Dental Marketing Success Is All In the Routine

December 16, 2015    By Becky Sheetz ()

Dental Marketing Success Is All In the Routine

The word “routine” gets a bad rap. That’s because it can sometimes mean doing the same thing over and over again, going through a rote process and failing to get results. But when it comes to dental marketing, you need a routine.

Let’s change how we view having a routine. Don’t think of it as simply going through the motions. Instead, think of it as putting in place the disciplines your practice needs for growth. You need processes and consistency to ensure you are staying on track and following through to get the results you want.

What if you establish a routine in your practice that Monday is “recognition day”? Each week on this day, you write out thank you notes to all dentists and patients who sent you referrals the previous week. See Also: Four Fundamentals for Gaining and Retaining Professional Referrals. You could send out birthday cards to all patients with birthdays the following week. You could even write a note to patients who are behind on scheduled treatments, letting them know you miss them while reminding them of the importance of keeping up their healthy routines. Think about what this routine could do to boost your practice. Yes, it takes time, but it will yield benefits in increased patient loyalty and patient flow.

Consider making the first Tuesday of the month your “referring dentists check-in day.” This is the day you call referring dentists’ offices to make sure things are on track with any patients they’ve sent you. As for those who haven’t sent you patients in a while, you can call them and find out why. This can be a bit uncomfortable, even intimidating. But for dental practices that want to grow, it’s worth the discomfort to build these relationships.

If you carve out an hour or two each week, you’ll find that these referral check-in calls are worthwhile. So worthwhile that you may want to dedicate even a little more time to making them.

Wednesdays can be your marketing touch point day. You can get together with your staff and evaluate how your marketing efforts are going. Are your social media posts getting attention? Are patients responding to your latest special offer? Is your newsletter scheduled to go out on time?

These are just a few ideas of routines that can boost your practice. What other routines do you need to incorporate?

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