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3 Critical Questions for Growth-minded Accountants

Plenty of successful accountants are aware that WPI Communications, the leading provider of such accountant client newsletters as Client Information Bulletin and Accountant Client eNewsletter, recommends that all growth-minded CPA firms use a newsletter to stay in touch with their clients. Read More

4 Dos and Don’ts for Your Social Media Headshot

These sites should brand you as a professional expert in your field. Make sure your photo reinforces that image. Read More

4 Steps to Reach Referring Dentists with Content Marketing

Health care professionals are a busy group, which means that when you market to them, you need to get your message across in a compelling way that demonstrates your dental practice’s unique value proposition. Sound difficult? It’s not, really. Here are four key principles to guide you as you market your dental specialty practice to referring dentists and physicians: Read More

4 Ways to Leverage the Internet to Market your Dental Practice

Used properly, the Internet can be a very powerful tool to market your dental practice. Here are four ways you can leverage its power to bring in new dental patients. Read More

5 Inexpensive and Proven Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

Do you want to expand your dental patient base, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to do it? No problem. Here are five high-impact, cost-effective marketing tools you can use. Read More

500 Million (and One) Reasons Every Dental Specialty Practice Should Have a Facebook Page

According to the latest numbers, more than 500 million people worldwide now use Facebook each month. Users are no longer limited to teenagers and college students. In fact, the fastest growing demographic is individuals age 35 years and older. They include grandparents, business people, other dentists and people just like you. Read More

8 Best Practices to Make Your Dental Website More Effective

More and more dental practices are establishing a web presence. However, too often dentists have a website built without really analyzing what they are trying to accomplish. For most dental specialists their websites are being looked at by two distinct and very different audiences – patients and other dentists or physicians who are in a position to refer patients. Read More

9 Steps to Effective Dental Marketing with Social Media

While the means and benefits of social media for dental practices are debatable, it is clear that social media use is an identifiable trend in the health care world. As a dental specialist, have you joined the growing legion of users? Here are nine steps to point you in the right direction. Read More

A Newsletter by Any Other Name Is Still a Newsletter

in the last decade, newsletters have morphed into what we now call eNewsletters, blogs, Web content, articles—or just plain “content.” If it is published on a regular basis and carries information of interest to a particular group, it is still a newsletter. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a newsletter by any other name is still a newsletter. Read More

A Newsletter Is an Easy Way to Connect

Give your clients, patients, visitors and colleagues an easy way to connect with you. Besides the usual handshake, another kind gesture is to offer your newsletter as a way to open the door for future conversations. Read More

Accountants: Reach Your Clients with Content Marketing in 3 Steps

Your audience has to believe that you’re the credible authority to trust with their accounting issues. Here are three steps to help you reach the panacea of content marketing for your accounting firm: Read More

Analyzing the Data of Your Dental Practice’s Web Site

Whether you use Google analytics or some other tracking technology to measure visitors to your dental specialty practice’s Web site, you have a wealth of information you can use to make your Web site even more effective. Looking at the number of visitors to your site is important, but be sure to delve deeper into the data. Here are a few statistics to keep close tabs on: Read More

Are You Just Another “Average” Dentist?

What separates one dentist from another? To make it personal: To your current and future patients, what differentiates you from all the other dental practices in your area? Don’t let your practice be seen as a commodity, as just another dental office. Read More

Are You Marketing For Success On and Off the Internet? Tips from Mary Kay Miller

For more than 30 years, Mary Kay Miller devoted her working hours to promoting and growing a startup orthodontic practice in upstate New York, developing it into a thriving regional practice that surpassed everyone’s expectations – except her own. Read More

Are Your Social Media Marketing Efforts All Wrong?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when implementing a marketing plan for your dental practice is to view it as a one-way communication system to your patients, potential patients and referral sources. All marketing, including your social media presence, is about engaging real people and building relationships. Read More

Backfill Your Facebook Timeline

Visitors to your Facebook page are likely to look around and judge your practice based on what they see. Fill out your timeline to add credibility and authority to your professional practice. Read More

Be Careful How You Promote Your Dental Web Site

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading about LinkMeList a service that says it is committed to help dentists get their Web sites ranked higher in Google searches. In fact, Dr. Lorne Lavine, Dental Technology Consultants founder and president, who writes in the Digital Dentist, published an interesting and supportive article about LinkMeList. You can read this article, “Not the Weakest Link,” at Read More

Before You Try Writing a Dental Practice Blog, Read This

Dental marketing blogs are growing in popularity, and we can understand why. The Internet is a potentially powerful force for reaching new patients. Certainly, high-quality blogs that meet the criteria we describe below can be assets for dentists. Read More

Blogging to Boost Your Dental Practice

With over 14 million blogs and some 80,000 more being added daily, it's not surprising that nearly 15 million of today's Internet users read blogs. While, admittedly not all are reading dental blogs or even medical blogs, it's still a huge untapped audience for your dental practice. In fact, many dentists who are educators, authors, specialists, and even those who have advanced training in areas like implants and cosmetics have started highly successful blogs. If they can set up blogs, so can you. Read More

Boost Appointment Bookings with Your Dental eNewsletter

Dental patient newsletters can be an indispensable practice-building tool for you, if they are executed well. Be sure you have clear goals when planning and executing your dental newsletter strategy. These should include boosting patient appointments. Read More

Build a Quality Dental Web Site, and Google Will Reward You

As a dental specialist, you are probably interested in making sure your Web site appears at the top of Web searches. Hiring someone to optimize your site for search engines is a good move for some people, but for others, free information is available all over the Internet, including from Google itself. Read More

Build Your Dental Practice by Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of your dental specialty practice. Patients return to you because they trust your expertise and your treatments. But building trust with patients starts long before they call your practice for an appointment. Here are three ways to build trust among people before they come into your dental office. Read More

Building a Referral-based Practice

In the dental marketing world, a referrals-based practice is the “gold standard” most practices hope to attain, but which only a select few will reach. Why? Because a practice that is able to grow and thrive based only on referrals takes years of hard work and dedication, and a willingness to first develop—and then maintain—a series of marketing practices that encourages other people to bring in all of your new patients for you. Sound like hard work? It is. But the rewards are well worth the effort. Read More

Can “Mommy Bloggers” Help Your Dental Practice?

Even if you’ve never heard of “mommy bloggers,” you can get a pretty good idea of what that term means from the name. There are many such blogs, some of which are read by thousands and even tens of thousands of occasional and regular visitors. Read More

Channel Newsletter Content to Your Social Media Pages

Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites can be powerful tools to interact with your audience. But without new content added on a regular basis, your social media presence will be lifeless. If you publish a newsletter, you already have content for your social media pages. Every article you publish ... Read More

Constant Communication: The Key to Building Your Practice

A steady flow of new patients or clients will make your practice flourish. But how can you effectively market your practice while concentrating on treating patients, financial planning or whatever the nature of your practice may be? Today’s most successful professionals know the value of using consistent, well-thought-out marketing strategies—not only to ensure that their practices are promoted effectively but to allow them to concentrate on the basics of their practices. Read More

Content Marketing and Social Media Are Musts for Dentists

From emerging Internet marketing tools like Google+ to proven ones like Facebook, dentists are embracing social media. And they’re committed to continuing to dedicate resources to all-important content marketing techniques, such as newsletter marketing. Read More

Content Marketing: An Essential Strategy for Your Practice

. Today, if you want to reach consumers, it is more effective to educate them via a blog or Web site, and then use social media to promote that content. Create content around the products and services you offer. Read More

Create Content and Generate Buzz for Your Dental Practice

Social media has generated a lot of marketing buzz lately. We have encouraged all dental specialists to set up Facebook pages for their practices—and many have done so. But social media marketing does not exist in a vacuum. Instead, it should be a part of ... Read More

Dental eNewsletter Marketing: Send Content Readers Will Share and Like

While the term “going viral” sounds like something someone in a medical profession like dentistry might find distasteful—or dangerous—it is an essential part of the modern marketing process. In order to spread your name and expand your market, you must start small and “infect” the local marketplace with your content. Read More

Dental Marketing According to Bill Mitchell

Talking to Bill Mitchell, owner of Dentist Identity, it’s difficult to keep puns from popping into your mind. Such opening lines as “When it comes to marketing, Bill Mitchell is a good sport” or “Bill Mitchell is a marketing expert who knows the score” are inevitable. Why? Maybe it’s because many years ago, Mitchell got his start in marketing by selling electronic displays for universities and sports teams. In fact, one of Mitchell’s earliest Web sites was designed for irrepressible college football coach Lou Holtz. But more likely, it’s because Mitchell presents himself as a likable, affable fellow who really enjoys what he does best: marketing. Read More

Dental Marketing in a Recession: Tips from Ed O’Keefe

Inspirational author Robert Collier once said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” And although he spoke these words nearly a century before, Collier might well have been describing contemporary marketing executive Ed O’Keefe. Today, O’Keefe is at the helm of a very successful dentist marketing business Read More

Dental Marketing in the Wall Street Journal

The August 11 edition of the Wall Street Journal contains "Dentists Set Up Marketing as Patients Skip Their Visits." The central message is that dentists have had to ramp up their marketing efforts in response to the current recession. Read More

Dental Newsletters Help Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a hot topic for dentists trying to get new patients to visit their Web sites. We all know SEO is important. We know it’s effective in attracting inbound traffic to Web sites. Read More

Determining the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

There are many ways to track the success of your marketing campaign. Perhaps too many. The amount of data you dig up can be utterly staggering. Between newsletters, Web sites, social media, traditional advertising and more, how do you determine what is driving growth? Here are a few proven metrics to help measure how successful your marketing efforts have been. Read More

Do Dental Marketing Give Away “Gimmicks” Work for Periodontists?

Giveaways, incentives, gifts, discounts or special promotions in general are some of the most controversial topics in dental marketing. Do these methods have a place among your periodontal practice building tools? Read More

Do You Tweet?

It may seem like just another fad, but Twitter is an effective way to use social networking to help build your dental practice. Read More

Dominate Google: A Talk With Dental Marketing Consultant Mary Kay Miller

When the American Association of Orthodontist’s annual meeting committee began looking for a speaker to educate its membership about the latest advances in internet marketing, they knew just where to look: Rochester, New York. That’s where dental marketing expert Mary Kay Miller is hard at work each day, helping dentists and orthodontists use the latest technology to increase their client base and grow their practices to unprecedented levels. Read More

Don’t Let Your Dental Web Site Grow Stale

As you browse the Internet, have you ever come across an outdated Web site? We do, quite often, and it rarely makes a positive impression. Sometimes we’ll see Web sites that have a “newsletter” section, and then when we click on it ... Read More

Dr. Jason Lipscomb—Social Media Expert for Dentists

Dr. Jason Lipscomb, a Virginia general dentist, has become one of the leading authorities on the use of social media by dentists. Social media refers to Facebook, Twitter and other Web-based applications that often employ user-generated content to attract the attention of consumers—in this case dental patients. Read More

Draw New Patients with a Dental Blog

Building a blog for your dental specialty practice is a great way to bring your dental practice Web site to the top of the search engine lists. In addition, a well-categorized blog will, over time, serve as a library of information for your dental patients or dental referral sources. How can a blog best benefit your dental specialty practice? Read More

E-mail is Alive and Kicking

Social media has long (in terms of social media’s lifetime, that is) behaved as the go-to content marketing tool. The big idea was that it would render many other forms of communication—namely, e-mail—worthless. Read More

Eight Benefits of Sending an Electronic Newsletter

Print will never be dead, but marketers are increasingly using the Internet to market their practices. This includes not only Web sites, YouTube and social media but also electronic newsletters. The following are eight reasons you should consider sending an electronic dental newsletter: Read More

Engaging Your Facebook Community

To achieve those goals, you need to engage your Facebook community and encourage sharing of your posts. You can do this by consistently posting valuable content that your community will want to “Like,” comment on and share with others. When they do this, they’re engaged with your content and your services. Read More

Every Dental Specialist Should Have a Facebook Page

Whether you are an endodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist or any other type of dental specialist, you should have a Facebook page for your practice. Facebook users number more than 150 million. According to one unofficial estimate, Facebook has more than 2 million users in Canada alone. The number in the United States is probably in far excess of 45 million. Read More

Expand Your E-mail List Using Social Media

Building a solid e-mail list for your eNewsletter takes time and effort. With careful thought and some applications, social media sites can help you build your e-mail lists and maximize the potential of your newsletter marketing program. Read More

Extend the Impact of Your Dental Newsletter

Dental patient newsletters appear in patient’s e-mail in-boxes once a month. For dentists seeking to extend the value of their newsletters beyond the in-box, there are some fantastic ways you can make an ever greater impact with your dental direct marketing. Read More

Facebook and Dental Referrals

It seems like everyone is on Facebook these days, and dental specialists should be quickly moving online to market their practices. But social media marketing involves more than a “build it and they will come” strategy. Building referrals is often the result of promotion within your practice. And once the excitement of your Facebook page fades, it takes thoughtful effort to keep the momentum going. Here are a few tips to help boost your referrals with Facebook: Read More

Facebook and Newsletter Marketing

Once you have a Facebook page, you need a steady stream of new content or postings if you want your patients and clients to keep on visiting. If your practice’s Facebook page does not contain new and interesting material, you risk losing the attention of your clients and patients to the Facebook pages of your competition. Read More

Facebook Extends the Value of Your Newsletters

Many professional practices are using Facebook to communicate with clients, patients and colleagues. Some have been doing this for years. Others are new to the social media game. Regardless of their history with Facebook marketing, there’s a question we’ve received a lot lately: Can we use our newsletters as part of our Facebook marketing? The answer is ... Read More

Facebook Is a Two-Way Street

One way to get others to Like your page is to visit the Facebook pages of other practices and Like and/or comment on their pages. Read More

Facebook Marketing for Physical Therapists

Good stories demand to be shared. Patients featured in your posts are very likely to pass along your updates, which will help to build a large Facebook following in a hurry. Once you have their attention, provide followers with opportunities to go to your Web site and give them shortcuts to sign up for your newsletter. Read More

Facebook Page Used As a Weapon Against Pediatric Dentist

A Facebook page has been created to attack Dr. Edward Dove, a pediatric dentist from Bakersfield, Calif. Chris Cook alleges that Dove extracted a tooth from his 5-year-old son without first properly sedating him. Dove denies the allegation. The page has gone viral, and as of the last report has 356 members and 371 posts. Read More

Facebook: An Essential Piece of Your Content Marketing Program

Many dental practices use Facebook to communicate with their patients and referral sources. Some, especially orthodontists and pediatric dentists, have been doing this for years. Others are new to social media. Whether you are new to this or are a Facebook veteran, do you find it difficult to come up with fresh ideas for your dental specialty practice’s Facebook page? A good place to look is your ... Read More

Facebook—It’s Not Just About Amplifying Your Content

There’s no denying that Facebook is a powerful tool to help spread your dental marketing content. But much of the marketing advice about Facebook focuses on just that—and there’s more to Facebook than spreading and amplifying your messages. Facebook is also a place for ... Read More

Financial Advisers Finding More Opportunities Through Social Media

In this uncertain era, investors are looking for more than just expertise; they are looking for open lines of communication and for advisers in whom they can place their trust. Read More

Findings on Dental Patient Behavior and Trends Point to Newsletters

Do you know how you compare with other dentists across the country when it comes to retaining new patients? According to recent research from the Journal of the American Dental Association, dentists across the country retain an average of only 41% of new patients. Read More

Five Reasons to Use Newsletters to Become the Authority in Your Practice Area

We’re well into the information age. But in many ways, it’s also the “misinformation age.” It’s easy to access information today; paradoxically, finding reliable, credible sources is difficult. That’s why trustworthy resources are more important than ever. Read More

Five Steps to Internet Marketing for Orthodontists

When potential patients search online for your orthodontic practice, what are they likely to find? Your Web site or the Web site of a competing practice? Like it or not, those who receive recommendations for or referrals to your practice are likely to check you out on the Internet before picking up the telephone to make an appointment. And there’s a good chance they could land on the Web site of a neighboring practice. Read More

Five Steps to Optimize Your Dental Practice’s Google Places Listing

You probably have already created a Web site for your dental specialty practice. A well-optimized Google Places page can increase traffic to your Web site and, ideally, increase the number of patients coming to your dental specialty practice. Read More

Five Tips for Monitoring Your Name Online

If you are not searching online regularly for your name, you might be surprised by what is out there. No matter how kind and competent you are, someone may have written something negative about you. You cannot know about online complaints if you’re not monitoring the Internet vigilantly. Here are a few tips for keeping tabs on what others have to say about you online ... Read More

Five Ways a Newsletter Can Build Your Professional Practice

Successful professionals are building their practices with quality newsletter marketing programs. They are finding that marketing with newsletters, when done correctly, can be powerful and cost-effective. Here are five elements to consider in order for your program to succeed. Read More

Five Ways to Push Your Dental Marketing Into the Modern Age

The world is changing rapidly. Thirty years ago, no one had heard of the Internet. Twenty years ago, Google was just a funny word for a really big number. And 10 years ago, Facebook was a small-scale experiment on a college student's computer. Today, dentists need to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of online marketing. Here are five ways to do it. Read More

For Newsletter Content, Look to Interactions on Social Media

Most Facebook users can tell you that social media is a two-way street. I know I feel good when a handful of people “like” or comment on my personal posts. And in many cases, those comments can start a conversation that can last a day or two. Now what does all this have to do with your newsletter marketing program? Well ... Read More

For Practice Marketing Newsletter Content, Think “Small”

To get readers’ attention today, your marketing communications must be concise and easy to digest, no matter how technical your practice area. It may sound paradoxical, but it’s true: You’ll get bigger results with newsletter content marketing if you think “small.” Read More

For Professional Practices, Newsletters Top Social Media

An analysis by Social@Ogilvy, the social media arm of the ad agency powerhouse Ogilvy & Mather, has received abundant attention. It’s wise for professional practices to take note. Read More

Four Reasons to Optimize Your Dental Web Site for Mobile

One of the most valuable things you have to offer is your expertise. By sharing your experience in your digital newsletters and on your dental Web site, you will become a trusted resource and the first call for patients, potential patients, colleagues and referral sources. Read More

Going Digital with Newsletter Marketing

Nearly everything today is accessible on our computers, tablets and smartphones, so it makes sense that many professional practices today are looking to go digital—including with their newsletter marketing. But as with any marketing step, it’s important to plan carefully so your marketing investment pays off. Implementing these tips will help to ensure that your foray into electronic newsletter marketing is a success. Read More

Google+ for Business—Another Way to Engage Your Patients

With a Facebook page and Twitter account, you may think you are on top of the social media game. But if you have not set up a Google+ page, you are missing out on a new way to interact with patients—and for new patients to find your practice. Read More

Great Service Leads to Positive Reviews

Recently, when considering switching to a local dental practice, I followed my now-typical pattern. After a thorough perusal of the practice’s Web site, I browsed online reviews and put out a call on Facebook, asking if any of my friends had ever used this practice. Though the practice's Web site was impressive, I was wary. I wanted to hear what other people’s experiences had been, and ultimately, I wanted to hear it from people I could trust. Read More

How Busy Dentists Can Manage a Newsletter Program

Your dental office is busy. Congratulations! That’s a good thing! But don’t make the mistake we’ve seen so many of your busy peers make over the years. Don’t get caught up in the cycle of patient demand and stop marketing your practice. Read More

How Much Time Do You Have to Grab the Attention of a Web Surfer?

The short answer is—not much at all. According to Google Analytics, the average time to grab a Web surfer’s attention is somewhere around 30 seconds. Infostar claims that its nonaudible pages average 1 minute, 24 seconds—considerably longer, but still a very short period of time. Read More

How Technology Is Changing Marketing

A regular newsletter is an excellent tool for reaching your targets. As a permission-based message, a newsletter is likely to be opened. Plus, it allows you to convey valuable content to all your clients on a regular basis. Each issue should contain enough variety to appeal to the various segments of your audience. Read More

How to Be a Local Media Celebrity

Public Relations savvy practitioners can get an edge on the competition Building relationships with the media in your region can turn you into a local “media darling.” As a public relations savvy dental practitioner, there are certain techniques to get you the media attention you desire. By effectively working with journalists and the media you can bolster the profile and success of your dental practice. Read More

How To Collect Dental Referrals By Collecting E-mail Addresses

As a prominent dentist practicing in the midst of a high-tech era, you have probably observed the way constant communication has become a pervasive part of our culture. Today, people have trouble hanging up their cell phones when checking out at grocery stores and leave the room several times in the middle of meetings to view messages sent to their BlackBerry devices. But with whom are they communicating? They could be communicating with you. Read More

How to Create an Appealing Newsletter People Will Want to Read

So you’re considering introducing a print or e-mail newsletter to your professional practice, but you wonder if it’s really worth the effort. Will anyone actually read it? Read More

How to Determine if You Should Outsource Your Newsletter or Keep It In-house?

It’s easy for many professional practices to make the determination that they want to reach clients or patients with a newsletter. They see the value in regular, informative communications. Successful peers are distributing newsletters, and it works for them. Read More

How to Make Your Web Site Referral-friendly

Unlike a general dentist, whose Web site is devoted exclusively to the needs of patients, a dental specialist needs to take into account the referring dentists or physicians who might visit. Thus, you really need a section devoted exclusively to other health care professionals. Read More

How to Use Local Media to your Advantage

Advertising is an essential element of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Most dental practices rely heavily on paid advertising to disseminate information about their business or services. But while many ad campaigns are highly effective, in most cases there’s no comparison to the type of effect a well-crafted news article can have on establishing a professional practice’s local reputation. Read More

Improve Your Dental Blog

An inspiring blog post can boost online visibility and generate opportunities for your dental practice. One of the challenges of posting dental blogs is to find interesting topics that appeal to a wide audience. These six tips can help improve your dental blog: Read More

Inbound Marketing for Your Dental Practice

Print and eNewsletters are both examples of outbound marketing, which is an important way to reach patients. They also double as inbound marketing tactics when you post links to eNewsletters articles on your Web site or social media. Read More

Increase your Dental Practice Revenue with Social Marketing

Today social media has taken over the internet. Individuals and businesses use their blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other viral marketing opportunities to market themselves or their busdiness. These tools can be used to promote your dental practice, they are a great way to build your brand and promote your services. Social marketing is a wonderful tool to not only promote your dental practice but to gain the attention of prospective referral sources and dental patients. Read More

Inspire Word-of-mouth Referrals

With people taking a more active role in choosing their health care providers, word-of-mouth advertising is increasingly important to the success of your dental specialty practice. A strong Web presence is essential, as is maintaining communication with existing patients and referral sources. But what about the people who ask friends or family members for a recommendation? Read More

Internal Marketing For Your Dental Practice – What is it?

Internal marketing for your dental practice is what you and your staff do after a patient calls you – in order to make certain that the patient remains with your practice and is a source of new dental patients. Read More

Investing in Social Media

So how do you ensure that fresh, compelling content is posted frequently without compromising too much of the time you need for other business operations? Read More

Invigorating Health Care with Social Media

A strong social media presence also allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your field and build your reputation as an authority. Read More

Invigorating Your Dental Practice with Social Media

If you are like most dental specialists, you probably recognize the popularity of social media throughout the business world, but wonder if it’s good for your dental practice. If you want to increase patient engagement and word-of-mouth referrals ... Read More

Joe Lancelotti: Bringing Traditional Dental Marketing into the 21st Century

As the founder of the Lanmark Group, the first full-service advertising agency dedicated to the needs of dental professionals, Joe Lancelotti has watched the evolution of dental marketing from its nascent stages in the 1970s to the advent of the worldwide web. Today as the owner of Camelot Marketing Services and, Lancelotti uses techniques he and his team have developed over decades of experience to fulfill the marketing needs of dental professionals across the country. Read More

Keep Your Dental Marketing Communications Brief

Keeping your communication brief can work to your advantage. By doling out little nuggets of information, you pique the reader’s interest. You can always provide an in-depth explanation upon request or link to a longer article online. This subtly encourages readers to contact you regarding your dental newsletter content. And isn’t that what newsletter marketing is all about? Read More

Keep Your Newsletter Marketing Messages Brief

Summarize what you have to say about a particular topic as concisely as possible. Very few people want to delve into the gory details. Like many other aspects of their lives, they value instant gratification above thoroughness. Plus, today’s consumers have notoriously short attention spans. Read More

Keep Your Tweets Pithy and Witty

While it may not be as popular as Facebook among your dental patients, Twitter can be an important marketing tool, especially if you update your dental practice’s Web site regularly with valuable content. Some people use Twitter as they do Facebook, for mundane updates. But the best way for a dental specialist to use Twitter is to tweet useful dental hygiene tips, links to relevant stories or studies online, or links to new content on your own dental Web site. Read More

Like it or Not, Your Patients Use Social Media to Research Health Care

In yet another indication that dental specialists should engage in social media, a new report finds that one-third of U.S. adults are using social media for health-related matters. Among the findings that might interest you as a dental specialist ... Read More

Link Building for Dentists

Link building can be an effective marketing tool to promote your dental website. It not only drives traffic to your site but also elevates its popularity and ranking. Search engines like Google and MSN factor in the number of inbound links pointing to your site to determine its ranking. More inbound links suggest more traffic, thus earning your site a higher ranking. So how do you build links? Read More

Livvie Matthews on Attracting Dental Patients

Livvie Matthews, creator of The Power Up For Clients System, shares her thoughts on getting and keeping dental patients. Read More

Make a Better First Impression: Quick Tips to Improve your Dental Practice Website

Often times the first impression prospective patients get of your dental practice is your website. These simple tips can help improve what patients and prospects see, but make it more likely that you will be found by new patients. Read More

Make it Easy for Others to Share Your Content

From tax-saving opportunities to healthy toothbrushing tips (depending on the nature of your practice), a successful content marketing practice should be full of information people want to read—and share. And social media is an important channel for sharing information from your content marketing program. Recently I found a way to encourage others to tweet your content. It’s a Web site called ... Read More

Make Marketing your New Year’s Resolution

Is marketing your dental practice important to you, but you just can’t ever seem to find the time to make it happen? With the new year quickly approaching now is a great time to incorporate a dental marketing strategy into your practice. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but by trying something new once every two weeks your dental practice marketing strategy will be in place in no time. Below is a list of “little” things you can try to improve your dental practice’s marketing efforts Read More

Make Your Facebook Presence Known—Loud and Clear

If you use social media to interact with your patients, clients or referral sources, make sure everyone knows how to find you. Put a sign in your office, bring it up in conversation and include links on the home page of your Web site. Some of these might sound like no-brainers. But a recent study ... Read More

Make Your Online Reviews Positive

Prospective dental patients are using the internet more than ever to research dental specialists. When they search your name or that of your dental practice what do they see? Read More

Marketing Online vs. Offline

With newspaper and magazine subscription rates dwindling, many dental practitioners are wondering whether online or offline advertising will pay off for their practices. The truth is, both types of advertising offer potential benefits, and may depend on your location, as well as your patient base. Read More

Marketing Survey: Orthodontists are Dental Marketing Leaders

For the third straight year of WPI Communications’ Dental Marketing Barometer Survey, orthodontists engaged in the greatest volume of marketing activities. They also led in many social media and Internet marketing categories. Read More

Marketing Your Dental Practice on Facebook

Facebook is extremely easy to use. From CEOs to 90-year-old great-grandfathers, in big cities and on remote islands a hemisphere away, the world uses Facebook. But when it comes to using Facebook to market businesses—including dental practices—it’s not as easy as it might look. Read More

Maximize Readership of Your Dental E-mail Newsletter

Electronic newsletters are timely, inexpensive to send and easy to track. But e-mail newsletters abound, and chances are the recipient of your electronic dental newsletter is being bombarded with others. As a dental specialist marketing your practice, how do you make your e-mail newsletter stand out from the others? How do you put it in the in-boxes of people reluctant to subscribe to yet another newsletter? Here are five steps to help accomplish your goal: Read More

Maximize Your Online Advertising Dollars

Online advertising for your dental practice can be intimidating, but using the right tactics can make your efforts more effective and help maximize your advertising dollars. Here are a few tips to consider. Read More

Measuring the Value of Internet Marketing for Dentists

With so many voices pushing the importance of Internet and social media marketing, you might wonder, how does all this new marketing translate into revenue for your dental specialty practice? Several studies have set out to measure this on a grand scale: Read More

Newsletter Marketing Builds Trust

There is a lot of talk about what professional practices need to do to be successful. One often overlooked component is actually the basis of most professional interactions and the foundation of business success: trust. Read More

On Your Dental Web Site, Content Should Be King

Creating a Web site for your dental specialty practice costs time and money. But if prospective patients search for your practice online and instead find the site of a competing practice, your efforts have been wasted. Your Web site has to rank high on the search engine lists, and the best way to boost your ranking is to update the site regularly. Read More

Online Advertising 101

Advertising on the Internet is not a new concept. From Fortune 500 mega-corporations to the neighborhood mom-and-pop store, everyone is setting up shop on the virtual street corner. With so much competition, creating and maintaining a visible online presence is critical. In September 2009, more than 150 million people visited commerce websites, including dental and other service-related websites, up about 25 million from the year before, according to data from Nielsen Online and the Online Publishers Association. With web commerce expected to experience significant growth during the next decade, capturing your share of your local market is a smart, even essential move in today’s marketplace. Read More

Overcoming Negative Online Dental Patient Reviews

Restaurants, hotels and other businesses often receive online reviews. As we all know from reading them, negative reviews are quite common. And they do impact our decision making. Read More

Patient Newsletters Help You Subtly Market Dental Services

Are your patients aware of the full range of treatments you provide, and all the ways you can help them? If you are like many dentists, the answer may surprise you. Read More

Practice Marketing Program Essentials

You have no shortages of “opportunities” to market your professional practice. From web marketing firms to direct mail companies to the most recent inquiry in your inbox or on your voicemail, your practice probably doesn’t lack for options. Read More

Promote Your Content with “Really Simple Syndication”

An RSS feed can maximize the chances that your articles will reach the intended readers you want targeted. Read More

Promote Your Social Media with E-Mail Marketing

One of the absolute best ways for practices to increase social media followers is through e-mail marketing. Read More

Protecting Your Dental Practice Online

The Internet can prove to be a valuable asset for your dental practice, providing access to new information, new audiences and increased communication. However, if you don’t plan ahead, technology can also leave your practice vulnerable to online attacks, particularly if you have a disgruntled former employee or unhappy patient on your hands. Read More

Psst ... E-mail Newsletters Still Work!

Most of us take e-mail for granted. We hardly remember a time before it. E-mail has changed the way we communicate—and this includes marketers. Until the 1990s, direct marketing to consumers was done by mail or phone. Both were expensive. E-mail marketing introduced many changes and innovations. Read More

Put Your Dental Facebook Page in the Right Hands

Did you create a Facebook page that now sits idle with few updates and little activity? Or are you considering putting your orthodontic, pediatric dentistry or other dental specialty practice on Facebook—but are unsure about the best way to keep the page active? Read More

Reach Patients By Fitting Your Physical Therapy Marketing to Their Habits

Give them bits and pieces of information they might find helpful and can read and digest in a few minutes and make sure to keep it conversational and in layman’s terms. To most people, science is confusing and boring. Read More

Reaching Millenials—What Dental Professionals Need to Know

In 2016, the millennial generation will surpass the Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials are generally defined as those between the ages of 18 and 34 (in 2015). This large and diverse demographic is, and will continue to be, a highly sought after group for dentists. Here is some must-have information about current trends for dental professionals targeting millennials. Read More

Recall Dental Patients Who Left in the Recession

The Great Recession technically ended three years ago this month. You heard that right: June 2009 marked the end of the recession in the United States. Has your dental practice revenue increased in the last three years? Are your patient numbers climbing as fast as the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Our own survey data have shown ... Read More

SEO Is Baked into Good Content

Some experts believe the boom in social media has shifted the emphasis to content marketing. Though search engines are still important, social media has become a significant way people share content they think will be relevant to their contacts. Read More

Share Links to Discussion-provoking Articles

One of the reasons you publish a newsletter is so that you can be viewed as an authority in your field. Your newsletter recipients should rely on you for information. As you share information, remember that ... Read More

Share Your Success Stories on Facebook

Marketing your dental specialty practice through Facebook can be extremely effective when done properly. Fortunately for dental specialists—especially pediatric dentists and orthodontists—many dental fields are ideally situated to take advantage of Facebook’s features. Read More

Signs You Need to Transform Your Dental Practice (From Better to Best)

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” Tim Duncan's old adage reminds us that in order to stay competitive, our dental practices should be ever changing and evolving to be even better. This remains true—perhaps even more so—when your practice is already successful. Yet one of the biggest mistakes dentists make with their practices is to let them become stagnant. Read More

Simple Strategies for Challenging Economic Times: Jeff Francis Shares Important Survival Strategies

In these challenging economic times, dental practitioners have to work smarter, not harder, to weather the storm. But the good news is that with a number of simple strategies, you can market your business and bolster the success of your practice in the face of the current downturn. According to Jeff Francis, marketing director at Practice Café, dental practitioners can follow a few essential practices that will serve you well. Read More

Six Ways to Generate Content for Your Newsletter

There are many reasons professional practices start a newsletter marketing program, then fail to keep it up. Consistently coming up with fresh ideas for content and articles is one of the biggest challenges practices tell us they face. Read More

Six Ways to Improve Your Newsletter

Newsletter marketing is a practical way to keep clients, potential clients and colleagues informed and connected. But choosing the right medium is only half the battle—what you say and how you say it will have a significant impact on how your practice is perceived. Follow these six steps to craft a newsletter—or improve your existing newsletter. They will help you build a successful practice. Read More

Social Media and Your Professional Practice

A professional practice can use Facebook to generate conversation, increase loyalty and keep your name top-of-mind among the people you want to reach. Read More

Social Media IS Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Few dental specialists would question the role of word-of-mouth marketing in acquiring new patients. But many are still reluctant to use social media. A recent survey of small businesses illustrates this disconnect. Among those surveyed ... Read More

Social Media Lends Itself to Relationship Marketing

It’s no secret that social media is an invaluable marketing tool, and by now many dental practices have a presence in the social media sphere. If you recognize that your online presence is one of the best avenues for you to build relationships and communicate with your patients, then you are one step ahead of the game. Read More

Social Media Marketing for Accountants

Find out what information your clients want and need, then provide it to them through the channels they most often use. When you make the right connections with your clients, they can increase connections for you. Read More

Social Media Sites Go Gray

In case you needed another reason to create a Facebook page for your dental specialty practice, the Pew Research Center published new statistics this year that reiterate the importance of social media. Read More

Speed Counts—Four Ways to Help Your Dental Web Site’s Google Ranking

Google recently announced that it is taking speed into account in determining page rank. According to Google, faster sites make for happier users, and its studies have shown that the slower a Web site is to load, the less time a user will spend on the site. Read More

Stay Close to Your Patients

When was the last time your dental patients heard from you? If you do not reach out to your existing patients on a regular basis you can miss the boat for referrals and risk loosing dental patients to your competition. Engaging with your patients only during office visits is not enough. Here are a few effective ways to stay close throughout the year: Read More

The Key to Getting More Dental Patients from Your Web Site: The Right Content

It is one thing to have a Web site for your dental practice, but it is another thing to have a Web site that generates new patients. Take a close look at your Web site. Who is it about? You or your patients? Read More

Three Tips for Dental Social Media Headshots

We’ve spent a good amount of time here encouraging you to use social media to promote your dental specialty practice. So let’s also take a moment to address one of the first steps of being on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn: your profile picture. Read More

Tim Andrus’ View of Marketing for Dental Specialists

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Tim Andrus, chief executive officer of Esthetica Dental Exchange. Esthetica is devoted to helping dentists promote their practices. Read More

Tips for Turning Online Leads into New Dental Patients

You have worked hard to create a Web site for your dental practice. But do you find that while you get hundreds of hits each week, converting prospects into dental patients falls short? The answer to boosting your conversion rate may be found by focusing on your landing page. Read More

Top Ten Google SEO Ranking Factors

Dentists don’t really understand that there are many different factors that fall into place when determining where a dental website ranks in the Google search engine results. When you are wondering why your site doesn’t rank well, it is not always just the obvious reasons that are holding it back. Read More

Transform Your Dental Web Site

Some dental Web sites rank high in the search engine lists, generate new patients and referral sources, and have visitors coming back on a regular basis. Others sit on the Web, stale, forgotten and of little use. Which category does your dental specialty practice’s Web site fit into? Read More

Turn Online Searchers into Dental Patients

You know that your prospective patients are going online to look for dental specialists to treat them. They're evaluating doctors, reading patient testimonials and researching treatment options. Read More

Twitter Mistakes Not to Make

If you are one of the many dental specialists taking advantage of the social networking phenomenon Twitter don’t make these common mistakes. Read More

Two Questions for Dental Web Sites

Our newsletter marketing company works with hundreds of medical and dental specialty practices. Some, we are surprised to see, have no Web site at all. This is not a good idea because people of all ages look to the Internet for more information once they have been referred to a practice. Read More

Use Social Media Icons on Your Web Site and in Your eNewsletter

If you send an eNewsletter, include social media icons so that people reading your e-mail can easily click over to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media page. Read More

Use Social Networking to Get More Referrals

Here we are in the 21st century, amidst huge leaps in science, medicine and technology. We’re more productive, capable and fast-paced than ever before. But no matter how far we come, referrals and relationships are still the best, most powerful ways to build your dental specialist practice. Learn how social networking can help you build your referrals. Read More

Use Your Newsletter to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Many dental practices use social media, including Facebook, Twitter and blogs, to communicate with patients. Regardless of how broadly you have adopted social media marketing, an increasing number of practices are using these popular tools. Read More

Using the Web to Attract New Patients in a Down Economy

It is no secret that the economic conditions today present significant challenges to businesses of all types and sizes. And dental specialists are not immune from the effects. Attracting new patients to your dental practice has become more difficult than ever before and you may have been forced to tighten your belt when it comes to marketing your practice. Being thrifty in this economy can make sense, but one vital aspect of promoting your practice should not be overlooked: your dental web site. Read More

Utilizing Google Tools to More Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

Google has become ubiquitous in our society―so much so that it is both a noun and a verb. “Let me Google it” is now a common phrase, but you might not realize all that Google has to offer for you and your practice. There are a wide variety of Google tools for you to take advantage of, and many of them are offered free. Read More

Want to Reach New Audiences? Make Your Dental Newsletter Articles “Sharable”

If you have a eNewsletter marketing program, you have a built-in source of topics right at your fingertips. By making sure your newsletter is packed full of relevant information that’s really valuable and interesting to your patients, you exponentially increase the likelihood not only that it will be read, but also that it will be passed along to others in their social circles Read More

What’s the Power of Thank You?

Your patients and referring dentists and physicians know that you appreciate them, right? Are you sure? Do you make it a habit to say thank you and to show your appreciation? If not, you are missing out on the power of thank you. Read More

When It Comes to Dental eNewsletter Marketing, Share, Share and Like

Compelling content is important. If you don’t have the time or inclination to create it yourself, there are, thankfully, experts who know how to craft newsletters that will get attention, get shared and help you spread your message in the most though provoking ways possible. Read More

Why It Pays to Have a Social Media Presence, Especially on Facebook

When it comes to selling anything—a product, a service, an event, a story or a cause—nothing beats social proof. People base their buying decisions on reviews and referrals a whole lot more than they do on sales pitches and ads. Read More

Why Newsletters Are Better Than Blogs for Professional Practice Marketing

Content marketing is an important tool in communicating expertise to current and future clients or patients. When it comes to blogging or newsletter marketing, many professionals question which tool is “better.” Read More

Why Would a Dental Specialist Tweet?

First of all to the uninitiated, “tweet” is a verb that means “to post on the Twitter Web site.” Twitter is used by vast numbers of people, ranging from celebrities to ordinary people like us. Individuals post short messages that are read by other people who “follow” them. Read More

Why Your Patient Newsletter Open Rates Are Declining

E-mail is a popular method of communication between patients and dentists. Of course, when you’re sending a dental newsletter to your patients, you want it to get their attention. One of the best metrics to find out if it is would be to review the analytics. Read More

Word of Mouth and Social Networking for Your Dental Practice

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media Web sites provide a wealth of opportunity for dental practitioners to reach out to new and existing patients. But no matter how savvy or high-tech your online strategies are, without successful word of mouth, social media marketing will fail. If you expect an immediate flood of new patients from Facebook or pay attention to social media only when you have extra time, you will be quickly disappointed. The following traditional “word-of-mouth” tips can help you make the most of your social networking efforts: Read More

Word-of-Mouth Dental Marketing in the Digital Age

Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new concept for orthodontic or pediatric dentistry marketing. Parents have been recommending dental specialists to other parents for decades. But understanding how word-of-mouth marketing works in the digital age is a new imperative for your dental practice. Read More

You’ll “Like” How Often Facebook Sends Consumers to Your Newsletter

Once people Like your page, you have an opportunity to reach them on a daily basis with valuable, informative content (something you already have if you publish a newsletter). Read More

ZocDoc—Another Way for Patients to Find You, and Schedule Appointments Online

From Health Grades to Yelp, your dental practice can probably be found on more than a half dozen Internet sites. Usually, these listings can be helpful, driving potential patients to your practice’s Web site. Now, a new site ... Read More

“Like” the Pages and Posts of Your Referring Dentists and Physicians

Let’s say you have set up a Facebook page for your dental specialty practice and post useful information to it regularly, but very few people have “Liked” your page. How do you draw more attention to the Facebook page you invested time in setting up? Read More