Extend the Impact of Your Dental Newsletter

May 10, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Extend the Impact of Your Dental Newsletter

Dental patient newsletters usually appear in patients’ e-mail in-boxes once a month. For dentists seeking to extend the value of their newsletters beyond the in-box, there are some fantastic ways you can make an even greater impact with your dental direct marketing.

Be ready to talk about each issue

If your newsletters contain quality content targeted to your readers, there will be articles that will spark their interest. They may call or e-mail you for more information, or even mention a recent article when they’re in your office. This is good news, because it’s easier to expand services to current patients than to find new ones. Remember, A Patient Newsletter Can Help You Cross-Sell Dental Services

Be sure your staff is prepared to answer the questions that each newsletter article may generate. This means you will need to make sure everyone reads the article each month so they are familiar with the content.

Bonus Tip: Dentists and their staff can use recent newsletter articles as discussion points with patients on treatment options. They can even use them as a nonintrusive way to reference difficult topics like poor dental hygiene.

Extend your newsletter via social media

The tip above relates to patients who come into or contact your office. But your newsletter can extend far beyond the walls of your practice. Many dental practices use social media, particularly Facebook, to communicate with patients and colleagues. Regardless of your history with Facebook marketing, an increasing number of dental practices are using this popular tool to extend their newsletters to a broader audience.

Some dentists repurpose their newsletter content on Facebook, as well as their practice blogs and Web sites. Here are some ways to extend the value of your newsletters through Facebook. You can easily adapt these suggestions to LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media that you use.

By encouraging comments and opinions about posts related to newsletter articles, you’ll help build loyalty and engagement among people you know—and spread the word to their respective networks.

Whether it’s through old-fashioned word of mouth or social media, be sure you are getting the most from your dental patient newsletter by extending its value.

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