Expand the Reach of Your eNewsletter

February 21, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

Though the term “newsletter” likely conjures an image of a four-page booklet folded in half and dropped in the mail, many practices opt to send eNewsletters instead. The content of an eNewsletter should be just as well written, researched and proofread as a traditional newsletter, but sent via e-mail, eNewsletters carry no printing or postage costs.

While mailing addresses are readily available from online listings or traditional telephone books, maintaining subscribers and addresses for an eNewsletter can be more of a challenge. Here are a few tips to building a solid eNewsletter distribution list.

  1. Ask people for their e-mail addresses. This may sound obvious, but make sure to ask every patient or client who comes through your doors to subscribe to your eNewsletter. Describe the content you intend to send them, and assure them that while you will send your eNewsletter on a regular basis, you will not bombard them with e-mails, share their e-mail addresses or send spam, ever.
  2. Place a subscribe button on your Web site and social media pages. Make sure the button is prominent. Once someone clicks on the button, the process of subscribing should be quick and smooth.
  3. If you publish a blog or issue press releases, be sure to link to your eNewsletter on every page. Again, make the link prominent and the process effortless.
  4. Offer a discount to subscribers. You might offer a free or discounted service, whether it be a dental cleaning, legal advice or a visit to a physical therapist. You might also run a contest or drawing for a free treatment, service or product. Be sure to announce the winner in your newsletter so that subscribers have yet another reason to read it. 
  5. Make sure your newsletter contains valuable information. No one wants another e-mail cluttering an already crowded inbox unless the e-mail contains information that is relevant.

Don’t be intimidated by the process of sending an eNewsletter. Several services, such as Constant Contact, can simplify the distribution process. E-mail offers potential marketing opportunities. Don’t miss out on them!

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