Endodontists: Your Referral Base Is Probably Far Too Small

June 7, 2017    By Steven Klinghoffer ()

Endodontists: Your Referral Base Is Probably Far Too Small

In more than 25 years of helping dental specialists grow their practices with newsletter marketing programs, it has been our experience that endodontists share a common problem.

Their referral bases are too small.

Does that describe your practice, too?

Roger P. Levin, DDS, chief executive officer of the dental practice consulting firm, the Levin Group, Inc., wrote an article for the American Association of Endodontists in which he discusses the ubiquitous challenge of low referral volumes. When most endodontists are asked to name their clients, they say patients, Dr. Levin notes. However, referring dentists should be thought of as an important source of customers. Otherwise, dentists overlook a potentially easy and lucrative way to attract many more patient referrals.

One good referring dentist can bring in up to $125,000 worth of business to your practice.

After all, Dr. Levin estimates, just one top referring dentist can send from $70,000 to $125,000 per year to your practice. The question then is, how many A+ referring dentists does your practice have? Do you have enough?

If you said no, then how do you develop more A+ referring relationships?

Newsletters are an easy way to develop more A+ referring partnerships.

Naturally, the more A+ practices that refer patients to you, the more successful you’ll be. This is why endodontists who want to grow their referral base use Update on Endodontics or Endodontics Newsletter. These marketing program referral newsletters are a highly effective, professional and ethical way to accomplish two very important goals:

  1. Introduce yourself to referring dentists who may not know you.
  2. Keep in touch with referring dentists who know you, whether or not they have sent patients to you.

If you’re not sending one of these newsletters to every potential referring dentist in your practice area, you are missing out.

Dentists will associate the high-quality content you provide on a quarterly basis with your practice, and when they need to make an endodontic referral, they will think of you. Moreover, by educating them with high-level summaries of research findings and updates in your specialty, you’ll help your dental colleagues understand when it is best to refer a patient to you versus treating them in-house. Our surveys of recipients of our dental newsletters indicate that recipients read and appreciate them.

Reaching more general dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists and oral surgeons in your practice area is made simple with our EZ List service. Each one of these dental professionals is a potential source of referrals for you.

WPI Communications has helped hundreds of endos grow their practices with newsletter marketing. Contact us to learn how we can help you grow your professional contacts and increase patient referrals!

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