Focus on Financial Issues in Year-End Tax Planning

November 8, 2017    By Ken Berry

Focus on Financial Issues in Year-End Tax Planning

Tax reform talk is heating up again in Washington. Although no one is sure if, or when, significant tax reforms will be enacted, this flurry of activity creates added complications for year-end tax planning. In particular, individuals may not be sure how to address certain financial affairs, including sales of securities and other assets, as well as retirement planning and estate- and gift-tax strategies.

But uncertainty can lead to opportunity. You may be able to boost your firm’s revenue—and fast—but how can your firm get the word out to clients and prospects quickly? One answer is the 2017 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter, produced by the tax experts at WPI Communications.

The 2017 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter includes information needed to make intelligent decisions. When you send out this letter via snail mail or e-mail, or post it online, whom do you think they will call first to implement year-end tax strategies?

For convenience and simplicity, the letter is divided into three sections, one of which is devoted entirely to financial matters. For example, the letter covers the following ideas:

When you scour your mailing list for the 2017 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter, you may find names of people who have not used your services in a long time or who have relied on you only sporadically in the past. This presents the perfect opportunity to bring these “limited clients” back into the fold. After reading the 2017 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter, many former clients may contact you for more information about their financial matters. At the same time, you can update your mailing list for future reference.

Finally, if significant tax legislation is enacted before the end of year, WPI won’t leave you hanging. They will send you a one-page update—at no charge—that you can then distribute to clients and prospects. Of course, both the letter and any update can be easily modified for your personal approach.

How long would it take you to research and write a year-end tax-planning letter? How much revenue would you miss out on? We create the entire letter for you at a fraction of the cost and time.

The chance to give your practice a shot in the arm doesn’t come along very often. Take advantage of the 2017 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter before time runs out. For more information, call 800-323-4995, download the order form or e-mail us at

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