thing they want to see is an e-mail they didn’t sign up for from a name they don’t recognize. This does not get your connection off on the right foot, and that’s assuming they even open the message to see who sent it. 

Chances are, recipients may suspect spam and just delete the e-mail, unopened. Neither of those options is the outcome you want for your efforts. So make sure you get permission before adding a name to your subscriber list. Post a link on your Web site where people can sign up, or publish an invitation on your Facebook page.  

Even after you get permission, keep in mind that by the time new subscribers receive the first message from you, they may have forgotten they opted in. It’s a good idea to add a brief note to your messages reminding readers that they are receiving the e-mail because they signed up to get them from your business. 

Mistake #2: Not clearly identifying your practice. It doesn’t do much good to get permission from patients if you send e-mails they don’t realize are coming from you. Be sure the “From” field of your message contains a name and/or sending address your clients will recognize, such as “Goodbody Physical Therapy’s Three Tips for Ankle Strength.”

Always use the same From name and sending address to be sure your clients know the message comes from you. Also, use your logo. This helps recipients to recognize you immediately and creates a connection with your physical therapy practice’s identity.

Mistake #3: Your contact details are difficult to find. Do you want your readers to respond to your marketing message? Then you need to make it easy for them. Be sure to include your business telephone number or Web site link. These should be easy to find and easy to read.

Mistake #4: The content is not valuable to your readers. Your subscribers signed up because they already want what you have to offer: useful health tips, news about your practice, your expert perspective on the health-related issues that affect them. Don’t disappoint. Guard against sending mass e-mails to everyone on your list with content that’s relevant to only a small portion of them.

Every so often, survey your readers. Ask them what they enjoyed reading and what they would like to hear more about from you. Some senders include a query in their messages asking, “Was this message helpful to you? Why or why not?”

Make no mistake about it: With care, courtesy and meaningful content, your e-mails are sure to be effective and satisfying for patients and for your physical therapy practice.

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