Enclose a “Bounce-back” Postcard with Your Newsletter

January 4, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

If you are using a newsletter program to build relationships with your clients, your hope is that at least one article in the newsletter will spark a client’s interest. Ideally, that client will call or e-mail you for more information. After all, it’s easier to expand services to current clients than to find new clients.

If you have a printed newsletter, you can facilitate that communication with a “bounce-back” postcard enclosed with each issue. The postcard might say something like “I would like more information on the following articles” and then list the articles in the newsletter, with a little check box next to each. All your recipient has to do is check off the articles of interest, fill in his or her name, telephone number and e-mail address, and drop the postcard in the mail.

Once the postcard bounces back to you, the door is open for you to introduce additional services. With a little effort, you have a solid opportunity to expand your relationship with the client.

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