Dental Newsletters Are More Effective Than Postcards, Study Says

March 31, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Dental Newsletters are More Effective than Postcards, Study Says

A recent study compared dental patient newsletters with dental postcards. Both are popular forms of dental marketing. Many dentists and dental specialists ask, “Which is better for my practice?”

The conclusion, according to the research, is that newsletters generate a significantly higher response than postcards. On average, newsletters drive 17 calls for every 10 generated from a postcard.

We aren’t saying don’t use postcards

Postcards and newsletters can each be useful tools for direct mail marketing for dentists. However, it’s important for dentists to know that these tools are different in nature and represent different strategies. Postcards are almost always promotional and sales oriented. Newsletters are education oriented. When it comes to positioning your practice for its expertise, dental patient newsletters reign supreme. That’s because:

It’s important that your practice understand the difference between these two types of dental marketing solutions. Whether you use one tool or both, set clear goals and objectives. Postcards are often used to acquire new patients based on special offers and discounted treatments. Those who respond may become loyal patients. Or they may just be price shopping.

Newsletters are designed to build loyal patients and loyal referral sources. They aren’t promotional in nature. However, you can certainly use them as an opportunity to mention special offers and discounts. See also: Dentists: Drive Patients By “Funneling” Your Newsletters.

Newsletters further help ensure that your practice is highly regarded for its expertise and professionalism. So if you want to build loyal and profitable patients, be sure you are regularly reaching them with patient newsletters.

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