Does Your Professional Practice’s Newsletter Show Your Personality?

June 30, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Does Your Professional Practice Newsletter Show Your Personality?

How would you describe your professional practice’s personality? Apart from being professional, how else would you describe it? An orthodontist may endeavor to have a fun practice personality. An accounting firm may seek a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere. An attorney may want to communicate a sophisticated, even exclusive tone. Showing your personality is important. It helps people understand you and can help you stand out from other practices that do what you do.

Whatever your practice’s personality, make sure it comes across in your newsletter—and all other marketing as well. Showing it off in your newsletter is important for a consistent and genuine brand feel. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your practice’s authority and credibility. Here are some ways to ensure that personality comes through.

Avoid the “no reply”

Send your practice marketing newsletters from the firm rather than with a “no reply” return address. E-mails that come from “no reply” feel cold and impersonal. This is especially true for newsletters, which should be warm and inviting. You can send your newsletters directly from the head of your practice, or from an office manager or receptionist whom readers see on a regular basis. You can even send it from a general e-mail address for your practice.

Your readers must trust that it comes from your practice—and that you care enough about them to receive and respond to follow-up e-mails they may send as a result of reading your newsletter. Don’t miss the opportunity a newsletter creates to promote services you provide.

Feature photos of your practice

One of the best ways for readers to instantly connect with your practice is to include an image with each newsletter. For many practices, this will be a group shot of the people they see when they are in your office. It helps build trust and reinforces your belief that it’s the people who make your practice what it is.

Feature a team member

Consider featuring one member of your team in each issue of the newsletter. It helps readers become more familiar with the people they work with at your practice, and it further extends patients’ and clients’ comfort levels. And by sharing fun and informative details about that team member, their individual personalities are showcased. Your practice personality should come through here, too, whether the tone is fun, sophisticated, exclusive or upbeat.

It’s also important to Create Content That’s Easy to Read. You can occasionally include some short, light articles that help personalize your practice and the work you do. For example, for your summer newsletter, you can highlight where team members are going on vacation. At the end of the year, you can ask them to share their most memorable work experience that year. You’ll find that the opportunities are nearly limitless. 

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