Cover Your Dental Marketing Checklist with Newsletters

December 28, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Cover Your Dental Marketing Checklist with Newsletters

Marketing is more complicated than ever for dentists. You face a plethora of options, each one more convoluted than the one before. For many dentists and specialists we speak with, this creates confusion and uncertainty. How do you know where to spend your marketing dollars? How do you know if one marketing effort will work better than another? And what does effectiveness even look like? We can show you how to Measure the Success of Your Health Care Marketing Programs.

To help dentists gauge the objectives of marketing activity and determine if it’s something they want to pursue, we have put together a checklist. Because WPI Communications is a newsletter marketing company for dentists, you’ll see how this checklist applies to newsletters.

Engage with current patients. Too many times, marketers across industries display a singular focus on new patient (or new customer) acquisition. We believe this is misguided and shortsighted. One of the absolutely most important attributes dentists have is their patient base. If you want to maintain patients, you must build client-retention activities into your marketing plan. According to Harvard Business Review: Acquiring New Customers Can Cost 25 Times More Than Retaining Them.

Dental newsletters are probably the most widely used patient-retention tool used by dentists.

Communicate with lapsed patients. All good dental marketing plans consider lapsed patients. As you know, patients allow treatments to lapse for many reasons. If your marketing plan is focused too heavily on new patients and even if you’re doing a good job of communicating with current patients, you’re missing out if you ignore lapsed and inactive patients. Smart dentists know that it’s important to show patients they matter—even if they’re several months or even years overdue in their treatments.

By reaching a broad e-mail distribution list, dental newsletters even help maintain meaningful and consistent contact with lapsed patients.

Encourage patient referrals. In our experience, too many dental marketing plans fail to maximize patient referrals. Newsletters provide a powerful way for you to consistently remind patients that you value their referrals. Your newsletter should include a link so readers can quickly and easily refer patients to you. Newsletters exponentially increase the power of your newsletter referral program!

Educate patients about other services you offer. Your marketing plan should include ways to ensure that patients are aware of additional services you offer that can help them. One of the mistakes we consistently see dentists making is to assume that patients know about their new implant services or expanded cosmetic services. Perhaps you have told them once, or there is a sign tucked away behind brochures in the office. People are busy. They need ongoing reminders.

Newsletters are an ideal way to professionally, consistently and meaningfully tell your patients how you can help them. And because newsletters are viewed as educational instead of marketing fluff, patients will value these updates.

Generate new patients. All dentists know that this is a key aspect of any marketing plan, and certainly it should fit into yours as well. Newsletters focus on patients and increase referrals, including word-of-mouth referrals. And because sharing a newsletter with a friend or coworker is easy, they have pass-along value that enables dentists to reach new patients as well. 

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