Does Your Dental Patient Newsletter Accomplish These Five Objectives?

June 22, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Does Your Dental Patient Newsletter Accomplish These Five Objectives?

Dentists, do you accomplish these five critical objectives with your patient newsletter? If not, you’re sure to be missing opportunities.

1. Reduce attrition. Patient newsletters keep your practice top-of-mind and contribute to patient loyalty. Each issue will subtly remind your readers that you are the dentist to trust, and that you have their best interests at heart. While your patients may receive mailers and see ads for other dentists, newsletters reinforce their loyalty during those months between treatments.

We’ve even seen patients contact their dentist’s office and schedule appointments for themselves and their family immediately after receiving a newsletter. It’s a gentle and professional reminder for them to get back on track with treatment and maintenance.

2. Reduce appointment cancellations. Patients do not need to read every line of every article for your dental patient newsletter to make a positive impression. But by hearing from you regularly, they’ll be more inclined to keep their scheduled appointments. And when they do read or scan your newsletters, they’ll be reminded that keeping their appointments is essential for dental health.

3. Encourage patients to refer friends and relatives to your dental practice. Not only are your best patients your most loyal ones, they’re also most inclined to refer their families and friends to you. A good newsletter reminds them to tell their friends about the excellent care you provide.

A good newsletter is also easy to share. We recommend that dental patient newsletters feature a prominent box that makes it easy to share the e-mail with a message such as, “We hope you find our newsletter informative. Feel free to forward it to friends and family. We are currently accepting new patients and would appreciate any referrals.” We also recommend an easy “Join our mailing list” button.

4. Improve case acceptance. A patient needs a treatment. You advise him of his options. Now what? You probably provide clear details of a treatment plan, and try to schedule the next appointment. If the patient does not schedule, your office may call for a follow-up visit. Patient newsletters contribute to case acceptance by educating patients on a regular basis. Do not wait until it’s time to recommend a treatment. Education should be ongoing. Believe in Your Dental Patient Newsletter, and Your Patients Will Believe in You.

5. Educate patients about your services and treatments. Some patients may come to see you because they want to stay on a healthy cleaning schedule. Some may visit only when they have pain or an emergency. Others may have started to see you when their children were old enough to get regular cleanings. Regardless of why they began making visits to your practice, most of your patients are probably unfamiliar with all of the ways you can help them. Patient newsletters will educate them about the dental impact of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and bruxism, and inform on how you can help with sealants, teeth whitening, night guards and much more. This educational material gives your patients information that will contribute to their health—as it builds lifetime value for your practice. 

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