For Professional Practices, Newsletters Top Social Media

July 20, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

For Professional Practices, Newsletters Trump Social Media

An analysis by Social@Ogilvy, the social media arm of the ad agency powerhouse Ogilvy & Mather, has received abundant attention. It’s wise for professional practices to take note. Social@Ogilvy points to current Facebook trends and concludes that the “organic reach of the content [that] brands publish in Facebook is destined to hit zero. It’s only a matter of time.” Organic reach simply refers to how many people your practice can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your page. Facebook acknowledges these sharp declines.

For years, marketing experts have urged professional practices to use Facebook, among other social media channels, to communicate and expand their networks. Is this still sound advice?

As a result of these findings, Priit Kallas, founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an Internet marketing and social media company, makes some recommendations that are useful to answer that question.

Move your social media followers to your newsletter

Kallas has a bold recommendation: Move your social media followers to your newsletter. While his expertise spans social media and Internet marketing, he continues to have particular confidence in the power of e-mail marketing.

E-mail, Kallas says, is at least 4 times more effective in reaching your audience than Facebook. He bases his conclusions on metrics, such as the following:

E-mail and eNewsletters continue to prove enduring and powerful marketing channels

How will you heed these newsletter trends?

You don’t need to abandon your social media followers for e-mail. There is value in both channels for professional practices. We often recommend that the dentists, attorneys, financial planners and other professionals we work with share content from their eNewsletters on their social media pages because Facebook extends the value of your newsletters. But we do agree with Kallas and Social@Ogilvy that practices need to observe these social media trends. E-mail continues to be highly relevant, and newsletter marketing is a powerful, effective and meaningful way to reach your patients or clients.

With professional practice newsletter marketing, you can deliver valuable, useful content and market your practice in a subtle, professional way.

So don’t give up on social media. Just recognize that changes will continue to occur rapidly in marketing via Facebook, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and others. To learn more about implementing newsletters to keep your practice in front of your audience on a regular basis and in a meaningful way, contact us today to get started.

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