Don’t Be Afraid to Include a Call to Action

April 27, 2012    By Vincent Gragnani ()

woman shaking hands with man

If there’s one message people should take away from reading our newsletter tips, it’s that newsletter content should be useful and interesting to its audience. Don’t clutter your newsletter with discounts, specials and other blatant advertising.

That said, don’t be afraid to include one or several calls to action in your newsletter. We publish dozens of referral-generating newsletters, client newsletters and patient newsletters, and all of them include a subtle paragraph inviting discussion, such as: “Do you or your staff have any questions about this newsletter? Please call or write our office. We would be happy to hear from you.”

You might even be more bold, especially in an eNewsletter or social media page. Momentus Media found that asking people to “like” a page drew a 216% increase in interaction. Also, check out Hubspot’s “The 15 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen.” Many of the pages explicitly ask visitors to like the page.

Bottom line: If you want people to read your content, make sure it is useful and interesting. And if you want people to call, comment or interact, just ask them!

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