For Your Dental Newsletter, Think Outside the Mailbox!

March 28, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

A newsletter marketing program should have a solid, well-researched mailing list for distribution. But no matter how wide or comprehensive your mailing list is, you can always distribute more copies of your newsletter. Always order additional copies of your newsletter, and start thinking outside the mailbox!

Distribute copies of your newsletter any time you attend a seminar, conference or speaking engagement. While a business card conveys your contact information, a newsletter communicates so much more. It is solid evidence of your knowledge and professionalism, with your contact information printed on it as well—so they know whom to call. Here are a few ways to effectively distribute your newsletter to referring dentists and physicians:

Follow up is key. If you don’t include a bounce-back postcard, make sure your contact information is prominently displayed and that referring dentists and physicians know they can contact you for more information or to subscribe to your newsletter. 

These distribution tips require a small amount of time and effort. But the payoff can be significant. Referring dentists and physicians in your area could become new subscribers, and some of these people may refer patients to your dental practice in the future.

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