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Why newsletters?

16 Reasons Why Newsletter Marketing Works for Professional Practices

Marketing has seen changes over the years—quite dynamically in the past decade—but savvy newsletter marketers have continued to generate returns. That’s because newsletter marketing is effective, and the principles that drive it will never go out of style. Looking to the future of content marketing with newsletters, here are 16 reasons why print and digital newsletters work. Read More

2012 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey—Download Results and Analysis Now

Every year, WPI Communications, Inc., issues its Dental Marketing Barometer Survey, which compiles a wealth of information about dental trends and projections. Dental practices use these data to understand where specialists are spending their marketing dollars, as well as to obtain a clearer picture of spending projections for the coming year. Full results and analysis are now available ... Read More

2013 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey Results: Download Now

WPI Communications, Inc., released its 2013 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey results this month. The only national survey focused exclusively on dental marketing, the results detail 2012 spending, 2013 projections and overall practice revenue shifts. The full details are available for download here. Read More

2013 Industry Predictions: Direct Mail to Rise

At WPI Communications, we develop both print and eNewsletters for professional practices. E-mail newsletters can be optimal for reaching patients or clients, such as our Accountant Client eNewsletter, PT eNewsletter for physical therapists, Dental Bites for general dentists and Pediatric Dental Bites for pediatric dentists. Read More

2013 to Bring Broad Increases in Dental Marketing

WPI Communications, Inc., has released the results of its fourth annual Dental Marketing Barometer Survey. The only national survey focused exclusively on dental marketing, it provides data on marketing trends and spending for dental specialists and general dentists. Read More

3 Marketing Strategies Proven to Retain Clients

There are three key marketing strategies that successful professional practices use, each of which is important for client or patient retention. Prosperous practices never lose focus of the importance of client or patient retention in their marketing efforts. Newsletter marketing is one of the best ways in which to communicate consistently with your patients or clients. Read More

4 Top Benefits of Newsletter Marketing

With so many marketing platforms to choose from, it’s easy to get confused about what might work best for your professional practice. But when it comes down to it, the good old-fashioned newsletter is the best choice for most practices. Whether you use a hard copy version or go digital to maximize your online exposure, newsletter marketing is a smart way to build your practice. Read More

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Dental Referral Network

Whether you're a pediatric dentist, endodontist or periodontist, promoting your dental specialty practice to referring dentists, pediatricians and other health care providers is key to building a successful practice. The following five tips can help solidify already healthy referral relationships—and they can also help you to develop relationships with dentists and other health care providers who have not sent you patients, yet. Read More

7 Newsletter Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Dental Practice

7 Newsletter Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Dental Practice - Newsletter marketing is a highly effective way to make your dental practice more profitable Read More

8 Ways a Professional Referral Newsletter Can Grow Your Dental Practice

All successful dentists understand the value of attracting and retaining professional referral sources. Because of this, more dentists are sending newsletters to other dentists and physicians than ever before. These dentists know that newsletters are a proven way to grow their dental practices. If you’re not yet using a newsletter to reach referring dentists and physicians, how are you staying in touch with this influential audience on a regular basis? Read More

9 Steps to Effective Dental Marketing with Social Media

While the means and benefits of social media for dental practices are debatable, it is clear that social media use is an identifiable trend in the health care world. As a dental specialist, have you joined the growing legion of users? Here are nine steps to point you in the right direction. Read More

A Bright Future for Content Marketing

Content marketing, whether with printed newsletters, eNewsletters or Web site content, is a tried-and-true marketing method that is only growing in popularity and importance. Read More

A Business Card Slips Away, But Newsletters Keep Coming

Nearly every small business has business cards. You keep a stack on your desk, you hand them out to promote your business and you expect that when your services are needed, someone will magically retrieve the card and dial your telephone number. Read More

A Content Marketing Lesson from Super Bowl Ads

Give your audience something they want to read (just like Super Bowl ads have become something we want to see), and don’t talk about yourself too much. Read More

A Day in the Life of a Referral Newsletter: How Newsletter Marketing Boosts Patient Referrals

You’ve heard that newsletter marketing can be highly effective for professional practices. If you’re a WPI Communications client, you know firsthand that newsletters build relationships with clients, patients and even referral sources. Newsletters build practices. But have you ever thought about just how newsletters build practices? ... Read More

A New Year’s Resolution: 7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing

Of course, being the best you can be at what you do remains a top priority. That goes without saying. But marketing yourself doesn’t detract from your professionalism. If anything, it may enhance your stature in the community. Read More

A Newsletter by Any Other Name Is Still a Newsletter

in the last decade, newsletters have morphed into what we now call eNewsletters, blogs, Web content, articles—or just plain “content.” If it is published on a regular basis and carries information of interest to a particular group, it is still a newsletter. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a newsletter by any other name is still a newsletter. Read More

A Newsletter Can Bring New Beginnings to Old Acquaintances

Renewing acquaintances may result in new inquiries. Bring back just one or two former clients, patients or referral sources—and your newsletter marketing program could pay for itself! Read More

A Newsletter Is an Easy Way to Connect

Give your clients, patients, visitors and colleagues an easy way to connect with you. Besides the usual handshake, another kind gesture is to offer your newsletter as a way to open the door for future conversations. Read More

A Newsletter Marketing Success Q&A with Dr. Alan Brodine

Dr. Alan Brodine is a prosthodontist in Rochester, N.Y., where he has practiced since 1988. He’s also a clinical assistant professor at the University of Rochester and teaches in the prosthodontic residency training programs at several universities, as well as instructing the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy. Read More

A Patient Newsletter Can Help You Cross-Sell Dental Services

Articles ranging from such topics as brightening smiles, fighting cavities, avoiding teeth sensitivity, managing teeth grinding, learning about sealants, and much more remind patients of all the ways they can trust you to meet their dental needs. And all this without you having to deliver any sort of hard-sell tactics. Instead, patient newsletters are valued because they’re seen as educational resources, not sales tools. Read More

Accountants: 6 Marketing Tips for the Busy Season

Communicating with clients and prospects is a year-round proposition, but some times are more profitable than others. In fact, you are more likely to realize instant gratification if you market your practice throughout tax-return season. The needs of your target audit are often immediate, and so is the payoff. Here are six helpful hints: Read More

Add Frequent, Well-Organized Content to Your Dental Web Site

We’ve said before that when it comes to impressing the search engines, content is king. “Fill your Web site with original, useful content, free of errors—spelling or otherwise—and the search engines should reward you” is how we succinctly put it in a previous post. However, Google also takes note ... Read More

Aim Client Newsletters at Specific Targets

I’ve worked in the client newsletter publishing business, in one form or another, for more than 25 years. Naturally, I'm a big proponent of using newsletters and other editorially based marketing products for the accounting profession. Read More

All Aboard the Physical Therapy Action Train

Simply having them on your mailing list gives you the opportunity to reach all your patients on a regular basis, steadily providing them with reminders of the work you’ve done with them and that there is much you can still do for them to continue their treatment and improve their quality of life. Read More

All Dental Marketing Content Should Focus on One Message

Repetition matters today more than ever. If people are to take action, they need to hear a message frequently. As the volume of information we receive has increased, our attention spans have gotten shorter. The volume of information competing for attention, combined with the many ways of communicating today, has made repetition necessary. This is true of marketing your dental practice to your referral sources. Read More

Amid Holiday Sweets, Dental Newsletters Bring Patients a Sweet Oral Health Reminder

The season of sweets officially kicks off with Halloween trick-or-treating and is closely followed by school parties and family gatherings. There, gingerbread, pie, holiday cookies and candy play a starring role. These sweets can wreak havoc on teeth and gums, making the holidays prime time for cavities. Read More

An eNewsletter Makes for Loyal Dental Patients

Building loyalty and nurturing relationships with existing customers is much more time- and cost-effective than trying to attract new patients. Read More

Annual Dental Survey Projects Increased Revenue and Marketing in 2012

WPI Communications, Inc., released its 2012 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey results this month. The analysis provides a detailed picture of marketing spending for the past three years and projections for 2012. The full survey results and analysis are available here. Read More

Are Christmas Cards Going the Way of the Buggy Whip?

Assuming you have e-mail addresses for your patients—and if you don’t, you’d better get working on it right away—an e-mail season’s greeting wrapped around this kind of useful information will generate the type of attention you need. It delivers greetings not only at Christmas time but you can offer the season’s best wishes at least two to three times a year. Read More

Are Holiday Cards Still a Wise Investment?

Do you still send holiday cards to your dental patients and referral sources? We stopped sending them to clients years ago, and each year we seem to receive fewer cards ourselves. Are we being cheap? It is not that we don’t care about our clients. On the contrary, we would be out of business without them. We also know ... Read More

Are You Ready to Market Your Dental Specialty Practice?

At Marketing for Dental Specialists, we offer hundreds of tips to grow your practice. To make the most of your marketing plan, ask yourself these three questions before you get started: Read More

Are Your Marketing Messages Tricks? Or Treats?

Regardless of the nature of your profession, you can craft a newsletter marketing program filled with the latest news related to your field. If it’s well thought out and well written, it will position you as an authority in your field and build loyalty with your audience over time. Read More

Ask for Referrals, Subtly and Professionally, with a Newsletter

Whether they come from your own clients or patients or fellow professionals, you probably know that referrals are the key to building your practice. But do you ask for them? Read More

Attorney Newsletters: Read or Not, an Asset to Your Practice

By providing your newsletter on a regular basis and offering content relevant to your audience, your newsletter can be one of the most powerful branding tools you have, even when it isn’t read. Read More

Attorneys: Don’t Rely on Your Web Site to Bring Back Clients

For professional practitioners such as attorneys, engagement with clients and prospects must be meaningful and reiterate the high caliber of their work. One of the single best ways to engage is with relevant, current and easily understood legal content. Read More

Attorneys: Engage Emotionally, but Close Logically

That is why creating robust, quality content—either in the form of a blog, social media content or newsletter marketing program—for your law practice is so vital. Once you have potential clients’ attention, they turn on their higher-order thought processes. Read More

Attract New Clients with Newsletter Marketing

Sending a newsletter is not only a powerful way to keep in touch with your existing clients, patients or referral sources but also a valuable tool to attract new people to your practice. A newsletter can also reach the hands of people you do not know—yet. Read More

Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials Are Quick to Switch Dentists: What Can You Do About It?

Patient loyalty has long been a major concern for dentists. While that will remain the case for a while, recent trends point to some ongoing shifts that dentists should recognize. And just as importantly for the health of your practice, you should know what to do about these changes. Read More

Back to the Future with Newsletter Marketing

If the newsletter is well-prepared with useful information, people will read it by choice. They may even share it with their friends by passing a paper newsletter on to a friend or sharing an eNewsletter with Facebook friends. Read More

Big Investments in E-mail and Social Media in 2013

The two biggest areas for marketing spending in 2013 will be e-mail and mobile marketing, according to a survey from StrongMail. E-mail finishes first, with 55.5% of marketing executives reporting plans to increase spending on campaigns in 2013. Read More

Brand Your Dental Newsletter’s Content with a Personal Touch

The key to building a strong brand is to make your patients feel positive about you and your dental pracitce. That cannot be accomplished simply by advertising yourself. You need to form a relationship. Read More

Brand Your Dental Practice with Newsletter Marketing

Regular newsletters will boost your visibility and credibility, keeping you top-of-mind with patients, while educating readers on the importance of your treatments and services. Read More

Bring Clients Back to Your Practice with a Newsletter

A newsletter, however, reinforces your relationship with clients, patients or professional referral sources. It puts your name and contact information in front of people four, six or even 12 times a year. Read More

Build a Quality Dental Web Site, and Google Will Reward You

As a dental specialist, you are probably interested in making sure your Web site appears at the top of Web searches. Hiring someone to optimize your site for search engines is a good move for some people, but for others, free information is available all over the Internet, including from Google itself. Read More

Build Credibility and Expertise with a Newsletter

A good newsletter, however, communicates useful information without any direct persuasion or promotion. It is not a flashy ad; rather, it is a service to your readers that communicates the following: Read More

Build Patient Loyalty with a Physical Therapy Newsletter

Delivered right to your patients’ in-boxes, eNewsletters are an effective way to ensure that your content is read by the people who matter most to you and your practice. Developing a truly engaging newsletter means you need to start thinking like a publisher; to get you started, here are a few critical steps every eNewsletter publisher should follow: Read More

Build Trust Among Your Dental Referral Sources

Dental specialists know that if they aren’t trusted, they don’t patient referrals from other dentists and physicians. If you are to continually receive patients from referring health care providers, you must establish and maintain trust with potential referral sources. Building trust is fundamental to building healthy relationships with referring doctors. Read More

Build Trust in Your Financial Planning Practice with Newsletter Marketing

The number one way to offer value to your target audience is with a newsletter marketing program—more specifically, a print newsletter. A print newsletter has two primary advantages over e-mailed newsletters: It’s an actual, physical item that can be held, which immediately imparts value to it in the eyes of your audience. Read More

Build Trust in Your Physical Therapy Practice with Newsletter Marketing

Patient trust is an essential ingredient to the success of all physical therapy practices. It’s what keeps patients on schedule and on track with therapy, contributes to loyalty and lifetime value, and generates revenue for your practice. Patients don’t seek treatment from physical therapists whom they don’t trust. Read More

Build Your Dental Brand

In a competitive field like dentistry, few things can make a practice stand out from the crowd like a strong, recognizable brand. When applied thoughtfully and consistently, it can build the kind of instant recognition and positive feelings that turns prospective patients into lifelong clients. Read More

Build Your Dental Practice by Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of your dental specialty practice. Patients return to you because they trust your expertise and your treatments. But building trust with patients starts long before they call your practice for an appointment. Here are three ways to build trust among people before they come into your dental office. Read More

Build Your Ideal Prosthodontics Practice with a Newsletter

You can go a long way toward building your ideal prosthodontics practice just by implementing a dental direct mail newsletter marketing program. Read More

Building an E-mail Contact List for Your Dental Practice

Your e-mail contact list offers an effective way to market your services while building and maintaining patient relationships all year long. E-mail marketing enables you to take charge of your marketing message and delivery in ways that other forms of communication do not. Read More

Building Trust with Accounting Clients: Your Newsletter Has You Covered

Sent regularly, your newsletter positions you not only as a service provider but as a partner ready to help clients build better, more meaningful lives. It places you above your competition by underscoring your desire to be helpful and relevant throughout the course of the year and in ways that don’t necessarily pad your bottom line. Read More

Can “Mommy Bloggers” Help Your Dental Practice?

Even if you’ve never heard of “mommy bloggers,” you can get a pretty good idea of what that term means from the name. There are many such blogs, some of which are read by thousands and even tens of thousands of occasional and regular visitors. Read More

Client-centered Content Can Build Your Accounting Practice

The fact is that even today most accounting Web sites are still more like an online brochure than a resource that helps them to stand out, demonstrate thought leadership or generate qualified leads. Read More

Communication Is the Key to Success for Accountants

Learning how to communicate in the most effective ways possible can yield rich rewards over time. Here are a few ideas to help you become a better communicator: Read More

Constant Communication: The Key to Building Your Practice

A steady flow of new patients or clients will make your practice flourish. But how can you effectively market your practice while concentrating on treating patients, financial planning or whatever the nature of your practice may be? Today’s most successful professionals know the value of using consistent, well-thought-out marketing strategies—not only to ensure that their practices are promoted effectively but to allow them to concentrate on the basics of their practices. Read More

Consult an “Expert” via a Newsletter Marketing Program

We turn to the “experts” to enrich our knowledge and enhance our practices. You can be that expert with a newsletter marketing sent to professional colleagues who can refer patients to your practice. Read More

Content Is King and We’re the Subjects

Virtually every professional who has tried to market his or her practice to the public has learned that Content is King. How else can you keep communicating to prospects without your message becoming stale or redundant? How else can you generate more than tepid interest in the services you provide? Content is the engine that drives the machine, and ... Read More

Content Marketing Can Mean More Patients

Not only can content marketing educate patients and prospective patients and improve the visibility and perception of your practice but it can also attract first-time patients and further build trust with existing ones. Read More

Content Marketing for Dentists: A Bright Future

“Content marketing” may be a buzzword in marketing circles these days, but a recent survey shows it’s not going away any time soon. Regardless of the nature of your dental practice, this is a marketing trend worth paying attention to. What is content marketing? ... Read More

Content Marketing—As Old as Ivory Soap

After the great stock market crash of 1929, most companies slashed marketing budgets. In today’s words, we might say that the 1930s were a time of austerity for many companies—not to mention households. But some companies bucked that trend. The most notable example is Proctor and Gamble, which ... Read More

Content Marketing—From Emily Post’s 1930s Radio Show to 2012’s Facebook

We talk a lot about “content marketing” on this site. When it comes to your professional practice, content marketing refers to publishing eNewsletters, blog posts, even vibrant Facebook pages. Last week, while writing a piece for this site about Proctor and Gamble’s legendary marketing spending during the Great Depression ... Read More

Content, Digital Marketing to Grow in 2013

Practices that are serious about targeted, cost-effective content marketing that will influence their audience are best served by a trusted content development firm like WPI Communications. Not only do we develop outstanding print and eNewsletter content for professional practices but we handle complete design and distribution. Read More

Count on the Marketing Numbers

Get back to your roots by keeping better track of your marketing activities. Make sure you record at a minimum what you’re spending marketing dollars on, when you’re spending it, how you’re spending it and how much. Read More

Create a Dental Marketing Plan in Five Steps

“If you don't know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Yogi Berra’s classic quote certainly rings true when it comes to planning a dental marketing campaign. Too many dentists find their practices going “someplace else”—and it’s not where they would like. Read More

Create Content and Generate Buzz for Your Dental Practice

Social media has generated a lot of marketing buzz lately. We have encouraged all dental specialists to set up Facebook pages for their practices—and many have done so. But social media marketing does not exist in a vacuum. Instead, it should be a part of ... Read More

Create. Send. Repeat. Create. Send. Repeat

A series of communications from you embeds you in the recipient’s mind. Regular repetition of your message will make you the go-to person when someone needs services in your field. Read More

Creating Positive Word-of-mouth for Your Health Care Practice

Offering superior patient service and a little something extra can go a long way to creating the kind of patient enthusiasm that does your main advertising for you through great WOM. Read More

Cultivating Relationships: The Future of Marketing

The primary focus should be on cultivating and nourishing relationships with your current patients and potential patients. That’s the future of the most effective marketing. Read More

Demonstrate Your Accounting Greatness in an eNewsletter

Once you understand your edge, you can’t just state it. You have to demonstrate it in the content of your eNewsletter. Show your expertise, demonstrate instances where your skills were superior and include content that knocks your readers’ hypothetical socks off. Make the situations feel real, make the information seem smart and novel, and, when applicable, toot your own horn about awards and honors your firm may have won. Read More

Demonstrate Your Knowledge with Content Marketing

You have a unique voice. You are an expert in your industry and in your community. With a little effort and discipline, content marketing can be just the practice-building tool you need. Read More

Dental eNewsletter Marketing: Send Content Readers Will Share and Like

While the term “going viral” sounds like something someone in a medical profession like dentistry might find distasteful—or dangerous—it is an essential part of the modern marketing process. In order to spread your name and expand your market, you must start small and “infect” the local marketplace with your content. Read More

Dental Marketing and Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

We recently spoke with an endodontist who stopped using one of our referral-generating endodontic newsletter programs. The endodontist felt the newsletter was not helping his practice, and he wanted to see what would happen if he discontinued the newsletter marketing program. As the conversation progressed, we learned two interesting facts ... Read More

Dental Marketing Tactics vs Strategy

When it comes to marketing your dental practice, do you keep strategy and tactics in their proper perspectives? Do you focus more on one than the other? First ... Read More

Dental Marketing: More Important Now Than Ever

Times are still tough for dental specialists. Even among the claims and counterclaims of this year’s election and the polarized electorate out there, everyone seems to agree that our economy is not in an ideal place right now. And dental practices may be ... Read More

Dental Newsletter Marketing Content Should Reinforce One Message

You will be subtly, yet clearly, sharing a message: I’m the endodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, pediatric dentist, periodontist or prosthodontist who cares enough about my colleagues to be a reliable source of trustworthy, high-quality information about my specialty. Read More

Dental Newsletters Are More Effective Than Postcards, Study Says

A recent study compared dental patient newsletters with dental postcards. Both are popular forms of dental marketing. Many dentists and dental specialists ask, “Which is better for my practice?” Read More

Dental Newsletters Help Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a hot topic for dentists trying to get new patients to visit their Web sites. We all know SEO is important. We know it’s effective in attracting inbound traffic to Web sites. Read More

Dental Patient Newsletters Offer a Sweet Reminder to Take Care of Teeth and Gums

This means that the holidays are prime time for cavities, and one of the best ways to make sure your patients keep their teeth as sound and healthy as possible is to provide a gentle reminder through your newsletter marketing content, offering tips to keep teeth and gums healthy all year round. Read More

Dental Specialist Info—A New Marketing Tool

Dr. Anthony Rassouli, a general dentist from Huntington Beach, Calif., found it increasingly difficult to make referrals to dental specialists. His patients were moving all over California and even out of state. When he received a call, for example, on a Friday from a patient who seemed to need an immediate root canal but was travelling, Dr. Rassouli was at a loss to refer the patient to an endodontist whose office was open that day. Read More

Dental Specialists: Avoid These Three Big Referral Mistakes

An effective way to show your colleagues that you value their referrals is to share an educational newsletter that highlights your dental specialty, whether it’s pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics or endodontics. A quarterly newsletter is also a good reminder for you to thank referring dentists for the patients they sent you that quarter and to remind those who didn’t refer you patients that you’re the go-to expert in your practice area. Read More

Dentists Can Earn Patients’ Trust Through Newsletters

Just as dentistry requires precision and care, so too does building patient trust. A well-worded message can do as much good for your dental practice as a knowledgeable mind and a skillful pair of hands. Read More

Dentists Expected to Ramp Up Newsletter Marketing Spending in 2012

A recent survey of more than 200 dentists and dental specialists found that dental newsletter marketing is expected to increase significantly during the next year. Among those surveyed, 23% said they used referral newsletters as a marketing tool in 2011, while 41% said they intended to market with referral newsletters in 2012. Read More

Dentists: Avoid These E-mail Marketing Mistakes

E-mail marketing can be a powerful and cost-effective dental marketing tool. You can use e-mail to encourage overdue patients to book an appointment and even generate lucrative referrals. But for e-mail marketing to be effective for your dental practice, you’ll need to ... Read More

Dentists: Give the Gift that Gives All Year

The holidays are over, probably leaving many health care practitioners with a king’s ransom in calendars—wall, desk and pocket styles—pens, key chains, even flash drives and coffee mugs. As a dentist, you probably know firsthand that these marketing trinkets, disguised as holiday gifts, can come to be seen as more an annoyance than a convenience. Read More

Dentists: Make a New Year’s Resolution to Publish a Newsletter

It is the ideal time to introduce people to new ideas in a brand-new dental newsletter. The benefits are many, and the costs are few. Quick action will ensure that the January issue reaches patients and your referral network at their most receptive. Advantages of a dental newsletter include the following: Read More

Dentists: Re-activate Your Lapsed Referral Sources

It’s essential to stay in touch with your current, past and future referral sources. A referral-generating newsletter keeps your practice top-of-mind and reiterates your expertise and professionalism. And because the top-quality newsletters from WPI Communications are geographically exclusive, you can sure that no other local dentist in your specialty will be able to send these newsletters. Read More

Do Dental Marketing Giveaway Gimmicks Work?

Giveaways, incentives, gifts, discounts or promotions ... no matter what we call them, they are among the most controversial topics in dental marketing. Do they have a place among your practice-building tools? Read More

Do People Read My Newsletter, From Cover to Cover?

A newsletter brings your name and valuable information to your readers on a regular basis. When your readers need your services or have to make a referral, whom are they going to think of first? Read More

Do You Measure Return on Investments?

A couple of recent marketing surveys bring to mind a crucial missing piece in the marketing plans of many dental specialists. The first survey, conducted by Sagefrog Marketing Group, found that 68% of business-to-business (B2B) companies allocate 5% or less of their revenue to marketing. Read More

Does Your Marketing Content Keep Your Patients Content?

Content comes in many forms—a blog post, a personalized e-mail message, an image on your Web site, or a monthly e-newsletter—and you should employ as many as possible at different times to maintain interest and keep your messages fresh. Read More

Don’t Assume Clients Know All About Your Practice! … Inform Them with a Newsletter

A newsletter marketing program is a subtle, professional way to inform people about your practice. The client, patient or referral source who reads an article that touches on a question or concern is likely to call you—especially because your name and contact information are part of every issue. Read More

Don’t Just Be an Expert—Become an Authority in Your Dental Specialty

If you’re interested in marketing for your dental specialty practice, you are probably highly educated, well trained and well experienced. There’s no question about it— you’re an expert. But are you viewed as an authority in your dental specialty? What’s the difference? It’s all about ... Read More

Don’t Lose Dental Patient Referrals to Cheesecakes

We recently heard from a very upset oral surgeon who apparently had a well-established practice. For a number of years he was the only oral surgeon in town and received almost all of the oral surgery referrals from the other dentists in town. Read More

Don’t Lose Referrals to Pens, Pads or Cheesecakes

About a year ago, we heard from an angry oral surgeon with a once-successful practice. For years he was the only oral surgeon in town and received almost all of the oral surgery referrals from the other dentists in the area. Read More

Don’t Neglect the Power of Print

As our reliance on computers has increased over the last two decades, many people have talked of an eventual paperless society, where people rely exclusively on digital communication. True, a Web site should be an important part of your dental marketing plan, and you may engage your patients with e-mail or social media. But the power of paper lives, too. Print media is easier to read, more visible and more environmentally friendly than you might think. Read More

Don’t Throw Out Your Printed Newsletter Just Yet

Some people simply feel more comfortable with a printed newsletter: it’s more portable than a laptop, it can be easily consumed in multiple sittings, it can be annotated with nothing more than a pen and its information can be retrieved without sifting through an endless list of bookmarks. Read More

Draw New Patients with a Dental Blog

Building a blog for your dental specialty practice is a great way to bring your dental practice Web site to the top of the search engine lists. In addition, a well-categorized blog will, over time, serve as a library of information for your dental patients or dental referral sources. How can a blog best benefit your dental specialty practice? Read More

E-mail Marketing for Your Pediatric Dental Practice: The Good News

Because e-mail communication is so cost-effective and can be so powerful, you’ll be ahead of other practices that spend thousands of dollars a year on other less effective, less consistent advertising methods. Read More

E-mail Marketing Lessons from

To build your accounting practice, you might follow Amazon’s cue and use e-mail marketing, sending several articles to your clients every month. Or you might send a paper newsletter that will arrive in an envelope in your clients’ mailboxes every month. Read More

E-mail: a Valuable Marketing Tool for Dentists

E-mail marketing is valuable tool to build relationships with patients and/or referral sources, but even the most finely crafted e-mail marketing program is only as effective as its ability to find its way into as many of the right in-boxes as possible. When handled properly, the benefits can be enormous. Read More

Educated Patients Deliver Dental Referrals

A monthly dental eNewsletter educates and informs your entire patient base about common dental problems and reminds them that you’re the solution. But it does more than that. A newsletter equips patients with the tools they need to help you grow your practice. Read More

Effective Content: Frequency and Freshness

Finding time to post regularly is a challenge for almost all busy professionals. Coming up with new ideas to write about is another challenge. Here are a few ideas that can help you supply fresh content regularly with a minimal investment of your time and energy. Read More

Effective Marketing in 3-D

Think in 3-Ds: Discern your goal. Develop a plan to reach the goal. Determine which people and tools you need to put the plan into action. Read More

Eight Benefits of Sending an Electronic Newsletter

Print will never be dead, but marketers are increasingly using the Internet to market their practices. This includes not only Web sites, YouTube and social media but also electronic newsletters. The following are eight reasons you should consider sending an electronic dental newsletter: Read More

Eight Overlooked Marketing Opportunities for Dentists

It’s important for general dentists and dental specialists to stay top-of-mind with patients. Doing so boosts retention and keeps patients on schedule with treatment. Read More

Elevate Your Professional Brand with Newsletter Marketing

How strong is your professional practice’s brand? What do your clients, potential clients, partners and other influencers think of when they think of you? And is this impression consistent across your audience? Read More

eNewsletters Reach Beyond the In-box

How do you consume content? For many of us, the days of sitting in front of a computer and visiting a series of bookmarked Web sites has passed. But that’s not to say that all your marketing efforts should be directed toward social media, which garners much of the online marketing attention these days... Read More

eNewsletters: Easy to Customize

Perhaps the most popular newsletter delivery system in the past few years is the HTML newsletter. Sent via e-mail, these newsletters have many benefits, including giving our clients the option to customize the newsletter to their tastes. Not only can they choose their own ... Read More

eNewsletters: No Envelopes, Stamps or Trips to the Post Office

While paper newsletters have many benefits, many practices prefer the efficiency of eNewsletters. Once the content is prepared and formatted, the newsletter is sent instantly by the click of a mouse. No envelopes, stamps or trips to the post office! Read More

Essential Content Marketing Tips for Professional Practices

Content marketing can be a powerful way for your professional practice to reach your audience without selling. Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing engages rather than interrupts. Read More

Exceed “Average” by Educating Patients with a Newsletter

You’re probably aware of the statistics from Gallup that only about one in three U.S. adults visited the dentist in a recent 12-month period. That finding, reported in 2014, is consistent with the rate reported in 2008. Read More

Expand the Referral Base of Your Endodontic Practice While Educating Dentists

Endodontists around the country tell us that dentists are making fewer referrals than ever before. Too often, the only cases referred are either very difficult to treat or ones that have “gone wrong.” Read More

Extend the Value of Your Dental Newsletters by Measuring the Pulse of Your Referral Base

Many dentists are successful in using referral-generating newsletters to build goodwill with other dentists and physicians. But even as powerful as newsletters are, they can’t build your practice all by themselves. You must always be mindful and intentional about generating patient referrals. The best way to do that is to truly understand the needs and wants of your referral base―as well as how they view your practice’s performance. Read More

Facebook: An Essential Piece of Your Content Marketing Program

Many dental practices use Facebook to communicate with their patients and referral sources. Some, especially orthodontists and pediatric dentists, have been doing this for years. Others are new to social media. Whether you are new to this or are a Facebook veteran, do you find it difficult to come up with fresh ideas for your dental specialty practice’s Facebook page? A good place to look is your ... Read More

Financial Planners Who Predict Client Needs Will Thrive

The way to become that trusted expert is to demonstrate to clients that you understand their needs before they do. A great way to do that is to get content into their mailbox that predicts problems they will be facing and gives them good advice that will allow them to make smarter decisions. Read More

Financial Planners: Business Cards May Be Tossed, But Your Newsletter Delivers Consistently

Take charge of keeping connected to your current and potential clients, as well as to referral sources, by sending them a regular newsletter. A printed or e-mailed quarterly newsletter puts your services in front of your audience four times a year. Consistency is one key to newsletter marketing success. Read More

Financial Planners: Let a Quarterly Client Newsletter Show that You Are Up-to-Date

If you use outbound content marketing, such as a newsletter, your clients will receive targeted, top-quality information delivered to their e-mail in-box or old-fashioned mailbox. Newsletters are an excellent form of content marketing for financial planners because they’re substantive. Read More

Find the Right Marketing Partner for Your Dental Practice

These days, “content” is a big buzzword in marketing. Content draws patients to your practice, and keeps them coming to your practice. It all sounds great, but it’s also difficult. Read More

Five Alarming Ways Dentists Sabotage Their Own Marketing

Most dentists begin practicing because they want to be dentists—but if you own your own practice, there are a lot of “necessary evils” that come with running a business. While there undoubtedly will be bumps in the road that you cannot control, take care to ensure that you are not sabotaging your dental practice in ways you can control. Consider these five common mistakes, then examine yourself and your practice—and make the necessary changes! Read More

Five Big Ways Newsletter Marketing Can Help Your Medical Practice Stand Out

The most powerful, consistent, memorable and information-rich way to do that is with a quality referral-generating newsletter marketing program. Here are five ways that physicians can get ahead with newsletter marketing. Read More

Five Marketing Tips for a Successful Law Practice

Most clients only know their lawyers through their professional interactions. That gives attorneys precious little time to ensure that they make the impression they need, not only to get a client to work with them but to visit them again for future matters and to recommend them to friends in need of legal services. Read More

Five Questions to Ask About Your Newsletter Marketing Program

Forward-thinking physicians use newsletters to regularly communicate with referring health care providers. And the top marketers regularly review their results. If you’d like to join their ranks, ask yourself these five questions to give your referral newsletter program a check-up. If you’re not yet using newsletter marketing, these questions will help you understand key considerations for getting started. Read More

Five Reasons Dental Patients Leave—and What You Can Do About It

A patient newsletter can keep you in touch with your patients in between visits, show them all the ways you can help them and remind them of the value of your expertise. Read More

Five Reasons to Use Newsletters to Become the Authority in Your Practice Area

We’re well into the information age. But in many ways, it’s also the “misinformation age.” It’s easy to access information today; paradoxically, finding reliable, credible sources is difficult. That’s why trustworthy resources are more important than ever. Read More

Five Steps to Internet Marketing for Orthodontists

When potential patients search online for your orthodontic practice, what are they likely to find? Your Web site or the Web site of a competing practice? Like it or not, those who receive recommendations for or referrals to your practice are likely to check you out on the Internet before picking up the telephone to make an appointment. And there’s a good chance they could land on the Web site of a neighboring practice. Read More

Five Tips for Newsletter Marketing

Creating a newsletter can be a valuable tool for growing your practice. By marketing with a newsletter, you keep your name in front of clients or patients, build relationships with referral sources and provide insight into your practice. Sending a newsletter is also a cost-effective option that won’t blow your marketing budget out of the water. Read More

Five Types of Content That Will Improve Brand Awareness

It’s recommended that you create different kinds of content beyond blog posts and articles. It helps to improve brand awareness when content is created in different formats and is spread across different channels. Read More

Five Ways Newsletter Marketing Builds Successful Practices

Newsletters help build successful practices. Here are five essential ways they can help strengthen yours. Read More

Five Ways to Make an Outstanding Impression with New Referrals

Generating referrals is hard work. Even professional practices that have built successful and growing businesses based on a brisk referral business sometimes experience lulls. Referrals are incredibly valuable, as are your relationships with the people who send them to you. It’s critical to take advantage of these opportunities to make an outstanding impression. Here are five ways to accomplish that goal Read More

For Increased Endodontic Referrals, Stay Top-of-Mind with Referring Dentists

The following are some of the most proven communications methods to maintain visibility and position your endodontic practice as a top choice to generate referrals. Read More

For Our Clients, Newsletters Are About Even More Than Referrals

Newsletter marketing is about generating referrals and attracting new patients. But I learned recently that, for many WPI Communications clients, it’s about even more than that. Recently I’ve sampled our longtime health care and dental specialist subscribers to learn about their referral-generating newsletter programs. In the case of our popular Endodontics Newsletter for example ... Read More

For Your Accounting Practice Marketing, Content Is the New Logo

Today, businesses are moving away from huge spends on branding agencies to use content marketing to build their brands. Many accounting firms, are spending far more on content marketing than on branding. Read More

Four Dental E-mail Marketing Myths

Having worked with dentists for more than 20 years, we know that many dentists are concerned that by engaging in proactive marketing, their patients will view them and intrusive. At WPI Communications, we know this fear is unfounded. Your dental patients do want to hear from you. Your patients trust your dental expertise, and they value relevant communications with you. We know this because, having provided dental eNewsletters written for patients and referral-generating newsletters written for referring dentists and physicians, we have many years of survey data on reader satisfaction. Read More

Four Fundamentals for Gaining and Retaining Professional Referrals

We hear it all too frequently. A dentist was getting strong and recurring referrals from colleagues. Then the referrals slowed, sometimes quite dramatically, and that practice was in trouble—and still is. Read More

Four Objectives for Your Dental Practice’s Patient Newsletter

If your dental practice publishes a patient newsletter, the newsletter should be well designed with helpful information that your patients—or their parents, if you're a pediatric dentist—value. But they should do much more. Don't miss out on valuable opportunities. Make sure your dental patient newsletter accomplishes these objectives ... Read More

Four Reasons Print Marketing Adds up for Accountants

The U.S. Postal Service has just announced that, as of August 1, it will stop delivering mail on Saturdays. The mailbox is no longer a feasible way for accountants to market their practices. Or is it? Print newsletters continue to be a popular, viable and powerful method for accountants to reach and influence clients throughout the year. Read More

Four Reasons to Use Newsletter Marketing to Become an Authority in Your Dental Specialty

You are already an expert. You have the extensive education and experience to prove it. But while that’s absolutely critical, it’s not enough for you to be known as the authority in your dental specialty. You must communicate that you are the authority. Read More

Four Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Essential for Accounting Firms

Quality content marketing is an essential part of any accounting firm’s successful growth strategy. Here are a few reasons why. Read More

Four Ways a Referral-Generating Newsletter Builds Trust Among Fellow Physicians

Referral generating newsletters serve a large number of helpful functions that help to maintain the strength and loyalty of your referral networks. Read More

Four Ways Client Newsletters Increase the Authority of Accountants

Here are four reasons accountants should use a newsletter marketing program to establish themselves as an authority: Read More

From Papyrus to E-mail: The History of Newsletter Marketing

From e-mail marketing to social media marketing, it seems that every year or two there is a new trend for you to keep in touch with your clients. Today, using ever-evolving technology that was nonexistent a generation ago, you can reach thousands of people with a click of a button. Read More

From Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres to Content Marketing

Marketers have gone from a self-centered marketing perspective to an audience-centered one. Read More

Generate More Pediatric Dental Patient Referrals—with No Extra Work for Your Staff

Every pediatric dentist wants to be the top choice for patient referrals from local pediatricians and general dentists. But if these medical professionals don’t know about your practice, or they don’t view you as the best of the best, they will, unfortunately, recommend other pediatric dentists to their patients over you. Read More

Get More Out of Your Dental Patients

Many times, marketing efforts are focused solely on attracting new patients to a dental practice, often at the expense of nurturing existing patients. In fact, those existing patients are perhaps your most valuable asset: Unlike potential patients, who must be carefully wooed and courted, existing patients already trust you and value your service. Read More

Getting the “Right” Patient Referrals for Your Pediatric Dentistry Practice

Speaking regularly with pediatric dentists throughout the United States and Canada, we are often told that they prefer to receive patient referrals from pediatricians rather than from general dentists. The reason, they say, is that general dentists tend to refer the “difficult” children and keep the easy ones. On the other hand, pediatricians, of course, refer all dental patients. Read More

Give Referring Health Care Providers Useful Information, the Gift that Gives All Year Long

The best way to provide that information: Offer your referral sources a regular newsletter chockfull of the latest developments in your dental specialty, and help them to keep up-to-date on trends and advances that can translate into better patient care. Read More

Give Your Dental Newsletters “Face Value”

In this wired, heavily connected social and business world, is traditional face-to-face marketing still relevant? We think so. And a recent survey of more than 200 small and midsized businesses agrees. It found that personal relationships and ... Read More

Globally Relevant Newsletters

Operating a business in a world filled with diversity translates into presenting yourself as being globally relevant. This means that, as a professional, you have to be attractive to people from many parts of the world. Read More

Grow Dental Referrals with Newsletters

You probably know that referral newsletters are targeted, cost-effective ways to stay top of mind with general dentists and other influential health care professionals. Many dental specialists use newsletters to consistently reach influential referral sources. Read More

Grow Your Professional Practice in a Lagging Economy

Many professionals suffer during an economic downturn, and today’s lagging economy is likely hurting practices of all kinds. Regardless of the economic state, it is important to be well regarded by prospective clients or patients. Read More

Growing Your Dental Practice in the Recession

Most professionals suffer during an economic downturn, and dental specialists are no exception. However, the economic trends are pointing to a future that holds good news for your practice. Read More

Growing Your Dental Specialty Practice During Difficult Times

For more than 30 years, Dr. Irv Lubis developed a successful periodontal practice and now wants to give back by helping other dental specialists grow their practices. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Lubis about some of the ways dental specialists can grow their practices during difficult economic times. Read More

Happy New Year? Map Your 2013 Accounting Marketing Plan

Newsletter marketing for accountants is one of the most effective ways to reach your clients and prospects—consistently and with measurable results. Read More

Health Care Content Marketing Trends

The use of content marketing is rising in health care specialties, but at a slower pace than in other industries. Across the health care industry, 43% of marketers plan to increase their content marketing spending over the next 12 months. That’s a major jump. However, it’s dwarfed in comparison to the 54% who plan to increase this form of outreach in all industries combined. Read More

How Do You Feel About Marketing Your Dental Practice?

We recently reviewed a survey of attitudes toward marketing by dentists. Admittedly, it was a small survey—only 57 respondents. However, 95% indicated that they considered marketing a necessary part of the dental profession. Read More

How Effective Is Your Receptionist?

Samantha, the friendly, knowledgeable and warm receptionist at my dentist’s office, recently moved on to greener pastures. I really miss her. They have replaced her with a very nice young receptionist, but it’s not the same. Read More

How Newsletter Marketing Fits into Your Dental Practice Mission

A newsletter is a powerful marketing tool that can help build patient loyalty among longstanding patients and attract new patients too. But as powerful as it can be, newsletters are just one part of your overall marketing effort. To get the most from your entire marketing program, you need to ask yourself these three critical questions: Read More

How Newsletters Can Generate Quality Referrals

We’ve said before on this site that newsletter marketing can be highly effective for dental specialists. And if you happen to already be a WPI Communications client, you know firsthand that newsletters build relationships with all your referral sources. But have you ever stopped to think about how newsletters build dental practices? ... Read More

How Often Should You Send Dental Patient Newsletters?

How often should I send my newsletter? This is a common question for dentists looking for the most appropriate balance for their patient contact programs. They want to send the right number of communications to their patients, without too much time lapsing between their newsletters. Read More

How Specialists Build Relationships with Referring Dentists

Regardless of the type of dentistry you practice, you have almost certainly noticed that the relationship between the referring dentist and the specialist continues to change. Your first thought when you think about these changes may be the shift toward family dentists’ performing more expansive procedures, such as implants and additional cosmetic procedures, in-house. Read More

How Technology Is Changing Marketing

A regular newsletter is an excellent tool for reaching your targets. As a permission-based message, a newsletter is likely to be opened. Plus, it allows you to convey valuable content to all your clients on a regular basis. Each issue should contain enough variety to appeal to the various segments of your audience. Read More

How to Encourage Other Dentists to Suggest New Sources of Professional Referrals

A quality newsletter directed to your referring dentists and physicians is probably the single best marketing tool for dental specialists. One often overlooked use of your newsletter program is to encourage other dentists and physicians to suggest new sources of professional referrals. Read More

How to Get Positive Online Dental Patient Reviews

In a recent post, we discussed negative online dental reviews. Today we’re going to address two very important benefits of gaining positive online patient reviews for your dental practice. Read More

How to Keep a Steady Flow of New Patients

For any dental practice to flourish, you must develop a steady flow of new patients. But how can you effectively recruit new patients while concentrating on the clinical aspects of your practice? Today’s successful practitioners know the value of using consistent and well thought-out marketing strategies—not only to ensure proper promotion of their business but also to allow them to concentrate on the clinical demands of their practice. Read More

How to Make New Referring Dentists Partners for Life

A dentist you’ve never heard from before sends you a referral. That’s great news! But simply because that office tests the waters and refers a patient to you once doesn’t mean they’ll continue to do so. Read More

Improving Communication with Referring Doctors Is Key, Says Successful Implant Dentist

Kanyon R. Keeney, DDS, shared in DentistryIQ what he says are the three core factors behind building a successful implant dentistry practice. Regardless of your specific dental specialty, his success tips will be useful to you. How can you make these dental implant marketing lessons work for your practice? Read More

In E-mail Marketing, Don’t Ignore Your Mobile Readers

How many of your dental practice’s e-mails go to a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device? Probably more than you think. Firm statistics are hard to come by, given the rapidly changing technology. But studies indicate that at least one-third of all e-mails are currently opened on a mobile device—and the percentage is increasing. Keep this in mind when sending marketing e-mails or eNewsletters to patients and referral sources. Read More

In Small Bites or in Big Gulps, Four Ways Patient Newsletters Are Healthy for Dental Practices

As a dentist sending out a newsletter, you might be having some of the same doubts I often face myself when writing an article. “Why should I put any effort into creating something people are only going to give a cursory glance?” you might ask yourself. Well, you should do it for a surprisingly large number of reasons. Read More

Inbound Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Print and eNewsletters are both examples of outbound marketing, which is an important way to reach patients. They also double as inbound marketing tactics when you post links to eNewsletters articles on your Web site or social media. Read More

Invigorating Your Dental Practice with Social Media

If you are like most dental specialists, you probably recognize the popularity of social media throughout the business world, but wonder if it’s good for your dental practice. If you want to increase patient engagement and word-of-mouth referrals ... Read More

Is Your Practice Referral Minded?

It is imperative that all professional practices seeking growth focus on generating referrals. How do you determine if your practice is referral minded? Read on to find out. Read More

It’s Not too Late to Refresh Your Marketing

A regular newsletter filled with content your audience will appreciate is a good way to keep your business in front of your targets in a subtle, friendly manner. Read More

I’m a Doctor, Not a Salesman: How to Subtly Build a Referral Network Through Newsletters

Referral-generating newsletters need to be reader-centric. No one wants to be sold to in his or her e-mails. Aggressive sales pitches get unsubscribed, marked as spam and dumped into the junk e-mail faster than a cheetah with elevated adrenaline levels. Read More

Jump-start Your Dental Newsletter’s Power

Sending a dental newsletter is a long-term investment. Your first issue may not bring in a slew of new patients, but sent on a regular basis, a newsletter keeps your dental specialty practice top-of-mind with your referring dentists and physicians. Still, with the right strategies, you may find some fast results from your newsletter marketing efforts. For quick results from your newsletter, keep these three points in mind: Read More

Keep Dental Referrals Flowing to Your Practice

Increasing referrals from dentists and other health care providers are key to a successful dental specialty practice. But developing a pipeline of referred patients takes some work. Fortunately, the “advertising” that you must do to develop and maintain that pipeline is subtle and professional—the type of advertising that boosts not only your name recognition but also your image as a competent professional. Here are some tips to ensure a steady stream of referrals to your dental specialty practice ... Read More

Keep in Touch with Referral Sources, Subtly and Professionally

Maintaining a steady flow of referrals to your dental specialty practice means keeping in touch with your referral sources. Every time you pick up the phone or stop by unannounced, do you wonder whether you are being annoying? Your referral sources have busy schedules, but maintaining relationships with them is crucial to the success of your practice. Here are four points to consider as you keep in touch with your referral sources. Read More

Keep Score of Your Dental Marketing Campaign in 4 Steps

Why play a game if you don’t keep score? If you’re embarking on a dental marketing campaign to boost the income of your practice, you should be very interested in the results. Add everything up so you can determine if the program—whether it be a referral-generating newsletter or a social media campaign—is being successful or not. Like the business world, there are “winners” and “losers” in dental marketing. Read More

Keep Your Dental Newsletter Consistent

Marketing your dental practice with newsletters can help increase referrals to your practice, build lifetime value in your patients and enhance the value of your practice. But your newsletter marketing program can only help your practice under two circumstances ... Read More

Last Call for Year-End Tax Planning Letter

The 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Letter covers the main issues of interest for a broad range of individual taxpayers and small-business owners—the type of clients most likely to need your services at the end of the year. The letter is designed to encourage readers to contact you concerning the ideas discussed in the letter. Read More

Lead with Logic when Marketing Your Financial Planning Practice

Appealing to rational decision making is also important for existing clients. The Internet, social media and real world interaction all compete for attention. In addition to providing outstanding service, be sure your firm’s marketing reiterates that you’re the financial planner to trust. Read More

Leave the Marketing to the Pros

What do a doctor, dentist, attorney or accountant have in common? Aside from the obvious—they are all professionals who offer highly skilled services to the public—there is another link: They all have a need to market their practices, and they are (at least, usually) bad at it ... Read More

Let the Pros Do It

Outsource this job to a firm specializing in marketing-based newsletters for professional practitioners. They’ll do everything for you from soup to nuts. While you’ll have to pay a relatively small price for the benefits, it will be well worth it. Read More

Like it or Not, Your Patients Use Social Media to Research Health Care

In yet another indication that dental specialists should engage in social media, a new report finds that one-third of U.S. adults are using social media for health-related matters. Among the findings that might interest you as a dental specialist ... Read More

Look Ahead to a Successful 2014 for Your Physical Therapy Practice

A newsletter marketing campaign is a proven, cost-effective means of getting the name of your practice into the minds of patients and referring physicians. A strong campaign will strengthen your brand, encourage loyalty, establish you as an expert in your field and make it easier for your patients to recommend you to their friends and family members. Read More

Look for Pediatric Dentistry Referrals in Likely Places

There is a place you may not be considering as a source for new patients―and that’s your existing patient base. Your pediatric dentistry patient newsletter can be a powerful, subtle and effective resource to help you maximize its potential. Read More

Looking Deeper into Your Dental E-mail Marketing Open Rates

E-mail marketing open rates have declined in recent years. That sounds like bad news for dentists who use e-mail marketing to build their dental practices. But the sky is far from falling. To find out why, look at simple math. As open rates have declined, the number of marketing e-mails being sent has increased. We all receive more e-mails than before, with a portion of those being marketing e-mails for everything from restaurant coupons and retail special offers to software that will make us more efficient. One reason for declining open rates comes down to the increased volume of e-mails many people receive. Read More

Looking for a Fancy Physical Therapy Logo? Think About Newsletter Marketing Instead

Building a successful physical therapy brand requires consistent delivery of your underlying brand message. You want to “train” your patients to associate your practice with a service that will make their lives better. Read More

Lose the Excuses, Build Your Dental Practice

There are many reasons dentists may give for not marketing their practices. Below are the ones we have heard the most often over the years at WPI Communications. But as you’ll see, these excuses pale in comparison with the reasons to invest in marketing your dental practice. Read More

Make Dental Marketing a Commitment, not a Campaign

When you think “campaign,” what comes to mind? You might think of protracted political operations or military events, but if you have ever worked with marketers, you’ll know that marketing activities are sometimes also referred to as a “campaign.” And for good reason. Similar to military commanders, marketers set goals and objectives, establish timelines and put tactics in place to yield the desired results. Read More

Make Investing in Marketing Your New Year’s Resolution

Developing a strong relationship with just one referral source can result in many patients being referred to your dental practice over several years. Develop that kind of relationship with several referral sources, and your referrals will multiply—and so will your ROI. Read More

Make the Most of Dental E-mail Marketing

E-mail remains a cost-effective, easy way for dentists to keep in touch with their patients. But not all e-mails generate equal results. You may have visually appealing e-mails with relevant content, but are you generating maximum results from your investment in e-mail marketing? For greater return on investment in your dental marketing program, follow these tips: Read More

Make Your Dental eNewsletter Rise Above the Rest

Many dental specialists use e-mail to keep in touch with their patients. And one of the most popular, useful and valuable ways to communicate with patients by e-mail is through dental eNewsletters. But how can you ensure that these eNewsletters are effective? Read More

Marketing a New Dental Practice

It doesn’t matter whether you are a recent dental school graduate getting started, a more experienced dentist who has been working with another practice for some years, or a seasoned professional who is relocating or buying a new practice. Read More

Marketing and Your Return on Investment

Every week, we talk to many dental specialists about marketing their practices. And after years of conversations, we have found that too many dental specialists see marketing as a cost. We remind them that marketing is not a cost but an investment. Whether you run a yellow page ad or send a newsletter to your referring dentists, you should expect a return on that marketing investment. Read More

Marketing Survey: Endodontists Use Referral Newsletters at the Highest Rates

WPI Communications’ 2013 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey of more than 250 dental specialists and general dentists included 40 endodontists. The survey found that endodontists enjoyed some of the greatest gains in revenue in 2012, with 50% reporting increases. Read More

Marketing Survey: General Dentistry Tells Good News

According to WPI Communications’ Dental Marketing Barometer Survey, 74% of general dentists anticipate higher revenue in 2013 than 2012. This is good news for these professionals, as this marks a significant increase over the dental industry average of 60%. Read More

Marketing Survey: Oral Surgeons Lead in Using Referral Newsletters

More oral surgeons used newsletters to referring providers last year than any other category of dentist, according to WPI Communications’ recent Dental Marketing Barometer Survey. Read More

Marketing Survey: Orthodontists are Dental Marketing Leaders

For the third straight year of WPI Communications’ Dental Marketing Barometer Survey, orthodontists engaged in the greatest volume of marketing activities. They also led in many social media and Internet marketing categories. Read More

Marketing Survey: Pediatric Dentists Lead with Patient Newsletters

Many general dentists and pediatric dentists are choosing to keep in touch with their patients on a consistent and meaningful basis with patient newsletters like Pediatric Dental Bites eNewsletter and Dental Bites eNewsletter for general dentists. Read More

Marketing Survey: Periodontists Lead in Revenue Reports

According to WPI Communications’ Dental Marketing Barometer Survey, periodontists reported the most increases in revenue in 2012, compared with dental specialists and general dentists. A full 59% of periodontists reported higher revenue in 2012 vs 2011, followed by 51% of ... Read More

Marketing Survey: Prosthodontists Report Sharp Increase in Marketing Tactics

More prosthodontists (57%) than dentists in any other specialty used practice brochures in 2012. And while yellow page advertising continues to decline each year, according to WPI Communications’ survey, 41% of respondents continue to advertise here, with 43% of prosthodontists maintaining this method. Read More

Marketing: More Important Now Than Ever

Cutting marketing may look like an easy way to reduce your expenses when times get tough. But cutting marketing is an even easier way to make sure your practice doesn’t survive until times get better. Read More

Maximize Readership of Your Dental E-mail Newsletter

Electronic newsletters are timely, inexpensive to send and easy to track. But e-mail newsletters abound, and chances are the recipient of your electronic dental newsletter is being bombarded with others. As a dental specialist marketing your practice, how do you make your e-mail newsletter stand out from the others? How do you put it in the in-boxes of people reluctant to subscribe to yet another newsletter? Here are five steps to help accomplish your goal: Read More

Measure the Success of Your Health Care Marketing Programs

Measurement can be challenging for programs like referral-generating newsletters. It can be difficult to determine exactly what impact these newsletters have on physicians and dentists who refer patients to your health care practice. Nevertheless, here are some ways you can measure success. Read More

Measure Your Practice Newsletter’s Impact

Are you accurately measuring the impact of your practice’s newsletter? To determine your marketing impact, you must ask the right questions. Many practices ask new clients or patients about the source of their referrals, but they often fail to correlate those referrals to their newsletter. Read More

Measuring the Value of Internet Marketing for Dentists

With so many voices pushing the importance of Internet and social media marketing, you might wonder, how does all this new marketing translate into revenue for your dental specialty practice? Several studies have set out to measure this on a grand scale: Read More

Most Dentists Consider Marketing Efforts “Good,” Could Be Better

To see marketing satisfaction levels rise, consider outsourcing to qualified dental marketing specialists. This will help you target your audiences, generate measurable results and maintain consistency. Read More

Need Topics for Your Pediatric Dental Newsletter? Talk to Parents.

Necessity is the mother of invention. That maxim has withstood the test of time for a reason: It is true, and it applies to a number of different situations—including content marketing for pediatric dentists. Because patient newsletters have to be created on a consistent basis and because repetition runs the risk of boring the parents who receive your newsletter, it can seem challenging to constantly devise ... Read More

Newsletter Marketing and Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

In order to grow a professional practice, one needs to approach marketing with the same logic and critical thinking used in successfully treating patients. If you don't measure marketing results, there is no way to determine what is working and what is not. Above all it is foolish to think things will change -- that more new patients will mysteriously appear in your office -- without actively marketing your practice. Read More

Newsletter Marketing and the Action Train

Marketers agree the most difficult task in marketing is getting people to take the action you want them to take, whether it’s booking an appointment, signing up for your newsletter or clicking “Like” on your Facebook page. But once a single action has been taken, getting a person to take another one becomes much easier because he’s already in. Read More

Newsletter Marketing and Your Dental Practice Mission: Three Questions to Ask

Newsletter marketing can help build patient loyalty among longstanding patients and attract new patients to your dental practice, too. But as powerful as it can be, dental newsletters are just one part of your dental practice's overall marketing effort. To get the most from your entire marketing program, you need to ask yourself these three critical questions ... Read More

Newsletter Marketing Benefits Your Professional Practice

Running a practice is complicated. You have to deal with paychecks, facilities, staffing, and lots of paperwork—not to mention serving your clients or patients! With all these different elements to keep track of, it’s easy to miss out on prime marketing opportunities. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Best Practices

These four tips are from WPI Communications’ white paper, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. That resource shares valuable eNewsletter marketing best practices for professional practices. Be sure your practice newsletters include these valuable must-haves. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Can Help Small Accounting Firms Make a Big Impact

A current or prospective client reading a smaller firm’s newsletter should immediately notice that its content addresses their concerns. It has news specific to their communities, advice tailored to the local industries, and it contains stories about real people there’s a good chance they know personally. Read More

Newsletter Marketing for Your Law Practice Is for Business—Not for Fun

Timely releases and quality content make newsletters work. Sticking to those goals, not the diversion of writing, will lead to a measurable increase in the effectiveness of your marketing and, ultimately, to the overall success of your firm. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Is Evolving—And Here’s Why

Newsletter marketing continues to evolve. As with all marketing, in order to stay relevant and be successful, it has to. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Newsletter marketing demonstrates your authority by keeping high-caliber content in front of clients, patients and referral sources. Valuable content that matters to your readers, sent with appropriate frequency by the professional practice they trust, is at the core of an effective newsletter marketing strategy. Be sure that your newsletter is sent on a consistent basis, but not so frequently that it is ignored by your readers. For professional practices, a monthly or quarterly newsletter is often the sweet spot. Read More

Newsletters and Return on Investment

In the hundreds of conversations I have had with professionals about marketing, I often remind them that marketing is not a cost, but an investment. Whether you are a dentist running a yellow page ad or a physical therapist sending a newsletter to your referring health care providers, you expect a return ... Read More

Newsletters and Return on Investment

Like many dental specialists, you’re probably thinking about your budget and how you can best use it to attract new patients. Your answer to one key question will go a long way to determine the success of your dental marketing efforts ... Read More

Newsletters and the Psychology of Marketing

All good marketing is built upon a fundamental knowledge of basic human psychology and behavior. Successful marketers understand why people purchase their services or products—whether to meet their basic needs or to satisfy insatiable desires. Read More

Newsletters Inform Referring Dentists and Promote Your Practice

Most dentists don’t do nearly enough outreach to referring providers to continually and measurably grow the practice. That’s too bad, because we know how important educating colleagues is to dental specialists. Read More

Newsletters Raise Financial Planners’ Credibility

How solid are your relationships with your clients? Certainly you have some die-hard, extremely loyal clients. But what about the majority of them? Are they committed to having all of their financial planning needs managed by you? Are you the first place they come for advice? Or are you just one more voice? Read More

Newsletters Reach Your Referral Sources and Promote Your Dental Practice

When it comes to marketing your dental specialty practice, it can be tempting to compartmentalize your thinking. Maybe you believe that useful and educational information for referral sources goes in one category, and marketing your practice goes into another. But with valuable information, dental specialists can grow their practices while subtly marketing. The instrument that bridges that divide: a referral newsletter ... Read More

Newsletters to Referring Dental Providers to Increase Markedly in 2013

According to more than 250 respondents, newsletters to referring health care practitioners is the marketing category projected to climb the most this year. Referring newsletters are projected to be used by 43% of all practices surveyed, up from 25% in 2012. Read More

Newsletters to Referring Dentists Set to Rise in 2013

WPI Communications' fourth annual Dental Marketing Barometer Survey found that newsletters to referring health care practitioners is the marketing category projected to climb the most in 2013. Referral-generating newsletters are projected to be used by 43% of all practices surveyed, up from 25% in 2012. Read More

Newsletters: Visible, Consistent and Easy to Share

From advertisements in the local newspaper to hiring a Web site consultant, you have many options at your disposal. Having worked in newsletter marketing for more than 25 years, let us offer you three reasons why you should consider marketing your practice with a newsletter. Read More

Nine Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice with Newsletter Marketing

These nine tips will show you how to join the ranks of some of the most successful and marketing-savvy dentists. Read More

Now Is the Best Time to Expand Your Endodontist Referral Base with a Newsletter

How many dentists have sent referrals to your endodontic practice in the past two years? Thirty, forty, fifty or more? How large is that number compared with the total number of general dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists and oral surgeons in your practice area? Read More

Nurturing Your Referral Sources

Nurturing your referral sources with varied timetables and sensitive targeting enables you to maintain a vigorous, vital presence without overdoing or undermining your marketing efforts. Read More

On Your Dental Web Site, Content Should Be King

Creating a Web site for your dental specialty practice costs time and money. But if prospective patients search for your practice online and instead find the site of a competing practice, your efforts have been wasted. Your Web site has to rank high on the search engine lists, and the best way to boost your ranking is to update the site regularly. Read More

Outbound Marketing Ho! 5 Ways for Attorneys to Move Forward in 2014

For many law firms, the optimal approach for the coming year should be to combine inbound and outbound marketing for an effective one-two punch. How can you energize your outbound marketing efforts in 2014? Here are a few practical suggestions. Read More

Paper is a Powerful Way to Reach Dental Referral Sources

You know it’s important to your dental specialty practice that you keep your name in front of referring health care providers. Referral-generating newsletters are the proven, valuable way for dental specialists to communicate with these peers. But should you do it in print or via e-mail? Read More

Paper Newsletters vs eNewsletters

We are often asked whether it is better to send a dental newsletter by e-mail or by snail mail? Each approach has its plusses and minuses. A dental newsletter printed on paper may cost more, but ... Read More

Patient Loyalty Is a Physical Therapist’s Top Priority

A physical therapist’s content marketing efforts must have a strong, steady focus on patients already involved in the physical therapy process Read More

Patient Newsletters Even More Popular for Dental Specialists

A high-quality, educational, reader-friendly digital or print newsletter, delivered consistently, can go a long, long way toward reinforcing that your practice is their best choice. Read More

Patients Live Longer, Benefit from Health Care Content

All of these trends represent opportunities for health care professionals who market their practices with informative patient content. In addition to referral newsletters they can send to their referring peers, such as Allergy and Immunology Report and Retina Digest, WPI Communications also offers eNewsletters designed specifically for the patients of general dentists, pediatricians and physical therapists. Read More

Pediatric Dentistry, Newsletters and the “Action Train”

In the field of pediatric dentistry, momentum is important. Once you earn the trust of a parent and child through an initial visit, it becomes easier to turn that trust into a momentum that will bring them back for regular checkups, cleanings and treatments—into the child’s teenage years. This process is called an “action train.” ... Read More

Pediatric Dentists’ Marketing: Don’t Forget About Existing Patients

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to focus all of your marketing efforts on generating new patients. Yes, gaining new patients is essential for the health and growth of every pediatric dental practice―yours included. But you should never make the mistake of losing focus on retaining your existing patients. Read More

Physical Therapists: For Increased Referrals, Reach Out with a Newsletter Marketing Program

Creating a marketing campaign that includes a mix of print and online methods is the best way to ensure that you reach your audience no matter where they may be. Outbound methods like newsletter marketing for your referring health care providers are important parts of any brand-building campaign, including yours—despite what so many marketing “experts” would have you believe. Read More

Physical Therapy Marketing: Keep the End in Mind

Keeping the end is mind is a key motivational technique in any endeavor, not just physical therapy. All physical therapists have to be good motivators, but what separates a good motivator from a great motivator is follow-through beyond the therapy sessions that makes keeping the patient’s end in sight something that will follow them through the rest of their life. Read More

Physician Newsletters Trump Business Cards

If you’re going to be thought of first, frequent communication is crucial. While business cards are exchanged one time, a newsletter program puts your practice in front of influential referring physicians on a regular basis. With each issue, they’ll be reminded of your expertise and that you’re a trusted colleague. Read More

Physician Newsletters: Are They Read Cover to Cover?

High-quality physician newsletters pass the filter test because they deliver relevant, timely research summaries and developments that matter to the readers. Read More

Practice Marketing Program Essentials

You have no shortages of “opportunities” to market your professional practice. From web marketing firms to direct mail companies to the most recent inquiry in your inbox or on your voicemail, your practice probably doesn’t lack for options. Read More

Print Marketing: Still a Powerful Way to Reach Referring Providers

Electronic newsletters and print newsletters each have their place in dental marketing. At WPI Communications, we publish both for dentists. Because we still believe in the value of print, particularly when communicating technical information, Ferris Jabr’s piece in the November 2013 issue of Scientific American caught our attention. Read More

Print Media Gains Influence in the Electronic Age

When it comes to making a tremendous impression on influential referring professionals, and for some clients or patients as well, we’ve seen that print remains supreme. Read More

Print Newsletters: Still a Powerful Dental Marketing Tool

Turn to any dental marketing blog—including this one—and you’re likely to find posts about e-mail marketing, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else is today’s hot new online rollout. That’s fine—these are important practice-building tools. But don’t be so quick to leave behind the tried and true printed, snail-mailed newsletter. Read More

Produce Content that Prompts Action

How do you get someone to be loyal to you? The conventional wisdom is to get the person to do you a favor. We know this sounds counterintuitive, since most people would try to win friends by doing something kind for others. Read More

Prosthodontist Checkup: How Strong Are Your Referral Relationships?

Too often, prosthodontist marketing is done sporadically. Many practices engage in marketing during those periods when their patient caseloads decline. Then, when the schedule gets busy again, these well-intentioned marketing activities fall by the wayside. Read More

Pump Up Your Dental Practice, Professionally

Most of the dental specialists we speak to on a daily basis are interested in marketing their practices—otherwise we wouldn’t be on the phone with them. But we know that many dentists out there have never undertaken a marketing plan. To run a successful practice, it is not enough to ... Read More

Put Your Marketing Plan in Place

The first step in being a better marketer is to understand the need for marketing. The next step is to devise a formal plan. You can’t expect blockbuster results if you take a disorganized, scattershot approach. Read More

Putting “Face Value” on Your Newsletters

Together, these findings suggest that personalized newsletter marketing, including some face time, can be a strong combination for increasing your referrals and business activity. Read More

Reach Out Early, Reach Out Often

Set up a newsletter marketing program for your practice, so that when the new year rolls around, you won’t be out of sight or out of mind. Read More

Reaching Millenials—What Dental Professionals Need to Know

In 2016, the millennial generation will surpass the Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials are generally defined as those between the ages of 18 and 34 (in 2015). This large and diverse demographic is, and will continue to be, a highly sought after group for dentists. Here is some must-have information about current trends for dental professionals targeting millennials. Read More

Recall Dental Patients Who Left in the Recession

The Great Recession technically ended three years ago this month. You heard that right: June 2009 marked the end of the recession in the United States. Has your dental practice revenue increased in the last three years? Are your patient numbers climbing as fast as the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Our own survey data have shown ... Read More

Referral-Generating Dental Newsletters Make You the Local Expert

Referral-generating newsletters from endodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, periodontists and prosthodontists convey that the expertise of the practice that sends them. Your newsletters should communicate relevant information your referring colleagues wouldn’t otherwise learn. Read More

Reinforce the One-time Business Card with a Consistent Newsletter Program

Nearly every dental specialist carries business cards. They fit in your wallet neatly, and when you meet a fellow dentist—especially one who might refer patients to your practice—you shake hands, have a short discussion and then conveniently pass along your card. Read More

Relationship-based Marketing for Dental Specialists

Relationship-based marketing is more than just a way of generating new patients. As the name implies, this technique is based on serving the needs of existing patients through excellent service and attention to detail. Sound like work? It is, but the payoff can be significant over time. Read More

ROI is NOT a Buzzword

A recent piece in MarketingProfs identified 15 marketing buzzwords that should go on the “Do Not Use Anymore!” list. As a marketing and ad agency veteran, I have also exhausted buzzwords that make up the marketing vernacular. They’ve been over-used and often provide Read More

Sell to Your Accounting Clients—Without Selling

Client newsletters are the single best way to market and sell to your accounting clients and prospects—without giving them a sales pitch. Instead, with a high-quality newsletter, your readers simply receive print or eNewsletters, on a monthly or quarterly basis. Read More

Send Something of Value All Year Long

The holiday season is upon our offices, and that means boxes of cookies and chocolates are being sent around among professionals. Though always appreciated and eaten, the December treats in professional offices can sometimes be overkill, a deluge of irresistible, tooth-decaying calories all at once ... Read More

SEO and Quality Dental Content Go Together

Your may have great content on your dental practice blog, but if you want to grow your dental practice, you need to ensure that your content is reaching your audience. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. A large part of that process involves creating content using ... Read More

Set a Marketing Goal for Your Dental Practice in Four Steps

Patient referrals from other dentists are essential to the financial success of your endodontic, orthodontic, periodontic or other dental specialty practice. Some dental specialists fare quite well at generating quality referrals for their practice, but many indicate that they do not receive enough of qualified referrals to grow their practices. Read More

Seven Reasons Every Dental Specialist Should Send a Newsletter to Referring Dentists and Physicians

We are often asked why marketing for a dental specialist is different from the marketing activities of a general dentist. The key difference is the way patients determine which endodontist, oral surgeon or other dental specialist to choose. Read More

Share Your Knowledge with Your Dental Patients and Their Parents

Communicating with and educating your patients or clients doesn’t only benefit them. It helps you too. They learn so they can make wise decisions regarding their treatment and dental care. And you consistently keep in touch and remind them of the value of working with your practice. Read More

Share Your Success Stories on Facebook

Marketing your dental specialty practice through Facebook can be extremely effective when done properly. Fortunately for dental specialists—especially pediatric dentists and orthodontists—many dental fields are ideally situated to take advantage of Facebook’s features. Read More

Sharing the Success: Marketing Advice from Drs. Chikvashvili and Chivian of Advanced Endodontics

As the oldest endodontic practice in New Jersey, Advanced Endodontics has the distinction of a combined 55 years experience in this progressive specialty. Drs. Joseph Chikvashvili and Noah Chivian remain dedicated to providing the best treatment offered in modern endodontic therapy. Performing root canal therapy, retreatment of prior root canal therapy, apicoectomies, and internal bleaching of teeth, the practice is known for its innovative procedures, frequently treating the most complicated cases, in an effort to prevent loss of a tooth, when the necessity of extraction seems imminent. Read More

Should You Outsource Your Professional Practice Newsletter?

When it comes to newsletter marketing, professionals must first answer a few questions. The answers will guide you as you explore how best to develop a newsletter that builds your practice and keeps you connected to your patients or clients. Read More

Show Parents You’re the Best Pediatric Dentist Around with a Newsletter

Your pediatric dental eNewsletter offers guidance and advice to parents who are looking for the best care for their children’s teeth and gums. By serving as an educational resource, you help parents build a bond of trust with you and your practice. Read More

Show, Don’t Just Tell, in Newsletter Marketing

During my 34-year career teaching middle and high school English, I figure that I helped about 3,000 students to become better writers. To accomplish these tasks, I counseled my students to “Show. Don’t just tell.” The connection between this dictum and content marketing through client newsletters is closer than I ever imagined ... Read More

Six Tips to Build Your Dental Practice with Newsletter Marketing

Are you looking to build your dental practice? The following six tips will show you how to use newsletter marketing to join the ranks of some of the most successful, marketing-savvy dentists. Read More

Social Media IS Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Few dental specialists would question the role of word-of-mouth marketing in acquiring new patients. But many are still reluctant to use social media. A recent survey of small businesses illustrates this disconnect. Among those surveyed ... Read More

Sometimes It Pays for Accountants to Market Aggressively

As an accountant, it is your job to understand the nature of your clients’ assets, investments and income so that they can best protect their wealth for the present and the future. Because tax laws are constantly in flux, you have to stay aware of how the laws will affect your clients and advise them to either best take advantage of or minimize the damage of those changes. Read More

Spread the Word About Year-End Tax Planning

The 2012 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter, produced by the professionals at WPI Communications and available in both electronic and printed form at a reasonable price, encourages clients to contact you about the services your firm can provide. Read More

Survey Says: Patient Newsletters Continue to Rise

The use of patient newsletters among dental specialists will continue to gain traction in 2013, according to WPI Communications’ recent Dental Marketing Barometer Survey. The survey of more than 250 dental specialists ... Read More

Thanksgiving and SuperMarketing

An article about innovative technology introduced to your services or an exciting new talent who joined your team demonstrates your cutting-edge capabilities in the marketplace. Read More

The Art and Science of Asking for Referrals

Asking for referrals makes many financial planners more than a little uncomfortable. It can take you far outside of your comfort zone. The good news is that there is an art and science to asking for referrals. If you do it properly, you’ll further position your practice in a professional, high caliber manner—and benefit from increased referral business. Read More

The Case for Print Newsletters

There is no denying that our world has become increasingly digital. As a result, many professional practices have gone digital with their marketing, too, and are sending their newsletters electronically. While there are certainly many advantages to sending out an e-mail newsletter (lower cost and easier data analysis, chief among them), it would be foolish to discount the benefits of a print newsletter. Consider these top three reasons for mailing a print newsletter, then make an informed decision of what is best for you and your practice. Read More

The Enduring Power of Print Media

Telephone books and handwritten letters may be fading away, but print media still has its place in marketing. It is easier to read, more visible and more environmentally friendly than you might think. Read More

The Five Critical Success Factors for Growing Your Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing

This blog post is adapted from WPI Communications’ popular white paper, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. These are the five critical success factors for a dental newsletter marketing campaign. Dentists are well advised to incorporate these important lessons into their practice newsletters. Read More

The New Tax Law: Opportunity Knocks

No matter what the delivery method for the content, the underlying message should essentially be the same: Consider the implications under the new tax law and react accordingly. Read More

The Plusses of a Consistent Newsletter

We all want to excel in our specialties, to improve our techniques and to serve our clients the best way we can. But how many of us have the time to regularly seek out articles in the various professional journals that might accomplish these tasks? The key word here is “regularly.” Things change so rapidly ... Read More

The Power of an Informative Referral-Generating Dental Newsletter

Increasing the flow of new patients is critical to the success of your dental practice. Most endodontists, periodontists and other dental specialists agree that referrals from other dentists and physicians represent the single most significant source of new patients. Read More

The Power of an Informative Referral-Generating Newsletter

A newsletter can help define your image, build your reputation and provide useful information to your referral sources. Read More

The Power of Third Parties for Expanding Referrals

The content of your newsletter may not be of prime interest to these professionals, but it projects a good image of you and your practice. When one of those third-party professionals is asked for a recommendation, your practice will come to mind first. Read More

Think of Your Practice as a Brand

In a competitive field like orthodontics, pediatric dentistry or whatever your specialty may be, few things can make a practice stand out from the crowd like a strong, recognizable brand. If you apply yourself thoughtfully and consistently, you can build the kind of instant recognition and positive feelings that turns prospects into lifelong patients ... Read More

Three Content Marketing Tips for Dentists

Still climbing in popularity, content marketing can be a powerful way for your dental specialty practice to reach your audience without selling. Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing engages your audience, whether they be patients or referring health care providers ... Read More

Three Critical Points to Invest in Dental Marketing

The state of health care in the United States is constantly changing, meaning it is more important than ever to market your dental specialty practice. If you are an orthodontist, you might find that Invisalign has eaten into your business. If you are an endodontist or pediatric dentist, chances are that dentists who once referred patients to you now take those cases themselves. Bottom line: Marketing your dental specialty practice is crucial 12 months of the year. Read More

Three Goals for Your Physical Therapy Patient eNewsletter

The difficulty of creating compelling content for current and potential patients might scare you off. Don’t let it. A well-produced newsletter can achieve three goals for the success of your practice that make it well worth the effort. Read More

Three Goals Your Physical Therapy Newsletter Must Accomplish

Here are three goals that physical therapists must keep in mind while facing the daunting task of creating a patient newsletter. Read More

Three Steps to Strengthening Your Referral Relationships

Referrals are the mother’s milk of many dental specialty practices, especially endodontists and oral surgeons. New patient referrals don’t happen by accident. They require some planning and work. Read More

Three Ways a Client Newsletter Can Help Build Your Law Practice

When you leave the hard sell behind and begin to share valuable information free of charge, your audience perceives you as being helpful and caring instead of being a business that’s focused solely on its bottom line. Read More

Three Ways to Make Your eNewsletter Action Oriented

Newsletters are valuable tools for professional practices seeking to build loyalty and credibility among their existing patient or client base. But are you using your newsletter to encourage readers to take actions that help build your practice? Here are three ways to ensure your newsletters are action oriented. Read More

Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice with Newsletter Marketing

Here are five tips from WPI Communications’ white paper The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. These are just some of the ideas from this insightful white paper that will help dentists build a profitable dental practice by increasing patient referrals. While some of these strategies are more advanced and will take time and effort, you’ll find that they are well worth the investment you make in your practice. Read More

Top Referral Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make

If you are like most dentists, you’d like more referrals, including those from your professional colleagues. But when it comes to generating more and better referrals, we see many of the same mistakes repeated over and over again. Here are three of the top dental referral mistakes. Read More

Two Questions for Dental Web Sites

Our newsletter marketing company works with hundreds of medical and dental specialty practices. Some, we are surprised to see, have no Web site at all. This is not a good idea because people of all ages look to the Internet for more information once they have been referred to a practice. Read More

Use a Newsletter to “Converse” with Colleagues

How much time do you have to engage your colleagues in face-to-face conversations about the latest developments in your particular field? Not only would your revenues fall but you’d be hoarse (and probably bored) from talking nonstop about the same topics over and over. But sending out a ... Read More

Use Your Dental Newsletter to Encourage Appointment Booking

Newsletters are an ideal, subtle, professional way for dentists to communicate with patients on a regular basis. This keeps their practice top-of-mind and makes each patient who receives the newsletter feel valued. It also helps keep family dental care a priority. Read More

Use Your Newsletter to Position Yourself as a Trusted Adviser

Marketing—good marketing—is all about developing strong relationships that last. It’s about developing loyalty and, yes, creating trust. Read More

Veterinarians: Does Newsletter Marketing Fit Your Mission?

While they have access to a sea of “information” about pet health via the Internet, there is nothing they’ll trust more than information from their vet. Articles with titles like these serve to educate pet owners and reinforce the care guidelines you share with them. Read More

Want to Reach New Audiences? Make Your Dental Newsletter Articles “Sharable”

If you have a eNewsletter marketing program, you have a built-in source of topics right at your fingertips. By making sure your newsletter is packed full of relevant information that’s really valuable and interesting to your patients, you exponentially increase the likelihood not only that it will be read, but also that it will be passed along to others in their social circles Read More

What Does Your Dental Practice Have that No One Else Has?

WPI Communications’ newsletters help dentists and pediatric dentists maintain relationships with patients between office visits, and we help dental specialists maintain relationships with health care providers through referral newsletters. These newsletters remind patients why they trust you and why they, quite literally, put their dental health in your hands. Read More

What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Visibility

It’s a hard reality for many high-ranking, exceptional professionals: An inferior product or service can win out over a far better one simply by having been better marketed. In fact, great organizations with great products and hard-working, intelligent staff go out of business every day. Many times, these organizations lose out to competitors who have inferior offerings, but superior marketing savvy. Read More

What Is Newsletter Marketing?

The idea behind newsletter marketing is simple. Many practices, businesses, nonprofits, and government and advocacy organizations use newsletters to achieve their marketing or education goals. Name a product or service—from office supplies to community news to consulting work—and, most likely, newsletters are used to support these objectives. Read More

What Kind of Shape Is Your Practice In?

I've struck up a friendship with a guy who works out at my gym. My workout buddy, let’s call him Arnold, is a CPA with a well-established practice. I sometimes try to engage him about taxes and the accounting profession. It turns out that Arnold is practically working with blinders on. All he wants to do is churn out tax returns in the beginning of the year ... Read More

What to Do When Referral Sources to Your Dental Specialty Practice Dry Up

Maintaining a consistent flow of patients to your dental practice is critical to its success. But in this economy, other dentists and physicians that were once steady sources of dental referrals may have retired, closed their doors or defected. Others may be treating cases themselves that they once would have referred to dental specialists. Competition for referrals is more intense, so maintaining that once-steady flow of referred patients may be more challenging than ever. Read More

What’s the Return on Investment of Law Firm Newsletters?

Do attorney newsletters for clients really have an ROI? Norman Clark, founder of Walker Clark, LLC, described a discussion he participated in with a group of law firm partners about the value of newsletters. Not surprisingly, participants agreed that the best newsletters are the ones with news their clients can actually put to use. Read More

When Choosing a Dentist, Logic Trumps Emotion

Provide solid, useful information that helps establish your practice as a source of skilled, experienced and compassionate care invested in the health and well-being of your patients. Read More

When It Comes to Dental eNewsletter Marketing, Share, Share and Like

Compelling content is important. If you don’t have the time or inclination to create it yourself, there are, thankfully, experts who know how to craft newsletters that will get attention, get shared and help you spread your message in the most though provoking ways possible. Read More

Why Discerning Dental Patients Are Good for Your Practice

With more choices than ever before, today’s consumers are highly discerning. They’re able to sift through comparative data and skim reader reviews of vacation packages, books and all kinds of products, quickly excluding options that fail to meet their very high expectations. Read More

Why Do Referral Newsletters Work?

The newsletter includes digests of hand-picked articles in a particular field of medicine or dentistry that appear in various scholarly journals. For instance, a newsletter created for periodontists might feature an article about a new procedure or a recent study on the effects of smoking and gum disease. Read More

Why Endodontists Should Have a Referral Newsletter

Newsletter marketing is an increasingly popular tool used by endodontists to reach influential referring dentists. Here are the top five reasons endodondists are leveraging referral newsletters. Read More

Why It Pays to Have a Social Media Presence, Especially on Facebook

When it comes to selling anything—a product, a service, an event, a story or a cause—nothing beats social proof. People base their buying decisions on reviews and referrals a whole lot more than they do on sales pitches and ads. Read More

Why Newsletter Marketing Works

In all the swirling hype about social media, it’s easy to lose track of why it exists and what purposes it serves. When considering marketing via social media, it’s important to remember the audience and who will profit from the service. Read More

Why Patient Communications Is Critical for Dentists

When people are asked to think of professionals in their lives who are outstanding communicators, they may think of select supervisors, impressive coworkers or communications professionals. But they may not all necessarily think of their dentists ... Read More

Why Should Oral Surgeons Use Newsletter Marketing?

The answer to this question is simple. There is really one ultimate reason why oral surgeons should use newsletter marketing to build their practice―to generate a reliable and ongoing stream of professional referrals. This is a more important objective than ever before. Oral surgery is an increasingly competitive specialty, with more and more dentists doing it themselves. As you well know, referrals are more difficult to obtain than ever before. This makes referrals from other dentists more valuable than ever. Read More

Why Would a Dental Specialist Tweet?

First of all to the uninitiated, “tweet” is a verb that means “to post on the Twitter Web site.” Twitter is used by vast numbers of people, ranging from celebrities to ordinary people like us. Individuals post short messages that are read by other people who “follow” them. Read More

Why You Must Communicate with Referring Dentists

In real estate, it's location, location, location. In making your practice attractive to referring dentists, it's communication, communication, communication. The biggest mistake doctors can make is not reporting back to the referring dentist on a patient's status. Even worse: not reporting back to them before the patient calls the referring dentist for an update. Fortunately, there are many ways to effectively communicate to the referring dentist and avoid embarrassment. Read More

Why Your Practice Should Send a Newsletter to Referral Sources

While many of your patients and clients may find your practice based upon recommendations of friends, relatives and neighbors, chances are, a significant amount of your business comes from the recommendations of another professional. Read More

With a Client Newsletter, Your Law Firm Will Be the “First Call”

How do you dramatically improve the likelihood that they’ll call you for all their legal needs—on an ongoing basis? The “secret” is no mystery at all. Simply by keeping in touch and educating your clients along the way, you will increase the odds that they will call you. And for a busy law firm, the easiest, most effective, most targeted way to do that is with a client newsletter for attorneys. Read More

Word-of-Mouth Dental Marketing in the Digital Age

Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new concept for orthodontic or pediatric dentistry marketing. Parents have been recommending dental specialists to other parents for decades. But understanding how word-of-mouth marketing works in the digital age is a new imperative for your dental practice. Read More

You Know Your Marketing Tactics—But What About Strategy?

It’s important to reevaluate your tactics often. People change, technology changes and you should be flexible enough to respond to those changes. Read More

You May Be an Expert, But Are You an Authority?

Frequent and regularly scheduled communications about advances in your field, new research or changing conditions lets the world of patients, clients and referral sources know that you are up-to-date and on top of your game. Newsletter marketing works especially well when you lecture or give seminars. Read More

Your Checklist for Starting an Orthodontics Marketing Newsletter

The most successful orthodontic practices are the ones that receive the most patient referrals from other dentists. So how can your dental marketing help fuel referrals like it does for the top orthodontists? An orthodontics newsletter to referring dentists will increase your quality and quantity of referrals, and it will continually build goodwill with influential referring dentists. Read More

Your Physical Therapy eNewsletter Points to You, Indirectly

How can you make it all about your patients, but still be the star of your eNewsletter? The common theme of your physical therapist newsletter is that you are the expert to meet your patients’ current and future needs. PT eNewsletter allows you to customize some or your newsletter content to include short blurbs specifically about your practice. Read More

Your Physical Therapy Web Site Is Only a Beginning

To really build traffic to your site, you need to be more proactive by creating and then distributing information that’s of interest to your client base, content that will direct them right to your site. Once you’ve got that content, you can’t simply rely on them to find that content through the search process—you need to reach out to your target audience and specifically direct them to your content. Read More

Your Web Site Checklist

There are so many things to consider when developing or maintaining a dental practice Web site. You think about the content, photographs, staff biographies, and whether or not you’ll have a patient gallery. Read More

’Tis the Season for Marketing Accounting Services

Autumn is the optimal time to rev up the marketing machine. By alerting your clients to the tax-saving opportunities available through year-end planning—which can literally “make or break” a client’s tax situation—you can drum up more business for your firm that isn’t directly related to filing returns. Read More