Elevate Your Professional Brand with Newsletter Marketing

October 11, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Elevate Your Professional Brand with Newsletter Marketing

How strong is your professional practice’s brand? What do your clients, potential clients, partners and other influencers think of when they think of you? And is this impression consistent across your audience?

Most importantly, when they think of you, is it positive?

It is possible to have a strong brand recognition that is not favorable. Enron, the company known for massive audit failure of epic proportions, has unfavorable brand recognition. ValuJet Airlines developed a reputation for lax safety measures that led to a fatal plane crash. That tragedy, which marked the end of the brand, is what comes to mind when most people old enough to remember think of ValuJet today. Brand awareness isn’t enough. It has to be positive.

The good news is that you can take steps to shape your professional practice’s brand.

Shaping a strong brand
As an accountant, attorney, dentist, financial planner, physician or physical therapist, you know how important it is to guard your reputation, maintain it and keep it safe. But to elevate your firm’s brand, you must do more than just protect it. Your firm must work proactively to build a strong brand that will ensure positive associations. Building a strong brand means making sure the public see you as professional, respected and accomplished.

Successful firms position themselves to stand out. It’s up to you to shape how onlookers view you.                                                         

Ask yourself how you want your current and future clients or patients, influencers and referring colleagues to perceive your firm. What do you want them to think about you? What are your firm’s distinct areas of expertise, and how are these different from those of your competitors? Maybe it’s your many years in business, your strong client base, your advanced processes or your high patient retention. By answering these questions, you’ll determine what you do best and how you differentiate yourself—the essence of molding your practice into a strong brand.

Newsletters elevate and promote your brand
A well-developed and brilliantly conceived brand that nobody sees or knows about is tantamount to a debate about the sound of a tree falling in the woods that no one is around to hear. It’s irrelevant. It is not enough simply to have a strong brand. You have to connect to your audience on an ongoing basis. That is why newsletters for accountants, attorneys, dentists, financial planners, physicians and physical therapists are valuable brand-building tools.

Newsletters allow you to stay top-of-mind as you demonstrate your authority and breadth of expertise with quality content. Each newsletter will remind your readers that you are the professional they can trust. This will elevate your brand and your bottom line as you build client or patient loyalty.

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