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Physical Therapists

#1 Benefit of Newsletter Marketing: Building Relationships

Most successful professional practices know that marketing isn’t just about reaching new clients or new patients. It’s also about continuing to communicate with the ones you already have. Read More

5 Physical Therapy Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Having a professional marketing company write content specifically chosen for your physical therapy patients is a huge timesaver that can help build your brand while allowing you to focus on your physical therapy practice. And, when you turn over the responsibility of managing your newsletter marketing program to a company that’s skilled and experienced in newsletter marketing, you also know you will have a campaign that will flow smoothly and offer your patients a predictable and dependable experience that can reflect most favorably on your physical therapy practice. Read More

5 Tips to Creating Physical Therapy E-Mails Patients Can’t Ignore

We all get e-mails we ignore. We also get e-mails we click on without even thinking about it. Here are a few tips physical therapists can use to make their e-mails irresistible. Read More

All Aboard the Physical Therapy Action Train

Simply having them on your mailing list gives you the opportunity to reach all your patients on a regular basis, steadily providing them with reminders of the work you’ve done with them and that there is much you can still do for them to continue their treatment and improve their quality of life. Read More

Build Patient Loyalty with a Physical Therapy Newsletter

Delivered right to your patients’ in-boxes, eNewsletters are an effective way to ensure that your content is read by the people who matter most to you and your practice. Developing a truly engaging newsletter means you need to start thinking like a publisher; to get you started, here are a few critical steps every eNewsletter publisher should follow: Read More

Build Trust in Your Physical Therapy Practice with Newsletter Marketing

Patient trust is an essential ingredient to the success of all physical therapy practices. It’s what keeps patients on schedule and on track with therapy, contributes to loyalty and lifetime value, and generates revenue for your practice. Patients don’t seek treatment from physical therapists whom they don’t trust. Read More

Building Physical Therapy Referral Networks That Work

Regardless of the circumstances, physical therapists cannot afford to leave any avenue for finding potential patients to go unexplored. The most effective route to finding patients is through a strong referral network, and the best way to build that network is with a targeted newsletter campaign. Read More

Content Marketing Can Mean More Patients

Not only can content marketing educate patients and prospective patients and improve the visibility and perception of your practice but it can also attract first-time patients and further build trust with existing ones. Read More

Create, Maintain and Grow Your E-mail List

Newsletter marketing is a smart investment for growing your professional practice. But if a newsletter is sent out and nobody reads it, it does nothing to build your practice.The key to an impactful newsletter is to make sure it is read by the right people—which means you first have to send it to the right people. The following tips for creating, growing and maintaining your e-mail list—along with cautions about what NOT to do—will guide you in getting your newsletter into the right hands (or the right in-boxes!). Read More

Creating Positive Word-of-mouth for Your Health Care Practice

Offering superior patient service and a little something extra can go a long way to creating the kind of patient enthusiasm that does your main advertising for you through great WOM. Read More

Cultivating Relationships: The Future of Marketing

The primary focus should be on cultivating and nourishing relationships with your current patients and potential patients. That’s the future of the most effective marketing. Read More

Determining the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

There are many ways to track the success of your marketing campaign. Perhaps too many. The amount of data you dig up can be utterly staggering. Between newsletters, Web sites, social media, traditional advertising and more, how do you determine what is driving growth? Here are a few proven metrics to help measure how successful your marketing efforts have been. Read More

Does Your Marketing Content Keep Your Patients Content?

Content comes in many forms—a blog post, a personalized e-mail message, an image on your Web site, or a monthly e-newsletter—and you should employ as many as possible at different times to maintain interest and keep your messages fresh. Read More

Does Your Practice Really Need an E-mail Newsletter?

This is the question every professional practice should ask before beginning or resuming a newsletter marketing effort. Before you decide if newsletter marketing is right for you, look at some of the industry data. Read More

Elevate Your Professional Brand with Newsletter Marketing

How strong is your professional practice’s brand? What do your clients, potential clients, partners and other influencers think of when they think of you? And is this impression consistent across your audience? Read More

Facebook Marketing for Physical Therapists

Good stories demand to be shared. Patients featured in your posts are very likely to pass along your updates, which will help to build a large Facebook following in a hurry. Once you have their attention, provide followers with opportunities to go to your Web site and give them shortcuts to sign up for your newsletter. Read More

Five Tips for Newsletter Marketing

Creating a newsletter can be a valuable tool for growing your practice. By marketing with a newsletter, you keep your name in front of clients or patients, build relationships with referral sources and provide insight into your practice. Sending a newsletter is also a cost-effective option that won’t blow your marketing budget out of the water. Read More

Five Ways a Newsletter Can Build Your Professional Practice

Successful professionals are building their practices with quality newsletter marketing programs. They are finding that marketing with newsletters, when done correctly, can be powerful and cost-effective. Here are five elements to consider in order for your program to succeed. Read More

Five Ways Newsletter Marketing Builds Successful Practices

Newsletters help build successful practices. Here are five essential ways they can help strengthen yours. Read More

Four Steps to Measure the Success of a Physical Therapy Newsletter Marketing Program

So long as you begin the process of creating the newsletters with a goal in mind and understand how to analyze your readers’ data, you will be able to confidently evaluate the efficacy of your campaigns and generate better results with each additional publication cycle. Here are a few steps to getting started: Read More

Four Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy Newsletter

Your newsletter marketing program can play an important role in spreading the word about your physical therapy practice. With just a few simple steps, you can make sure that your mailings are as effective as they can be in meeting the needs of both your patients and your practice. Read More

Get Feedback from Client Newsletter Readers

One proven, effective way to market your professional practice is to send a newsletter to clients and colleagues. Of course, the newsletter will pack a bigger marketing punch if the articles contain timely information of interest to your targeted audience. Read More

Getting More Referrals Through Newsletter Marketing

Everyone knows that time is money, but when it comes to your professional practice, your personal mantra should be that referrals are money. Increasing your referrals can help you grow your practice, raise your income and achieve new professional success. Read More

How Newsletters Can Keep Your Physical Therapy Web Site Compelling

The answer, unsurprisingly, is to make a more compelling Web site. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to feed it a steady stream of updates loaded with compelling content that you might already have: your newsletter. Read More

How to Build a Great Newsletter Subscriber List

It takes effort to build a newsletter subscriber list. And once you have built a list, it takes effort to keep the subscribers. It’s far easier to lose subscribers than to get them. Read More

How to Build Your Physical Therapy Practice with Newsletter Marketing

How important are new patient referrals to the success of your physical therapy practice? We are confident that the answer ranges from very important to absolutely critical! Read More

How to Write eNewsletter Articles Your Patients Will Read

Today, if you want your audiences to read your newsletter, you must lead with the big idea. Begin with the “so what,” and follow up the article with points that support it. Read More

It Only Takes One to Hit One!

Back when I was playing Little League baseball, one of the frequent shouts of encouragement by coaches and players from the dugout was, “It only take one to hit one!” In other words, even if you just whiffed horribly on the first two pitches, it takes just one good swing at a pitch to knock out a base hit. You can still make contact as long as you’re in the batter’s box. Read More

Look Ahead to a Successful 2014 for Your Physical Therapy Practice

A newsletter marketing campaign is a proven, cost-effective means of getting the name of your practice into the minds of patients and referring physicians. A strong campaign will strengthen your brand, encourage loyalty, establish you as an expert in your field and make it easier for your patients to recommend you to their friends and family members. Read More

Looking for a Fancy Physical Therapy Logo? Think About Newsletter Marketing Instead

Building a successful physical therapy brand requires consistent delivery of your underlying brand message. You want to “train” your patients to associate your practice with a service that will make their lives better. Read More

Make Your Physical Therapy eNewsletter Rise Above the Rest

A major goal of e-mail marketers is to get more people to open more of their messages. If you’re sending a physical therapy eNewsletter, you ultimately want the recipient to respond to your message by taking action and using your services. But first they have to open that eNewsletter. Read More

Make Your Practice Newsletter a Must-Read

Can your professional practice send out a newsletter that your clients or patients look forward to reading? Can your newsletter be informative and useful for them—and highlight the expertise of your practice? The answer to both questions is “yes!” Read More

Marketing the Seasons of Your Physical Therapy Practice

Building your patient marketing newsletter around a year of seasonal themes can be fun and offer plentiful opportunities to send your readers relevant information when they need it most. In fact, a seasonal theme can take many forms and yield several years of strong ideas for content that your readers will appreciate. Read More

Measure the Success of Your Health Care Marketing Programs

Measurement can be challenging for programs like referral-generating newsletters. It can be difficult to determine exactly what impact these newsletters have on physicians and dentists who refer patients to your health care practice. Nevertheless, here are some ways you can measure success. Read More

Measuring the Success of Your Physical Therapy E-mail Newsletter Program

Focus on providing the newsletter content your physical therapy patients want, and you’ll be guaranteed a loyal readership for years to come. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Benefits Your Professional Practice

Running a practice is complicated. You have to deal with paychecks, facilities, staffing, and lots of paperwork—not to mention serving your clients or patients! With all these different elements to keep track of, it’s easy to miss out on prime marketing opportunities. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Best Practices

These four tips are from WPI Communications’ white paper, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. That resource shares valuable eNewsletter marketing best practices for professional practices. Be sure your practice newsletters include these valuable must-haves. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Builds Trust

There is a lot of talk about what professional practices need to do to be successful. One often overlooked component is actually the basis of most professional interactions and the foundation of business success: trust. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Is Evolving—And Here’s Why

Newsletter marketing continues to evolve. As with all marketing, in order to stay relevant and be successful, it has to. Read More

Patient Loyalty Is a Physical Therapist’s Top Priority

A physical therapist’s content marketing efforts must have a strong, steady focus on patients already involved in the physical therapy process Read More

Personalize Your Client or Patient Connections with Your Newsletter

Creating your newsletter should never be a pro forma activity. It’s not simply a matter of creating content to satisfy a marketing checklist. It’s a way to build and maintain a relationship. Read More

Physical Therapists: For Increased Referrals, Reach Out with a Newsletter Marketing Program

Creating a marketing campaign that includes a mix of print and online methods is the best way to ensure that you reach your audience no matter where they may be. Outbound methods like newsletter marketing for your referring health care providers are important parts of any brand-building campaign, including yours—despite what so many marketing “experts” would have you believe. Read More

Physical Therapists: Know Your Target Before You Take Aim

Ultimately, you want your patients to continue to choose your practice for treatment, and you want referral sources to send you patients who could benefit from physical therapy. The content you choose for each audience should keep those goals in mind. Read More

Physical Therapy eNewsletter Marketing: Six Steps to Success

Newsletters that contain excellent quality content are valued and remembered by readers. But for them to have any meaning for readers, they have to be opened. Here are six tips to help your physical therapy eNewsletters be as successful as possible: Read More

Physical Therapy Marketing: Keep the End in Mind

Keeping the end is mind is a key motivational technique in any endeavor, not just physical therapy. All physical therapists have to be good motivators, but what separates a good motivator from a great motivator is follow-through beyond the therapy sessions that makes keeping the patient’s end in sight something that will follow them through the rest of their life. Read More

Physical Therapy Newsletter Content: Four Ways to Listen to Your Readers

How do you find out what your audience wants to read? There are a few good ways to do this. Start by just asking them. Read More

Physical Therapy Newsletters: Three Elements for Visual Appeal

Photos, illustrations, graphs, charts and similar content are alternatives to text that add interest and also help make complicated information easier to read. Consider the following three elements: Read More

Psst ... E-mail Newsletters Still Work!

Most of us take e-mail for granted. We hardly remember a time before it. E-mail has changed the way we communicate—and this includes marketers. Until the 1990s, direct marketing to consumers was done by mail or phone. Both were expensive. E-mail marketing introduced many changes and innovations. Read More

Publishing a Newsletter Is Hard Work

Everyone who has ever published a newsletter knows this is true. It may sound easy enough, but newsletter publishing is hard work. That's why so many professionals begin with the best of intentions, but fail to maintain their newsletter marketing program. Read More

Reach Patients By Fitting Your Physical Therapy Marketing to Their Habits

Give them bits and pieces of information they might find helpful and can read and digest in a few minutes and make sure to keep it conversational and in layman’s terms. To most people, science is confusing and boring. Read More

Share Success Stories in Your Customizable PT eNewsletter Marketing Program

When it comes to personalization, your newsletter could include a photo of your team, as well as your practice logo and contact information. But, that’s not the end of the story for physical therapists. Some newsletter marketing services allow PTs to add Read More

Should You Outsource Your Professional Practice Newsletter?

When it comes to newsletter marketing, professionals must first answer a few questions. The answers will guide you as you explore how best to develop a newsletter that builds your practice and keeps you connected to your patients or clients. Read More

Six Ways to Generate Content for Your Newsletter

There are many reasons professional practices start a newsletter marketing program, then fail to keep it up. Consistently coming up with fresh ideas for content and articles is one of the biggest challenges practices tell us they face. Read More

Six Ways to Improve Your Newsletter

Newsletter marketing is a practical way to keep clients, potential clients and colleagues informed and connected. But choosing the right medium is only half the battle—what you say and how you say it will have a significant impact on how your practice is perceived. Follow these six steps to craft a newsletter—or improve your existing newsletter. They will help you build a successful practice. Read More

Stories Successfully Market Your Physical Therapy Practice

Telling a compelling story in your marketing newsletter is one of the most effective ways to reach your targets. Even if your patients do not face the dramatic circumstances of the dancer, their reasons for coming to you and their successful outcomes can make an impact on current and potential patients. Read More

Successful Physical Therapy E-mail Marketing: 3 Steps Before You Click Send

A good way to start is to put yourself in the position of the recipient. If you’re like most professionals, your in-box is probably packed each day with marketing messages. Which ones do you read and remember? Which do you delete after reading a few lines? Are there some you avoid entirely? Read More

The Case for Print Newsletters

There is no denying that our world has become increasingly digital. As a result, many professional practices have gone digital with their marketing, too, and are sending their newsletters electronically. While there are certainly many advantages to sending out an e-mail newsletter (lower cost and easier data analysis, chief among them), it would be foolish to discount the benefits of a print newsletter. Consider these top three reasons for mailing a print newsletter, then make an informed decision of what is best for you and your practice. Read More

The Four Biggest Newsletter Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Newsletter marketing is a proven, inexpensive and effective way to build customer loyalty and generate referrals. It also seems deceptively easy—emphasis on “deceptively.” People make many mistakes when producing their newsletters. Here are a few of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Read More

Three Goals for Your Physical Therapy Patient eNewsletter

The difficulty of creating compelling content for current and potential patients might scare you off. Don’t let it. A well-produced newsletter can achieve three goals for the success of your practice that make it well worth the effort. Read More

Three Goals Your Physical Therapy Newsletter Must Accomplish

Here are three goals that physical therapists must keep in mind while facing the daunting task of creating a patient newsletter. Read More

Top Five Mistakes Professional Practices Make with Newsletters

As newsletter marketing becomes more and more popular, many professional practices are using this tool very effectively. But we are also seeing some common mistakes being made. Let’s talk about the top five mistakes in newsletter marketing, so you can avoid them and win big with your practice newsletter. Read More

Utilizing Google Tools to More Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

Google has become ubiquitous in our society―so much so that it is both a noun and a verb. “Let me Google it” is now a common phrase, but you might not realize all that Google has to offer for you and your practice. There are a wide variety of Google tools for you to take advantage of, and many of them are offered free. Read More

Variety Is Key for Physical Therapy Content Marketing

To avoid boredom and beat the law of diminishing returns, you need to keep your content fresh and new. Many health care professionals—especially inexperienced ones—ignore the advice to look for variety when it comes to creating and delivering marketing content. Read More

What Physical Therapists Can Learn from Children’s Books

When I was a child, almost everything I learned came in the form of a story. Through Green Eggs & Ham, Dr. Seuss taught me not to judge things until I’ve tried them. Shel Silverstein taught me that trees were important in The Giving Tree. Eric Carle taught me about where butterflies come from in The Very Hungry Caterpillar Read More

When Marketing to Physical Therapy Patients, Be Readable—Not Technical

Becoming a physical therapist took you years of study. As part of that study, you had to learn many complex facts about the functioning of the human body. Read More

When to Go to the Experts

As the leader of your professional practice, it is tempting to try to manage all of its areas and aspects yourself. You’re used to diving in head first, learning on the go and making tough decisions. But sometimes going to an expert is the best—and smartest—way to help your professional practice grow. Read More

Why Empathy Is Important to Marketing Your Practice

Losing touch with the everyday reality of your patients can have a negative effect on your business and prospects. If your e-mails or blogs are not speaking to their needs, they may lose interest and disconnect. Read More

Why Newsletters Are Better Than Blogs for Professional Practice Marketing

Content marketing is an important tool in communicating expertise to current and future clients or patients. When it comes to blogging or newsletter marketing, many professionals question which tool is “better.” Read More

Your Physical Therapy eNewsletter Points to You, Indirectly

How can you make it all about your patients, but still be the star of your eNewsletter? The common theme of your physical therapist newsletter is that you are the expert to meet your patients’ current and future needs. PT eNewsletter allows you to customize some or your newsletter content to include short blurbs specifically about your practice. Read More

Your Physical Therapy Web Site Is Only a Beginning

To really build traffic to your site, you need to be more proactive by creating and then distributing information that’s of interest to your client base, content that will direct them right to your site. Once you’ve got that content, you can’t simply rely on them to find that content through the search process—you need to reach out to your target audience and specifically direct them to your content. Read More

“Funnel” Your Physical Therapy Patients into Calling Your Office

Newsletters are an effective way for physical therapists to keep in regular contact with their patients. But for physical therapy newsletters to build practices, they need to be well executed. And how do you know if your eNewsletters are effective? It’s easy. They bring patients back into your practice, and they contribute to referrals. Read More