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Starting a newsletter

2013 Industry Predictions: Direct Mail to Rise

At WPI Communications, we develop both print and eNewsletters for professional practices. E-mail newsletters can be optimal for reaching patients or clients, such as our Accountant Client eNewsletter, PT eNewsletter for physical therapists, Dental Bites for general dentists and Pediatric Dental Bites for pediatric dentists. Read More

4 Tips to Start Your Dental Blog

Today’s websites make blogging easier than ever. But before you venture into the blogosphere to promote your dental practice, here are a few tips you can use to ensure your blog becomes a true practice-building tool. Read More

5 Critical Success Factors for Beginning a Newsletter Marketing Campaign

Below we present five critical success factors for dentists beginning a newsletter marketing campaign. Be sure to remember these as you get started and refer to them as you proceed! Read More

A Tiny Shortcut in Your Newsletter Marketing Program

Look at recent communications and marketing materials, and see how they can be repurposed into newsletter content. Read More

A Unified Design Builds Your Brand

We often find that when companies decide to produce their own newsletter—rather than outsource—the first issue of the newsletter is fun. Part of the “fun” comes from designing the issue. It’s good to have the creative juices flowing, but ... Read More

Accountants: 6 Marketing Tips for the Busy Season

Communicating with clients and prospects is a year-round proposition, but some times are more profitable than others. In fact, you are more likely to realize instant gratification if you market your practice throughout tax-return season. The needs of your target audit are often immediate, and so is the payoff. Here are six helpful hints: Read More

Are Your Marketing Messages Tricks? Or Treats?

Regardless of the nature of your profession, you can craft a newsletter marketing program filled with the latest news related to your field. If it’s well thought out and well written, it will position you as an authority in your field and build loyalty with your audience over time. Read More

As You Produce Content, Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Developing content for your newsletter or blog might be one of the biggest challenges of a content marketing program. We hear from newsletter clients that producing content for one newsletter might be easy—even fun—but producing content month after month is difficult, if not impossible, for many professionals. If you choose to embrace this challenge ... Read More

Attract New Clients with Newsletter Marketing

Sending a newsletter is not only a powerful way to keep in touch with your existing clients, patients or referral sources but also a valuable tool to attract new people to your practice. A newsletter can also reach the hands of people you do not know—yet. Read More

Begin Your Dental Newsletter Program with an Introductory Letter

If you have recently decided to start a newsletter program for your dental specialty practice, you might begin with a short letter introducing your practice and the newsletter you intend to send. An introductory letter is a professional way to ... Read More

Begin Your Newsletter Marketing Program with an Introduction

If you have recently decided to start a newsletter or content marketing program, you might begin with a brief letter introducing yourself and the newsletter you intend to send. A good introductory letter lets your clients, patients or referral sources know that you will offer an ongoing high level of service and attention. Read More

Build Your Dental Brand with a Unified Design

Designing a new newsletter, business card or advertisement can be a fun project for you and some members of your staff. While it’s healthy to have creative juices flowing in a new endeavor, don’t stray too far from the logos, colors and fonts that you use in your ... Read More

Dentists: Make a New Year’s Resolution to Publish a Newsletter

It is the ideal time to introduce people to new ideas in a brand-new dental newsletter. The benefits are many, and the costs are few. Quick action will ensure that the January issue reaches patients and your referral network at their most receptive. Advantages of a dental newsletter include the following: Read More

Don’t Throw Out Your Printed Newsletter Just Yet

Some people simply feel more comfortable with a printed newsletter: it’s more portable than a laptop, it can be easily consumed in multiple sittings, it can be annotated with nothing more than a pen and its information can be retrieved without sifting through an endless list of bookmarks. Read More

Finding Time to Blog

You probably have more time to blog than you think, and the following tips can help you find and make the most of it. Read More

Five Steps to Content Marketing

Starting a blog—or eNewsletter or some other form of content marketing—is not difficult. The biggest challenge is maintaining the content marketing program over time. Here are a few tips to get you started with a blog or regularly updated Web site: Read More

Five Tips for Newsletter Marketing

Creating a newsletter can be a valuable tool for growing your practice. By marketing with a newsletter, you keep your name in front of clients or patients, build relationships with referral sources and provide insight into your practice. Sending a newsletter is also a cost-effective option that won’t blow your marketing budget out of the water. Read More

For Newsletter Success, Block Time on Your Calendar

Some professionals do send consistent newsletters or maintain a consistent, informative blog. Their secret: Making their marketing efforts a priority. Read More

Gather Your Newsletter Article Ideas on an Editorial Calendar

We know better than anyone that publishing a newsletter is difficult work. We’re always on deadline. While we’re putting the finishing touches on one batch of newsletters for the printer, we’re proofreading and fact checking the next batch—and laying out yet another. Should you decide to publish your own newsletter, we highly recommend that ... Read More

Give Referring Health Care Providers Useful Information, the Gift that Gives All Year Long

The best way to provide that information: Offer your referral sources a regular newsletter chockfull of the latest developments in your dental specialty, and help them to keep up-to-date on trends and advances that can translate into better patient care. Read More

Grow Dental Referrals with Newsletters

You probably know that referral newsletters are targeted, cost-effective ways to stay top of mind with general dentists and other influential health care professionals. Many dental specialists use newsletters to consistently reach influential referral sources. Read More

Happy New Year? Map Your 2013 Accounting Marketing Plan

Newsletter marketing for accountants is one of the most effective ways to reach your clients and prospects—consistently and with measurable results. Read More

How to Put Together an Effective E-mail Marketing Plan

It’s possible that even with a magazine-type editorial calendar, you’ll find that implementing your e-mail marketing plan still takes up too much of your time. In that case, consider outsourcing to a company that specializes in e-mail marketing. That way, you can grow your practice while pouring all your energy into what you do best: caring for patients. Read More

If It Can’t Be Read, It Doesn’t Get Read

The e-mail that looked so good on your web designer’s big screen may be a mess (or worse, unreadable) on your recipient’s mobile device. Read More

It’s Not too Late to Refresh Your Marketing

A regular newsletter filled with content your audience will appreciate is a good way to keep your business in front of your targets in a subtle, friendly manner. Read More

Know Your Audience: Clients or Patients, or Other Professionals?

Before you start a newsletter marketing program, it is important to clearly define your audience. Most newsletter programs fall into one of two categories: client/patient newsletters and referral-generating newsletters. Read More

Let the Pros Do It

Outsource this job to a firm specializing in marketing-based newsletters for professional practitioners. They’ll do everything for you from soup to nuts. While you’ll have to pay a relatively small price for the benefits, it will be well worth it. Read More

Like a Good Dessert, Your Marketing Program Should Bring Together Several Ingredients

While at first glance it may seem like a superficial approach, what all these “recipes” emphasize is that successful endeavors are based not on a single item but on a combination of parts that work together to make the whole. Read More

Looking for a Fancy Physical Therapy Logo? Think About Newsletter Marketing Instead

Building a successful physical therapy brand requires consistent delivery of your underlying brand message. You want to “train” your patients to associate your practice with a service that will make their lives better. Read More

Marketing: More Important Now Than Ever

Cutting marketing may look like an easy way to reduce your expenses when times get tough. But cutting marketing is an even easier way to make sure your practice doesn’t survive until times get better. Read More

Need Inspiration for Content Marketing? Here Are Three Tips …

However you choose to generate topic ideas, make sure that they’re useful and relevant to your readers. It’s fine to sell your services (after all, it’s called newsletter marketing), but selling shouldn’t be the point of your campaign. Read More

Newsletter Marketing: Paper vs Electronic

I am often asked, is it better to send my newsletter electronically by e-mail or on paper by snail mail? Frankly, there are pros and cons to both approaches. Read More

Paper is a Powerful Way to Reach Dental Referral Sources

You know it’s important to your dental specialty practice that you keep your name in front of referring health care providers. Referral-generating newsletters are the proven, valuable way for dental specialists to communicate with these peers. But should you do it in print or via e-mail? Read More

Paper Newsletters vs eNewsletters

We are often asked whether it is better to send a dental newsletter by e-mail or by snail mail? Each approach has its plusses and minuses. A dental newsletter printed on paper may cost more, but ... Read More

Pediatric Dentists Can Expand Their Practice Through Targeted Messaging

Referral-generating newsletters, though difficult to write, are just as necessary and important as patient newsletters. This oft-neglected avenue can prove more effective at generating new revenue than any other method. It requires forming relationships with noncompetitive professionals who share a natural link with your work. Read More

Physical Therapists: Know Your Target Before You Take Aim

Ultimately, you want your patients to continue to choose your practice for treatment, and you want referral sources to send you patients who could benefit from physical therapy. The content you choose for each audience should keep those goals in mind. Read More

Plan Your Marketing Now, Save Time Tomorrow

If you don’t spend an hour or so developing a marketing plan—and there’s no better time to do this than the beginning of the calendar year—you’ll spend much more time throughout the year scrambling to meet your goals. Read More

Producing a Newsletter In-house

“We’re going to publish our own newsletter.” In my 28 years of providing client and referral newsletters to small businesses, I have heard this line countless times. When I follow up, the story is often the same: Putting together the first issue of a newsletter is fun. The second issue ... Read More

Put Your Content Marketing Plan on a Calendar

If you publish a newsletter or a blog, you have to plan your articles ahead of time, preferably on an online calendar, though a paper calendar works better for some people. Read More

Put Your Marketing Plan in Place

The first step in being a better marketer is to understand the need for marketing. The next step is to devise a formal plan. You can’t expect blockbuster results if you take a disorganized, scattershot approach. Read More

Reach Clients with an E-mail Marketing Plan

No matter how much the Internet and communications have changed over the past decade, studies show that e-mail marketing remains the most powerful and effective means of getting clients’ attention. Read More

Reach Out Early, Reach Out Often

Set up a newsletter marketing program for your practice, so that when the new year rolls around, you won’t be out of sight or out of mind. Read More

Reinforce the One-time Business Card with a Consistent Newsletter Program

Nearly every dental specialist carries business cards. They fit in your wallet neatly, and when you meet a fellow dentist—especially one who might refer patients to your practice—you shake hands, have a short discussion and then conveniently pass along your card. Read More

Scout Out Your Competition

If you’re a dentist, it’s likely that you run in some of the same circles as others in your profession. You may belong to the same gym or attend some of the same conferences as fellow dentists. They are your colleagues. But they are also your competitors.... Read More

Send Your Newsletter to More Referral Sources

You may be able to identify your current referring professionals, but do you know how many others in your community could be good referral sources for you? And can you quickly and easily reach them all? Read More

Should You Outsource Your Professional Practice Newsletter?

When it comes to newsletter marketing, professionals must first answer a few questions. The answers will guide you as you explore how best to develop a newsletter that builds your practice and keeps you connected to your patients or clients. Read More

Six Ways to Improve Your Newsletter

Newsletter marketing is a practical way to keep clients, potential clients and colleagues informed and connected. But choosing the right medium is only half the battle—what you say and how you say it will have a significant impact on how your practice is perceived. Follow these six steps to craft a newsletter—or improve your existing newsletter. They will help you build a successful practice. Read More

Target High-value Referrals to Build Your Endodontic Practice

When building your professional referral network, think broadly and creatively. Apply what you know about trends in endodontics. Referrals from other specialists should not be overlooked. For example, prosthodontists routinely refer patients to endodontists. A network of specialists who refer to one another can be very rewarding. Read More

The Guaranteed Way to Keep Your Dental Newsletter on Schedule

Our experience working with dentists is that busy schedules and patient needs interrupt even the best laid plans to maintain a newsletter program. Many dental specialist offices soon find that producing a monthly or even bi-monthly newsletter is too difficult to do on a regular basis. Read More

The Importance of Exclusive Content

At WPI Communications, we offer newsletters for many different practices from coast to coast. Each newsletter comes with geographic exclusivity—that is, our clients are licensed to distribute their newsletter within a specific territory based on ZIP codes. Read More

The Nuts and Bolts of Newsletter Marketing—One Step at a Time

Newsletter marketing requires developing content your audience wants to read and then arranging that content into an attractive newsletter. But marketing your professional practice with newsletters involves much more. Here are four additional ways to make the most of your newsletter program: Read More

The Three W’s of Successful Newsletter Marketing for Pediatric Dentists

To achieve that, remember the three W’s of successful newsletter marketing: Who (identify your audience); What (send content that is relevant to your audience); When (time your content for maximum impact) Read More

Three Goals Your Physical Therapy Newsletter Must Accomplish

Here are three goals that physical therapists must keep in mind while facing the daunting task of creating a patient newsletter. Read More

Three Tips to Maintaining a Content Marketing Calendar

All marketing programs work better with a plan in mind, and the best way to plan a content marketing program is with a calendar. Newsletters, e-mails and blog posts can and should be scheduled in advance, on an editorial calendar ... Read More

Three Ways to Find the Right Content Marketing Partner for Your Dental Practice

You still need to find a way to create compelling dental content that gets new patients into your chairs and that keeps current patients comfortable staying there. That means that you are going to have to consider finding a marketing partner. Here are a few ways the right partner can help: Read More

What’s Wrong with Constant Contact—and How to Fix It

Last week, I received a telephone call from a frustrated Constant Contact customer. She had opened an account with Constant Contact about 18 months ago and finally sent her first newsletter last month. Constant Contact promptly shut her down because too many of her e-mails bounced, and one or two spam complaints were filed. As I listen to Constant Contact advertisements on the radio, I often wonder ... Read More

Why Patient Communications Is Critical for Dentists

When people are asked to think of professionals in their lives who are outstanding communicators, they may think of select supervisors, impressive coworkers or communications professionals. But they may not all necessarily think of their dentists ... Read More

You Know Your Marketing Tactics—But What About Strategy?

It’s important to reevaluate your tactics often. People change, technology changes and you should be flexible enough to respond to those changes. Read More

’Tis the Season for Marketing Accounting Services

Autumn is the optimal time to rev up the marketing machine. By alerting your clients to the tax-saving opportunities available through year-end planning—which can literally “make or break” a client’s tax situation—you can drum up more business for your firm that isn’t directly related to filing returns. Read More

“Let Me Introduce Myself”

This one-time addition presents your practice in a more professional manner, establishes a closer connection with your clients and will likely generate more inquiries. Read More