Do Dental Marketing Give Away “Gimmicks” Work for Periodontists?

September 8, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Do Dental Marketing Give Away “Gimmicks” Work for Periodontists?

Giveaways, incentives, gifts, discounts or special promotions in general are some of the most controversial topics in dental marketing. Do these methods have a place among your periodontal practice building tools?

Some dentists have great success with special promotions that bring new patients in the door and keep them coming back. Others avoid them as gimmicky and unprofessional. As a result, many dentists, including periodontists, simply do not engage in this sort of marketing. If this describes you, are you missing out?

To offer special promotions or not to …
The answer, of course, depends on what’s right for your practice. We talk to many periodontists—often those who are well established in their careers—who are averse to any sort of special promotion or discount offer. They want patients to come to them based on their expertise and qualifications.

We hear from others who have grown their practices and a loyal patient base with techniques such as Groupon or mailings that promote deep introductory discounts for new patients. Some offer high-value drawings for such prizes as electronics or other gifts for patient referrals.

If these tactics work for those periodontists, who can argue with results? If the practices that offer these incentives are getting and keeping new patients, then this works for them. However, if a postcard mailer or Groupon attracts patients and those patients never come back, we can’t say that this is highly successful.

The key is not just to consider promotions that will draw people in once, but rather special offers that will attract individuals and families who will become loyal patients. Good examples may include discounts on a gum recession examination or a discounted dental implant examination. With these, patients step into your office for the first stage of what could be a multiphased treatment and even an ongoing relationship.

Newsletters bridge the gap
Regardless of whether your practice is enthusiastic about discounted promotions or opposed to them, we recommend that you consider a patient newsletter—unless you are already using one. Newsletters reflect positively on your practice and show that you care about your patients. They are educational in nature, rather than sales oriented. Newsletters are the perfect marriage of marketing and education.

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