3 Critical Questions for Growth-minded Accountants

August 11, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Critical Questions for Growth-minded Accountants

Plenty of successful accountants are aware that WPI Communications, the leading provider of such accountant client newsletters as Client Information Bulletin and Accountant Client eNewsletter, recommends that all growth-minded CPA firms use a newsletter to stay in touch with their clients.

If you have yet to use an accounting newsletter, allow us to ask you a few critical questions.

1. How are you staying in touch with your clients?
Perhaps you post on social media. We believe this has terrific value. But are all your current clients and prospective clients regularly reading content on the social media platforms you use? If you post on LinkedIn, are they consistent LinkedIn users who visit the Web site regularly to consume your content? What about Twitter, Facebook or whatever other social media platform you choose?

2. What about prospects who query about your services?
Let’s discuss potential clients who come into your office seeking a CPA. How do you follow up? Perhaps someone from your office calls or e-mails them, or you send them a brochure. Successful accounting firms regularly keep in touch to ensure they’re top of mind when prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision.

If you send these prospects a monthly newsletter, you can be confident that you are reaching them on a regular basis. They won’t slip through the proverbial cracks. And even if they aren’t immediately ready to make a decision to work with you, by staying in touch, you greatly improve the likelihood that they will choose you when the time is right for them. See A New Newsletter Marketing Prescription for Accountants.

3. How are your competitors keeping in touch with your clients and prospects?
This is a hard-hitting yet appropriate question if you have missed opportunities to maintain regular communication with your clients and prospects. We’re confident that your clients and prospects are receiving marketing messages from other accountants. Whether it’s through competitors’ accounting client newsletters, social media or even direct referrals from trusted colleagues, no doubt, they’re receiving the message from other sources.

We hope these questions will get you thinking if you’re not currently using a marketing newsletter for your accounting firm. We have answers, too. Contact us to learn how easy and cost-effective it is to get started!

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