Five Tips for Newsletter Marketing

January 19, 2016    By Lisa Berry

Five Tips for Newsletter Marketing

Creating a newsletter can be a valuable tool for growing your practice. By marketing with a newsletter, you keep your name in front of clients or patients, build relationships with referral sources and provide insight into your practice. Sending a newsletter is also a cost-effective option that won’t blow your marketing budget out of the water.

But anything worth doing is worth doing well, and creating a successful newsletter marketing program does require a little time and effort. These quick tips will help you produce an effective, engaging newsletter to get you the results you want.

1. Write for your audience

The content you produce is highly dependent on whom you are trying to reach, and different content will resonate with different audiences. Decide who you are targeting with your newsletter. While colleagues might be interested in your trip to a national conference, clients or patients (current and potential) will be more interested in the latest technology you are implementing in your practice. Craft your newsletter based on the interests of your target audience to keep them engaged. Make it Easy to Get Feedback from Client Newsletter Readers.

2. When it comes to your mailing list, quality trumps quantity

Creating a list is easy; creating a quality list takes a little more effort. Your practice will not benefit if your newsletter winds up in the garbage or a spam folder. Build a list of clients, potential clients and referral sources who will actually read your newsletter and engage with your practice.

A note about buying lists: If you choose to purchase a list, make a wise investment by working with a company that offers targeted lists of the people you want to reach.

3. Resist the urge to sell

Savvy consumers know when someone is trying to sell to them. Your newsletter is not the place for a sales pitch. Instead, focus on providing valuable information and becoming a trusted resource for your readers. By creating and building upon this relationship, you will stay top-of-mind with your current and potential clients or patients, as well as referral sources. You will be the clear choice when they need your services.

4. Make your newsletter a two-way street

Your newsletter is about building relationships, and relationships work both ways. When you send out your newsletter, you are inviting people into your practice. To get the most out of these relationships, listen to what your readers are asking for and adapt your newsletter to fit their needs. Not only will they feel heard, but you will be providing them with material they can really use. They will appreciate you and your practice for meeting their needs.

5. Stay consistent

One of the most important factors in establishing an effective newsletter marketing program is to send your newsletter on a regular, consistent basis. Decide on a timeline that works for you (e.g., monthly or quarterly) and stick to your schedule. Getting your name in front of clients or patients frequently and consistently is key to building and maintaining those relationships.

Publishing a newsletter can be very effective in helping you build your professional practice. For more information download a free copy of The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice

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