E-mail is Alive and Kicking

April 26, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

E-mail is Alive and Kicking

Social media has long (in terms of social media’s lifetime, that is) behaved as the go-to content marketing tool. The big idea was that it would render many other forms of communication—namely, e-mail—worthless.

Well, not so fast. E-mail is far from dead. Social media can no longer make the unchallenged claim that the medium is dead. And there are no signs of e-mail’s demise.

A counterpoint to the use of social media by marketers is the growing argument that it’s increasingly considered less than a productive use of time. Thus, e-mail is being taken more seriously by content marketers. This includes eNewsletters.

Social media is alive and well
Here are some quick statistics of users across social media platforms from the Pew Research Center, published in August 2015:

We can slice and dice social media numbers all day long, and certainly the demographic details are significant to your practice, but the bottom line is this: Your patients or clients use both social media and e-mail. So avoid viewing these as either/or options. Both are viable tools for growing your practice.

Newsletters are the perfect combination of social media and e-mail marketing
Digital newsletters are a popular e-mail marketing tool. These newsletters have particular value for professional practices seeking to educate and inform their clients and patients, rather than overtly selling to them. This strategy can easily be extended to social media.

Accounting practices that send the newsletter, Client Information Bulletin or the digital Accountant Client eNewsletter can post highlights of recent articles on social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or even add a link to the entire newsletter. They can share article titles from the most recent newsletter and encourage clients to open it. Or, for an article such as, “Tips for Avoiding Investment Mistakes,” accountants can post snippets on Facebook and suggest that people contact their office for more details.

A pediatric dentist can take tips from the article, “Living a Sweet Life Without Sugary Beverages,” in Pediatric Dental Bites eNewsletter and post them on Facebook. This article, for example, has five tips. Each could be a separate post for a social media-savvy practice:

You can be flexible and creative as to how you repost newsletter content to social media. However you do it, newsletters are an ideal way to combine the best of social media and e-mail marketing.

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