Exceed “Average” by Educating Patients with a Newsletter

May 11, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Exceed “Average” by Educating Patients with a Newsletter

You’re probably aware of the statistics from Gallup that only about one in three U.S. adults visited the dentist in a recent 12-month period. That finding, reported in 2014, is consistent with the rate reported in 2008.

Certainly, you have patients on your rolls who represent that unfortunate statistic. They haven’t been to see a dentist because of financial concerns, changes in their dental insurance, lack of time or they just don’t think going to the dentist is all that important—especially when nothing appears to be wrong.

You probably also know all too well that dentists across specialties are retiring later out of necessity, because dental spending per patient has declined.

You can beat the averages
These average statistics impact your profession. But dentists who refuse to settle for average are seeing better results. The solution: patient education. And the best way to do that is with a patient newsletter.

Newsletters educate your patients
By sending a monthly newsletter, your practice maintains contact with patients on a regular basis. This is a valuable way to keep them thinking of you and reminding them that you care about them. But more than just making them think about your practice, patient newsletters are practical for readers while they subtly market your dental services. They remind your patients of the value of dental care and the importance of seeing the dentist regularly. They help them understand that staying on track with examinations and treatments is more than just a good idea.

These examples address specific concerns a patient may face, while pointing them back to their dentist for ongoing care:

Dental Bites newsletter for dentists

Perio Health eNewsletter for periodontists

Pediatric Dental Bites newsletter for pediatric dentists

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