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2013 Industry Predictions: Direct Mail to Rise

At WPI Communications, we develop both print and eNewsletters for professional practices. E-mail newsletters can be optimal for reaching patients or clients, such as our Accountant Client eNewsletter, PT eNewsletter for physical therapists, Dental Bites for general dentists and Pediatric Dental Bites for pediatric dentists. Read More

3 Critical Questions for Growth-minded Accountants

Plenty of successful accountants are aware that WPI Communications, the leading provider of such accountant client newsletters as Client Information Bulletin and Accountant Client eNewsletter, recommends that all growth-minded CPA firms use a newsletter to stay in touch with their clients. Read More

6 Reasons to Use a Newsletter to Educate Your Patients

You’ve heard of newsletter marketing for dentists. Perhaps you’ve even sent some patient newsletters in the past. Certainly, you have colleagues who send dental marketing eNewsletters to patients. Read More

9 Misleading Myths About Dental Marketing

When it comes to dental marketing best practices, you’ve heard various pearls of conventional wisdom. Maybe you’ve put some of those “proven” ideas into place for your practice, only to find out that they came up short. Read More

A Newsletter Can Bring New Beginnings to Old Acquaintances

Renewing acquaintances may result in new inquiries. Bring back just one or two former clients, patients or referral sources—and your newsletter marketing program could pay for itself! Read More

A Newsletter Is an Easy Way to Connect

Give your clients, patients, visitors and colleagues an easy way to connect with you. Besides the usual handshake, another kind gesture is to offer your newsletter as a way to open the door for future conversations. Read More

Accountants: Expand Your Referral Sources

While a referral from a satisfied client is a good thing, this routine limits you to a reactive role. You can become more proactive in seeking referrals by using your client list more creatively to connect with previously untapped prospects. Read More

Are Dental Newsletters Worth the Money?

You might imagine, as a newsletter marketing company for dentists, that we frequently hear questions about the cost-effectiveness of newsletters. “Are they worth it?” and “Will it help me grow my practice?” are the top questions dentists ask when they begin to evaluate our services. Read More

Attract New Clients with Newsletter Marketing

Sending a newsletter is not only a powerful way to keep in touch with your existing clients, patients or referral sources but also a valuable tool to attract new people to your practice. A newsletter can also reach the hands of people you do not know—yet. Read More

Boost Your Reputation

You might say that your image is your greatest asset as a dentist. But do you ever ask yourself, what makes a reputation? Your answer may lie in the quality of care you provide. Maybe you point to your education, teaching credentials, years practicing dentistry or advanced procedures at which you’re highly proficient. Read More

Bring Clients Back to Your Practice with a Newsletter

A newsletter, however, reinforces your relationship with clients, patients or professional referral sources. It puts your name and contact information in front of people four, six or even 12 times a year. Read More

Build a Solid Referral Network for Your Dental Practice

Unlike general dentists, dental specialists cannot rely on annual checkups for revenue. Read More

Build Your Base with a Referral-generating Newsletter

If general dentists or physicians make fewer referrals to your specialty practice, the only way to expand your referrals is to expand the number of practices that refer patients to you. A newsletter is an ideal way to do this. Read More

Building Physical Therapy Referral Networks That Work

Regardless of the circumstances, physical therapists cannot afford to leave any avenue for finding potential patients to go unexplored. The most effective route to finding patients is through a strong referral network, and the best way to build that network is with a targeted newsletter campaign. Read More

Create, Maintain and Grow Your E-mail List

Newsletter marketing is a smart investment for growing your professional practice. But if a newsletter is sent out and nobody reads it, it does nothing to build your practice.The key to an impactful newsletter is to make sure it is read by the right people—which means you first have to send it to the right people. The following tips for creating, growing and maintaining your e-mail list—along with cautions about what NOT to do—will guide you in getting your newsletter into the right hands (or the right in-boxes!). Read More

Create. Send. Repeat. Create. Send. Repeat

A series of communications from you embeds you in the recipient’s mind. Regular repetition of your message will make you the go-to person when someone needs services in your field. Read More

Dental Marketing and Einstein’s Definition of Insanity

We recently spoke with an endodontist who stopped using one of our referral-generating endodontic newsletter programs. The endodontist felt the newsletter was not helping his practice, and he wanted to see what would happen if he discontinued the newsletter marketing program. As the conversation progressed, we learned two interesting facts ... Read More

Does Your Dental Newsletter Go Where Your Patients Are?

They want to effortlessly forward your eNewsletter articles to colleagues, friends and family members they think your practice can help. Not only do you have to be where your audience is but you have to be where they are sharing information too. Read More

Don’t Assume Clients Know All About Your Practice! … Inform Them with a Newsletter

A newsletter marketing program is a subtle, professional way to inform people about your practice. The client, patient or referral source who reads an article that touches on a question or concern is likely to call you—especially because your name and contact information are part of every issue. Read More

Don’t Ignore Your Mobile E-Mail Readers

We know that we can have the best-written content in the business, but if it cannot be read on a smartphone, it may not be read at all. Read More

Don’t Let Your Mailing List Go Stale

Some of our newsletter subscribers call us to say they are not sure they are reaching their intended audience. To them, we usually offer our EZ List service. But for starters, we implore all of our subscribers to update their mailing lists at least once a year. Read More

Eight Benefits of Sending an Electronic Newsletter

Print will never be dead, but marketers are increasingly using the Internet to market their practices. This includes not only Web sites, YouTube and social media but also electronic newsletters. The following are eight reasons you should consider sending an electronic dental newsletter: Read More

Enclose a “Bounce-back” Postcard with Your Newsletter

If you are using a newsletter program to build relationships with your clients, your hope is that at least one article in the newsletter will spark a client’s interest. Ideally, that client will call or e-mail you for more information. After all, it’s easier to expand services to current clients than to find new clients. Read More

Enclose Special Announcements with Your Newsletter

Whether you send a newsletter by regular mail or e-mail, the distribution process provides you with an opportunity to communicate with your clients, patients or referral sources. Ideally, a newsletter contains information about what is happening in your field—it may be updates on newly passed tax legislation or digests of studies validating various physical therapy techniques, depending on the nature of your professional practice. But don’t neglect this opportunity to include an announcement about your office. Read More

eNewsletters Reach Beyond the In-box

How do you consume content? For many of us, the days of sitting in front of a computer and visiting a series of bookmarked Web sites has passed. But that’s not to say that all your marketing efforts should be directed toward social media, which garners much of the online marketing attention these days... Read More

Expand the Reach of Your eNewsletter

The content of an eNewsletter should be just as well written, researched and proofread as a traditional newsletter, but sent via e-mail, eNewsletters carry no printing or postage costs. While mailing addresses are readily available from online listings or traditional telephone books, maintaining subscribers and addresses for an eNewsletter can be more of a challenge. Read More

Expand Your Dental Practice’s Market by Thinking Outside the Mouth

It is necessary to meet people where they are, reaching patients in places where they wouldn’t ordinarily think about their dentist, but where a gentle reminder can easily get them on the phone to make an appointment. Read More

Expand Your E-mail List Using Social Media

Building a solid e-mail list for your eNewsletter takes time and effort. With careful thought and some applications, social media sites can help you build your e-mail lists and maximize the potential of your newsletter marketing program. Read More

Extend the Impact of Your Dental Newsletter

Dental patient newsletters appear in patient’s e-mail in-boxes once a month. For dentists seeking to extend the value of their newsletters beyond the in-box, there are some fantastic ways you can make an ever greater impact with your dental direct marketing. Read More

Five Critical Search Engine Tips for Dentists

Would it surprise you to learn that 77% of medical and dental patients conduct an online search prior to booking an appointment? That’s what The Digital Journey to Wellness reports in their recent Google study—a fact that probably won’t come as a shock to dentists who engage in search engine marketing and keep up with dental marketing trends. Read More

Five Tips for Newsletter Marketing

Creating a newsletter can be a valuable tool for growing your practice. By marketing with a newsletter, you keep your name in front of clients or patients, build relationships with referral sources and provide insight into your practice. Sending a newsletter is also a cost-effective option that won’t blow your marketing budget out of the water. Read More

For Your Dental Newsletter, Think Outside the Mailbox!

A newsletter marketing program should have a solid, well-researched mailing list for distribution. But no matter how wide or comprehensive your mailing list is, you can always distribute more copies of your newsletter. Always order additional copies of your newsletter, and start thinking outside the mailbox! Distribute copies of your newsletter any time you ... Read More

Four More Ways to Gather E-mail Addresses for Your Optometry Practice

Remember that e-mail updates, particularly those with content of value to your readers, don’t have to be limited to your current patients. In fact, if you publish an optometry eNewsletter, you should actively encourage subscribers Read More

Globally Relevant Newsletters

Operating a business in a world filled with diversity translates into presenting yourself as being globally relevant. This means that, as a professional, you have to be attractive to people from many parts of the world. Read More

Hand-Deliver Your Newsletter on Occasion

Making sure your content is noticed amid a flood of information is probably the biggest challenge in content marketing. Having spoken with hundreds of practices who utilize a newsletter marketing program, I have found that some professionals opt, on occasion, to forego snail mail and e-mail. Instead, they ... Read More

Harvard Business Review: Acquiring New Customers Can Cost 25 Times More Than Retaining Them

Attracting new patients is critical. But building patient loyalty is just as important for the health of your dental practice. The cost ratio for acquiring customers, which includes patients, varies, with 10 to 1 considered a well-accepted ratio. Read More

Having Trouble Mailing Your Newsletters? We Have Solutions

As I talk with customers who purchase newsletters from us, about the worst thing I could hear from them is that they have stacks of newsletters in their offices that they have not yet mailed. Sometimes addressing and mailing newsletters sinks to the bottom of the priority list. If you outsource your newsletter production but have a difficult time mailing them, we suggest two solutions: Read More

How Often Should You Send a Newsletter?

How often you mail a newsletter depends on the nature of your professional practice, your audience and your budget. We publish quarterly newsletters for a variety of practices but have also found that a monthly newsletter is more appropriate for some fields. But many of the health care practices who utilize our newsletters have discovered a third option ... Read More

How Often to Send Out Newsletters?

It’s important that it keeps showing up in each recipient’s mailbox (postal or electronic) on a regular basis. If years go by between copies’ arrival, the newsletter is not likely to have much impact, if any. Read More

How to Build a Great Newsletter Subscriber List

It takes effort to build a newsletter subscriber list. And once you have built a list, it takes effort to keep the subscribers. It’s far easier to lose subscribers than to get them. Read More

How to Determine if You Should Outsource Your Newsletter or Keep It In-house?

It’s easy for many professional practices to make the determination that they want to reach clients or patients with a newsletter. They see the value in regular, informative communications. Successful peers are distributing newsletters, and it works for them. Read More

How to Expand Your Base of Referring Dentists and Physicians

Having a complete list of every dentist and physician who could make patient referrals is essential if you want to grow your dental specialty practice. Read More

How to Reach More Referring Dentists and Physicians

You may be able to identify your current referring dentists and physicians, but do you know how many other health care professionals in your community could be good referral sources for you? And can you quickly and easily reach them all? Read More

How to Track New Patients To Your Dental Practice

Obtaining patient referrals is key to building a successful dental practice. Though marketing was probably not included in your professional curriculum, you have no doubt picked up a handful of methods for building your patient base through increased referrals: treating referring dentists to lunch, sending them birthday cards, distributing updated dental care information and hosting open houses, just to name a few. As you invest time and money in various methods for developing your practice, are you keeping track of what works and what does not? Read More

Is Your Mailing List Up-to-Date?

I recommend that your staff set aside some time to make phone calls to update or verify their contact information. You can also use these calls to tell patients or clients about a promotion, new service, new equipment, change in office hours and more. Read More

Jump-start Your Dental Newsletter’s Power

Sending a dental newsletter is a long-term investment. Your first issue may not bring in a slew of new patients, but sent on a regular basis, a newsletter keeps your dental specialty practice top-of-mind with your referring dentists and physicians. Still, with the right strategies, you may find some fast results from your newsletter marketing efforts. For quick results from your newsletter, keep these three points in mind: Read More

Keep Your Newsletter Marketing Program “Fresh”

Revisit the content, design and distribution list of your newsletters on a regular basis. Make sure your newsletters reflect the professionalism of your practice. Read More

Keeping Clients Completely Up-to-Date

The best solution is to fire off a short e-mail to clients summarizing the key changes. Alternatively, you can print an update on your firm’s letterhead and distribute it through the mail. Read More

Keeping Your Dental Mailing List Up-to-Date

A quality mailing list can be a powerful tool for marketing your dental practice. But only if the mailing list has been recently updated. When did you last update yours? If your dental practice’s mailing list has not been updated in more than 12 months, it’s time for a refresh. Your mailing list should be updated every year ... Read More

Know Your Audience: Clients or Patients, or Other Professionals?

Before you start a newsletter marketing program, it is important to clearly define your audience. Most newsletter programs fall into one of two categories: client/patient newsletters and referral-generating newsletters. Read More

Make Former Pediatric Dental Patients Lucrative Again

It seems that pediatric dentists often have a difficult time retaining patients. Successful pediatric dentists work hard to keep their patients, even those whose treatments have lapsed. Because it costs five times more to attract a new patient than it does to keep an existing one, patient retention is critical to dental practice success. So, too, is working to recover “lost” patients. It’s essential that your pediatric dental practice invest in retaining and recovering lost patients. Here are four ways to turn those former patients back into revenue. Read More

Most Dental Marketing Plans Miss This Influential Audience

How are you marketing to your professional colleagues who send you referrals? What about those who used to send you referrals but have since slowed to a trickle or stopped? And what about those potential sources who are referring patients to other dentists, but not yet to you? Read More

Newsletter Marketing Best Practices

These four tips are from WPI Communications’ white paper, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. That resource shares valuable eNewsletter marketing best practices for professional practices. Be sure your practice newsletters include these valuable must-haves. Read More

Newsletters: Visible, Consistent and Easy to Share

From advertisements in the local newspaper to hiring a Web site consultant, you have many options at your disposal. Having worked in newsletter marketing for more than 25 years, let us offer you three reasons why you should consider marketing your practice with a newsletter. Read More

Paperless Marketing? Not Yet

All this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any online marketing deliverables; instead, you should strive for a mix of print and virtual materials that reaches as diverse an audience as possible. Read More

Personalize Your Newsletter Marketing Program

A newsletter marketing program may be aimed at large audiences, but that does not make the newsletters impersonal. Here are three ways you can add a personal touch to your newsletters: Read More

Print Newsletters: Still a Powerful Dental Marketing Tool

Turn to any dental marketing blog—including this one—and you’re likely to find posts about e-mail marketing, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else is today’s hot new online rollout. That’s fine—these are important practice-building tools. But don’t be so quick to leave behind the tried and true printed, snail-mailed newsletter. Read More

Read It, But Don’t Weep

Don’t just go through the motions—turn your client newsletter program into a genuine revenue-generator. Read More

Repetition: The Key to Marketing Your Dental Practice

Most teachers can tell you that the secret to successful learning is repetition. This is why our third-grade teachers drilled us on our multiplication tables over and over. Even when dealing with concepts rather than simple facts, repetition is the key to recall. That holds true with your dental marketing as well ... Read More

Send Your Newsletter to More Referral Sources

You may be able to identify your current referring professionals, but do you know how many others in your community could be good referral sources for you? And can you quickly and easily reach them all? Read More

Seven Common Mistakes Made in Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing can be a great tool for establishing your brand, engaging your patients and clients, and growing your professional practice—if you do it right. Fortunately, the most common mistakes people make with their newsletters are easy to avoid. Stay away from these seven common pitfalls when creating your newsletter marketing program, and you will be on the path to marketing success. Read More

Six Dos and Don’ts for Successful E-mail Subject Lines

The days of e-mail as a novel form of communication are long gone. There was a time when receiving an e-mail was exciting. Today, sorting through e-mails can be a chore. Your dental e-marketing is more challenging today than it would have been in the early days of e-mail. If you send a dental eNewsletter, you are ... Read More

The Five Critical Success Factors for Growing Your Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing

This blog post is adapted from WPI Communications’ popular white paper, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. These are the five critical success factors for a dental newsletter marketing campaign. Dentists are well advised to incorporate these important lessons into their practice newsletters. Read More

The Power of Third Parties for Expanding Referrals

The content of your newsletter may not be of prime interest to these professionals, but it projects a good image of you and your practice. When one of those third-party professionals is asked for a recommendation, your practice will come to mind first. Read More

Think Outside the “Mailbox” for Newsletter Distribution

distribute copies of your newsletter at speaking engagements, seminars and conferences. While a business card conveys your contact information, a newsletter is solid evidence of your knowledge and professionalism—and it includes contact information as well. Read More

Three Ways to Broaden Your Accounting Newsletter Audience

But if you want to keep increasing business and prospects, you need to do everything possible to ensure that your newsletter is reaching the widest audience possible. Here are three tips: Read More

Tips for Double-checking Your Dental Newsletter

Every communication you have with your patients is important. Whether it’s a phone message or a visit to your office, each interaction represents your practice. The same is true for your dental marketing newsletter. To ensure you always convey the best possible impression, it’s critical that your newsletters are professional and error-free. Read More

Tips to Cut Your Newsletter Mailing Costs

We don’t need economic reports to tell us that small businesses are still struggling. From talking to accountants, attorneys, dentists, financial planners and physicians every day, we know that every dollar counts, especially in these last few years. But we also know that ... Read More

Unleashing the Power of Newsletter Marketing for Attorneys

Are you maximizing the potential of attorney marketing for your law practice? If you aren’t leveraging the power of newsletter marketing, then the answer has to be “no.” Maybe you’re not sure how to get started, or maybe you already have a client newsletter, but you want to boost its effectiveness. Read More

Use Data for More Oral Surgery Referrals

From time to time, we receive inquiries from oral surgeons asking how they can tell how well their referral-generating newsletters are performing. One of our first questions for these oral surgeons is this—how are you measuring new patients referred to your practice? Read More

Using a Newsletter to Capture New Patients and Clients

One often overlooked use of your newsletter program is to encourage others to suggest new sources of professional referrals. Read More

What Every Dentist Needs to Know About Visibility

It’s a hard reality for many high-ranking, exceptional professionals: An inferior product or service can win out over a far better one simply by having been better marketed. In fact, great organizations with great products and hard-working, intelligent staff go out of business every day. Many times, these organizations lose out to competitors who have inferior offerings, but superior marketing savvy. Read More

What Is Newsletter Marketing?

The idea behind newsletter marketing is simple. Many practices, businesses, nonprofits, and government and advocacy organizations use newsletters to achieve their marketing or education goals. Name a product or service—from office supplies to community news to consulting work—and, most likely, newsletters are used to support these objectives. Read More

What’s Wrong with Constant Contact—and How to Fix It

Last week, I received a telephone call from a frustrated Constant Contact customer. She had opened an account with Constant Contact about 18 months ago and finally sent her first newsletter last month. Constant Contact promptly shut her down because too many of her e-mails bounced, and one or two spam complaints were filed. As I listen to Constant Contact advertisements on the radio, I often wonder ... Read More

When to Go to the Experts

As the leader of your professional practice, it is tempting to try to manage all of its areas and aspects yourself. You’re used to diving in head first, learning on the go and making tough decisions. But sometimes going to an expert is the best—and smartest—way to help your professional practice grow. Read More

When Too Much Good Content Can Be A Bad Thing

Once you have that address, it can be tempting to milk it for all it’s worth, using analytics and client feedback to steadily bombard them with smart, reader-targeted marketing content that you feel is guaranteed to hit the clients right where they live. Resist that temptation. There’s a fine line between being an invited guest and being that loud, obnoxious person who overstays a welcome and is never invited back. Read More

Why Newsletter Marketing Works

In all the swirling hype about social media, it’s easy to lose track of why it exists and what purposes it serves. When considering marketing via social media, it’s important to remember the audience and who will profit from the service. Read More

You Can’t Take It With You

Keep a stack of your latest newsletter issue in the back of the auditorium or room so every attendee can pick up a copy on the way out. Read More

“Let Me Introduce Myself”

This one-time addition presents your practice in a more professional manner, establishes a closer connection with your clients and will likely generate more inquiries. Read More