Does Your Dental Newsletter Go Where Your Patients Are?

December 5, 2013    By Becky Sheetz ()

Does Your Dental Newsletter Go Where Your Patients Are?

How easy do you make it for your patients to connect with you? Today’s patients are incredibly sophisticated, and they have high expectations. You’d better believe these expectations extend to their dentist’s office.

From social media to RSS feed to the e-mail in-box, it is more critical than ever to go where the patients are. They expect it. Gone are the days of delivering one message by way of the same medium. Today, you must adapt to your patients if they’re going to hear you above the many other messages that compete for their attention.

If they prefer to get their information through a hard copy in their mailboxes, you have to be there. If they get their information from e-mail in-boxes, then that’s where you need to be. If they want to stay connected via Facebook or Twitter, meet them there. You need to implement multi-faceted tools and techniques to go where your patients are.

Social networking users, blog readers and e-mail recipients want to quickly and simply be able to share content. The easier you make this for them, the better. They want to share Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ content with their networks. They want to effortlessly forward your eNewsletter articles to colleagues, friends and family members they think your practice can help. Not only do you have to be where your audience is but you have to be where they are sharing information too.

Do you have enough to say?

One of the biggest problems with going where your patients are and reaching them with content marketing is having enough to say. We sometimes hear from dentists who are concerned that they don’t have enough content or ideas for content to maintain a dialogue with their patients. The good news is that newsletters are an excellent way to maintain a steady stream of useful content. For example, here are the articles in one month’s Dental Bites eNewsletter:

A dental practice could post each of these six articles to its Facebook page, blog about one or more topics, and even put some articles on its Web site to maintain fresh and meaningful content. They could tweet interesting facts and statistics, or include that content on Facebook while inviting comments.

Marketing is successful if it goes where your patients are. Are you there? They’re expecting you.

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