Don’t Let Your Mailing List Go Stale

June 8, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

mailbox with letters

A newsletter marketing program is a significant investment. While we often stress the importance of newsletter content, it is also important to focus on distribution.

Some of our newsletter subscribers call us to say they are not sure they are reaching their intended audience. To them, we usually offer our EZ List service. But for starters, we implore all of our subscribers to update their mailing lists at least once a year.

Direct mail experts will tell you that mailing lists have to be updated every year to remain current. For example, our newsletter subscribers who, for whatever reason, question the effectiveness of their newsletter marketing program often accept our offer to conduct a short survey of their readers. In mailing these surveys, our office manager has found that an average of 5% of addresses come back as incorrect. On some surveys, we find that number to be much higher.

This means that our subscribers are sending their newsletters to incorrect and/or out-of-date addresses. At minimum, if you invest in a newsletter marketing program, be sure to keep your mailing list up-to-date. A newsletter sent to a wrong address is a waste of your time and marketing efforts.

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