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#1 Benefit of Newsletter Marketing: Building Relationships

Most successful professional practices know that marketing isn’t just about reaching new clients or new patients. It’s also about continuing to communicate with the ones you already have. Read More

3 Critical Questions for Growth-minded Accountants

Plenty of successful accountants are aware that WPI Communications, the leading provider of such accountant client newsletters as Client Information Bulletin and Accountant Client eNewsletter, recommends that all growth-minded CPA firms use a newsletter to stay in touch with their clients. Read More

3 Marketing Strategies Proven to Retain Clients

There are three key marketing strategies that successful professional practices use, each of which is important for client or patient retention. Prosperous practices never lose focus of the importance of client or patient retention in their marketing efforts. Newsletter marketing is one of the best ways in which to communicate consistently with your patients or clients. Read More

4 Top Benefits of Newsletter Marketing

With so many marketing platforms to choose from, it’s easy to get confused about what might work best for your professional practice. But when it comes down to it, the good old-fashioned newsletter is the best choice for most practices. Whether you use a hard copy version or go digital to maximize your online exposure, newsletter marketing is a smart way to build your practice. Read More

5 Client-retention Tactics to Make Your Law Firm Stand Out

High-achieving legal practices create their successes. They know they shouldn’t take their clients’ loyalty for granted, so they make a strategic effort to build that loyalty. Here are five client-retention tactics you’ll want to be sure your law firm is doing well. Read More

6 Must-Have Newsletter Marketing Tips for Accountants

Accountants who understand the importance of newsletter marketing know how critical it is to do it right. Here are six essential tips for those accountants committed to newsletter marketing success. Read More

A Business Card Slips Away, But Newsletters Keep Coming

Nearly every small business has business cards. You keep a stack on your desk, you hand them out to promote your business and you expect that when your services are needed, someone will magically retrieve the card and dial your telephone number. Read More

A Marketing Idea for All Seasons

Now that you’re in the homestretch of tax-return season, you’ve probably eased up on your marketing efforts. Read More

A New Newsletter Marketing Prescription for Accountants

Is your accounting practice stuck in the doldrums? One way to inject new life into your business is to use an exciting marketing tool being launched by WPI Communications this fall. The newsletter marketing firm is offering a new client newsletter program designed to be distributed exclusively to physicians and other health care providers. Appropriately enough, this referral-generating newsletter is called Doctor’s Tax and Financial Advisory. Read More

Accountants Can Measure the Relevance of Marketing

Accounting firms must build relationships with existing clients and attract new ones. “Relevance” applies simply to how pertinent your content is to your audience. Read More

Accountants: 6 Marketing Tips for the Busy Season

Communicating with clients and prospects is a year-round proposition, but some times are more profitable than others. In fact, you are more likely to realize instant gratification if you market your practice throughout tax-return season. The needs of your target audit are often immediate, and so is the payoff. Here are six helpful hints: Read More

Accountants: Don’t Miss Out on Year-End Marketing Opportunities

But year-end is another matter. As the end of one year draws to a close and another one beckons, you can make a big difference by providing some smart tax advice to clients. Read More

Accountants: Expand Your Referral Sources

While a referral from a satisfied client is a good thing, this routine limits you to a reactive role. You can become more proactive in seeking referrals by using your client list more creatively to connect with previously untapped prospects. Read More

Accountants: Reach Your Clients with Confident Newsletter Content

Confident content has several qualities that help readers develop trust. First, it delivers a level of expertise that shows you’re comfortable with your subject, that you know what you’re talking about. It also focuses on what’s important, eliminating a lot of the padding that can make your message seem less sincere or poorly constructed. It’s not afraid to sell, but it also demonstrates true empathy with the audience’s needs and lives. Read More

Accountants: Reach Your Clients with Content Marketing in 3 Steps

Your audience has to believe that you’re the credible authority to trust with their accounting issues. Here are three steps to help you reach the panacea of content marketing for your accounting firm: Read More

Accountants: Write Engaging Marketing Content

The key is to understand your audience and to hit them with the right tone and a useful message. Read More

Aim Client Newsletters at Specific Targets

I’ve worked in the client newsletter publishing business, in one form or another, for more than 25 years. Naturally, I'm a big proponent of using newsletters and other editorially based marketing products for the accounting profession. Read More

Align Your Staff with Your Dental Practice Marketing Strategy

Dental offices are busy places. Of course, if you are like most dentists, you’d like to be even busier on a regular basis. One way to do that is to ensure that your entire staff is in tune with your dental marketing strategy. Read More

An eNewsletter Builds Loyalty for Your Accounting Practice

Be sure you communicate with all your clients (and prospects) on an ongoing basis, so you can continue to build loyal relationships in between visits to your office. An accounting client newsletter is a professional and meaningful way to stay in touch. Read More

Attorneys: Engage Emotionally, but Close Logically

That is why creating robust, quality content—either in the form of a blog, social media content or newsletter marketing program—for your law practice is so vital. Once you have potential clients’ attention, they turn on their higher-order thought processes. Read More

Attract New Clients with Newsletter Marketing

Sending a newsletter is not only a powerful way to keep in touch with your existing clients, patients or referral sources but also a valuable tool to attract new people to your practice. A newsletter can also reach the hands of people you do not know—yet. Read More

Avoid the Seven Deadly E-mail Sins

By sending out an e-mail blast, you can contact every address in your database with just a few strokes on your keyboard. But just because you have the capability to reach a wide audience doesn’t mean your communications will be effective. Read More

Be a “Tax Hero” to Your Clients

If Paul Revere were alive today, he might be sounding this alarm: “The higher tax rates are coming, the higher tax rates are coming...” Although these provisions could change before the end of the year, start beating the drums now if you’re a tax practitioner. Inform clients about the pending ... Read More

Bring Clients Back to Your Practice with a Newsletter

A newsletter, however, reinforces your relationship with clients, patients or professional referral sources. It puts your name and contact information in front of people four, six or even 12 times a year. Read More

Build Credibility and Expertise with a Newsletter

A good newsletter, however, communicates useful information without any direct persuasion or promotion. It is not a flashy ad; rather, it is a service to your readers that communicates the following: Read More

Build Trust in Your Financial Planning Practice with Newsletter Marketing

The number one way to offer value to your target audience is with a newsletter marketing program—more specifically, a print newsletter. A print newsletter has two primary advantages over e-mailed newsletters: It’s an actual, physical item that can be held, which immediately imparts value to it in the eyes of your audience. Read More

Build Your Ideal Prosthodontics Practice with a Newsletter

You can go a long way toward building your ideal prosthodontics practice just by implementing a dental direct mail newsletter marketing program. Read More

Building Your Medical Practice Takes More Than Medical Skills

I once knew a brilliant courtroom attorney. He had a commanding voice and presence that won him awards in law school. In front of a judge and jury, he was nearly unstoppable. Unfortunately, he was also an enormous money loser at his firm and had to be let go. He simply could not find enough paying clients to keep his job. You can be the best at what you do, but without a system in place to build your medical practice, even the best physician in the world will not be able to keep the lights on. Having the skills is not enough—people need to know about them. You need to find a means of getting out the word; you need a referral-generating newsletter. Read More

Client-centered Content Can Build Your Accounting Practice

The fact is that even today most accounting Web sites are still more like an online brochure than a resource that helps them to stand out, demonstrate thought leadership or generate qualified leads. Read More

Constant Communication: The Key to Building Your Practice

A steady flow of new patients or clients will make your practice flourish. But how can you effectively market your practice while concentrating on treating patients, financial planning or whatever the nature of your practice may be? Today’s most successful professionals know the value of using consistent, well-thought-out marketing strategies—not only to ensure that their practices are promoted effectively but to allow them to concentrate on the basics of their practices. Read More

Content Is King and We’re the Subjects

Virtually every professional who has tried to market his or her practice to the public has learned that Content is King. How else can you keep communicating to prospects without your message becoming stale or redundant? How else can you generate more than tepid interest in the services you provide? Content is the engine that drives the machine, and ... Read More

Count on the Marketing Numbers

Get back to your roots by keeping better track of your marketing activities. Make sure you record at a minimum what you’re spending marketing dollars on, when you’re spending it, how you’re spending it and how much. Read More

Demonstrate Your Accounting Greatness in an eNewsletter

Once you understand your edge, you can’t just state it. You have to demonstrate it in the content of your eNewsletter. Show your expertise, demonstrate instances where your skills were superior and include content that knocks your readers’ hypothetical socks off. Make the situations feel real, make the information seem smart and novel, and, when applicable, toot your own horn about awards and honors your firm may have won. Read More

Dental Newsletters Are More Effective Than Postcards, Study Says

A recent study compared dental patient newsletters with dental postcards. Both are popular forms of dental marketing. Many dentists and dental specialists ask, “Which is better for my practice?” Read More

Determining the Success of Your Marketing Campaign

There are many ways to track the success of your marketing campaign. Perhaps too many. The amount of data you dig up can be utterly staggering. Between newsletters, Web sites, social media, traditional advertising and more, how do you determine what is driving growth? Here are a few proven metrics to help measure how successful your marketing efforts have been. Read More

Does Your Dental Patient Newsletter Accomplish These Five Objectives?

Dentists, do you accomplish these five critical objectives with your patient newsletter? If not, you’re sure to be missing opportunities. Read More

Does Your Practice Really Need an E-mail Newsletter?

This is the question every professional practice should ask before beginning or resuming a newsletter marketing effort. Before you decide if newsletter marketing is right for you, look at some of the industry data. Read More

Does Your Professional Practice’s Newsletter Show Your Personality?

How would you describe your professional practice’s personality? Apart from being professional, how else would you describe it? Read More

Don’t Assume Clients Know All About Your Practice! … Inform Them with a Newsletter

A newsletter marketing program is a subtle, professional way to inform people about your practice. The client, patient or referral source who reads an article that touches on a question or concern is likely to call you—especially because your name and contact information are part of every issue. Read More

Don’t Be Afraid to Include a Call to Action

If there’s one message people should take away from reading our newsletter tips, it’s that newsletter content should be useful and interesting to its audience. Don’t clutter your newsletter with discounts, specials and other blatant advertising. That said, don’t be afraid to include ... Read More

Don’t Bombard Your E-mail Subscribers

Once or twice a year, I go through my e-mail trash, pull up the e-mails I don’t wish to receive any longer and click the “unsubscribe” button. To me, this is like decluttering a desk or junk drawer. But I imagine it doesn’t feel so good for the companies and organizations from which I am unsubscribing ... Read More

Don’t Let Your Dental Practice Make These Five Newsletter Mistakes

Dental practice newsletters are an increasingly popular tool. But just because they are more widely used than ever before doesn’t mean they are always used effectively. To make your newsletter as powerful as possible in building your practice, avoid these five common dental newsletter marketing mistakes. Read More

E-mail is Alive and Kicking

Social media has long (in terms of social media’s lifetime, that is) behaved as the go-to content marketing tool. The big idea was that it would render many other forms of communication—namely, e-mail—worthless. Read More

E-mail Marketing Lessons from

To build your accounting practice, you might follow Amazon’s cue and use e-mail marketing, sending several articles to your clients every month. Or you might send a paper newsletter that will arrive in an envelope in your clients’ mailboxes every month. Read More

Enclose a “Bounce-back” Postcard with Your Newsletter

If you are using a newsletter program to build relationships with your clients, your hope is that at least one article in the newsletter will spark a client’s interest. Ideally, that client will call or e-mail you for more information. After all, it’s easier to expand services to current clients than to find new clients. Read More

Extend the Impact of Your Dental Newsletter

Dental patient newsletters appear in patient’s e-mail in-boxes once a month. For dentists seeking to extend the value of their newsletters beyond the in-box, there are some fantastic ways you can make an ever greater impact with your dental direct marketing. Read More

Financial Planners Who Predict Client Needs Will Thrive

The way to become that trusted expert is to demonstrate to clients that you understand their needs before they do. A great way to do that is to get content into their mailbox that predicts problems they will be facing and gives them good advice that will allow them to make smarter decisions. Read More

Financial Planners: Let a Quarterly Client Newsletter Show that You Are Up-to-Date

If you use outbound content marketing, such as a newsletter, your clients will receive targeted, top-quality information delivered to their e-mail in-box or old-fashioned mailbox. Newsletters are an excellent form of content marketing for financial planners because they’re substantive. Read More

Five Reasons to Use Newsletters to Become the Authority in Your Practice Area

We’re well into the information age. But in many ways, it’s also the “misinformation age.” It’s easy to access information today; paradoxically, finding reliable, credible sources is difficult. That’s why trustworthy resources are more important than ever. Read More

Five Tips for Creating, Maintaining and Growing Your E-mail List

The success of your professional practice lies in your relationships with your patients or clients, and never is that truer than when it comes to newsletter marketing. It makes sense, then, that who you send your newsletter to is just as important as what you are sending them. Your distribution list is the lifeblood of the newsletter marketing technique, so it’s essential that you spend time creating, growing and nurturing your e-mail list. Here are five tips to help you do just that. Read More

Five Tips for Newsletter Marketing

Creating a newsletter can be a valuable tool for growing your practice. By marketing with a newsletter, you keep your name in front of clients or patients, build relationships with referral sources and provide insight into your practice. Sending a newsletter is also a cost-effective option that won’t blow your marketing budget out of the water. Read More

Five Ways a Newsletter Can Build Your Professional Practice

Successful professionals are building their practices with quality newsletter marketing programs. They are finding that marketing with newsletters, when done correctly, can be powerful and cost-effective. Here are five elements to consider in order for your program to succeed. Read More

Five Ways Newsletter Marketing Builds Successful Practices

Newsletters help build successful practices. Here are five essential ways they can help strengthen yours. Read More

Five Ways to Make Your Accounting Client eNewsletter a Must-read

Your clients value your CPA firm and the services you provide. They trust your insights and advice. You can capitalize on this, and even further build trust, with newsletter marketing. Make your newsletter as powerful as possible with these five tips. Read More

Focus on Financial Issues in Year-End Tax Planning

Tax reform talk is heating up again in Washington. Although no one is sure if, or when, significant tax reforms will be enacted, this flurry of activity creates added complications for year-end tax planning. Read More

For Practice Marketing Newsletter Content, Think “Small”

To get readers’ attention today, your marketing communications must be concise and easy to digest, no matter how technical your practice area. It may sound paradoxical, but it’s true: You’ll get bigger results with newsletter content marketing if you think “small.” Read More

Four Key Tips to Building Your Accounting Practice with E-mail Marketing

By using your e-mail campaign to provide content that’s engaging and informative, it can act as a powerful tool to establish your brand as one that’s more about substance and value than flash and hype. Read More

Four Newsletter Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make

You want your practice’s newsletters to be opened and read. The best newsletters are the ones that are so useful and so memorable that readers look forward to getting them. You can be among the elite that really do build their practices with a high-quality newsletter. To do it, you’ll need to avoid these four fatal newsletter marketing mistakes. Read More

Four Reasons Why E-mail Newsletter Marketing Still Works

When adjusting your marketing strategies, it is always tempting to gravitate toward what’s new. You don’t want to be left behind on a hot new trend, so you might tend to hop on board with the latest marketing method. But if you carefully examine the benefits and viability of your marketing tactics, you might find that some of the old standbys are worth keeping around—and newsletter marketing is definitely a strategy you will want to stick with. Read More

Four Steps to a Successful Accounting eNewsletter Marketing Program

You know that content is king, but you may be unsure of how to use it to your advantage. Here are four steps to get you started on the path to building a successful eNewsletter marketing campaign. Read More

Four Ways Client Newsletters Increase the Authority of Accountants

Here are four reasons accountants should use a newsletter marketing program to establish themselves as an authority: Read More

Funnel Readers Toward Your Professional Practice

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you provide content for your profession in one form or another, be it newsletter marketing, an online post or blog, or some other communication. Naturally, you will want to put forth your best effort each and every time out of the box. It’s a reflection on you, your professional acumen and your practice as a whole. Read More

Get Feedback from Client Newsletter Readers

One proven, effective way to market your professional practice is to send a newsletter to clients and colleagues. Of course, the newsletter will pack a bigger marketing punch if the articles contain timely information of interest to your targeted audience. Read More

Getting More Referrals Through Newsletter Marketing

Everyone knows that time is money, but when it comes to your professional practice, your personal mantra should be that referrals are money. Increasing your referrals can help you grow your practice, raise your income and achieve new professional success. Read More

Going Digital with Newsletter Marketing

Nearly everything today is accessible on our computers, tablets and smartphones, so it makes sense that many professional practices today are looking to go digital—including with their newsletter marketing. But as with any marketing step, it’s important to plan carefully so your marketing investment pays off. Implementing these tips will help to ensure that your foray into electronic newsletter marketing is a success. Read More

Happy New Year? Map Your 2013 Accounting Marketing Plan

Newsletter marketing for accountants is one of the most effective ways to reach your clients and prospects—consistently and with measurable results. Read More

How Accountants Can Use Newsletter Marketing to Be Good Teachers

When creating your newsletter, you must vary your content in a similar fashion by providing different types of content that engage clients in different fashions but always reinforce the idea that you are the person they should come to see. Read More

How Often to Send Out Newsletters?

It’s important that it keeps showing up in each recipient’s mailbox (postal or electronic) on a regular basis. If years go by between copies’ arrival, the newsletter is not likely to have much impact, if any. Read More

How to Build a Great Newsletter Subscriber List

It takes effort to build a newsletter subscriber list. And once you have built a list, it takes effort to keep the subscribers. It’s far easier to lose subscribers than to get them. Read More

How to Educate Your Patients About Your Dental Practice

Your best-educated patients are often your best patients. Education improves case acceptance and keeps patients on track with appointments and treatments. Education helps you to retain patients and benefit from the referrals of satisfied, well-informed patients. Read More

Is Your Practice Referral Minded?

It is imperative that all professional practices seeking growth focus on generating referrals. How do you determine if your practice is referral minded? Read on to find out. Read More

It Only Takes One to Hit One!

Back when I was playing Little League baseball, one of the frequent shouts of encouragement by coaches and players from the dugout was, “It only take one to hit one!” In other words, even if you just whiffed horribly on the first two pitches, it takes just one good swing at a pitch to knock out a base hit. You can still make contact as long as you’re in the batter’s box. Read More

It’s a Matter of Trust

People tend to do business with people they trust. For an accountant, or virtually every other small-business owner, the key to building a successful practice is establishing a high level of trust with existing clients and then expanding the network. Read More

It’s Not About Me, It Is All About You

“Try walking a mile in another person’s shoes.” This old saying reminds us to step out of our own mind-set and imagine things from another person’s point of view. In the case of newsletter marketing, walking a mile in your readers’ shoes can illuminate some key facts—mainly, that they are opening your newsletter because they think there might be something in it for them. It’s up to you to deliver. Read More

Keep Your Newsletter Language Simple

Having produced newsletters for medical and dental professionals, it’s safe to say that the most common complaint we have received is that the newsletter content is too technical. Even though the newsletters are written for physicians and general dentists, we still have a duty to write in easy-to-understand English, not ... Read More

Keeping Clients Completely Up-to-Date

The best solution is to fire off a short e-mail to clients summarizing the key changes. Alternatively, you can print an update on your firm’s letterhead and distribute it through the mail. Read More

Know Your Audience (and Don’t Learn This the Hard Way)

You should have several things on your mind when preparing your newsletter content, but first among them should be your audience: Who will be reading your newsletter, and what will they want—or not want—to read. Think about your audience as you ... Read More

Know Your Audience: Clients or Patients, or Other Professionals?

Before you start a newsletter marketing program, it is important to clearly define your audience. Most newsletter programs fall into one of two categories: client/patient newsletters and referral-generating newsletters. Read More

Last Call for Year-End Tax Planning Letter

The 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Letter covers the main issues of interest for a broad range of individual taxpayers and small-business owners—the type of clients most likely to need your services at the end of the year. The letter is designed to encourage readers to contact you concerning the ideas discussed in the letter. Read More

Look for Pediatric Dentistry Referrals in Likely Places

There is a place you may not be considering as a source for new patients―and that’s your existing patient base. Your pediatric dentistry patient newsletter can be a powerful, subtle and effective resource to help you maximize its potential. Read More

Make Former Pediatric Dental Patients Lucrative Again

It seems that pediatric dentists often have a difficult time retaining patients. Successful pediatric dentists work hard to keep their patients, even those whose treatments have lapsed. Because it costs five times more to attract a new patient than it does to keep an existing one, patient retention is critical to dental practice success. So, too, is working to recover “lost” patients. It’s essential that your pediatric dental practice invest in retaining and recovering lost patients. Here are four ways to turn those former patients back into revenue. Read More

Make the Most of Your Customizable Accounting Client eNewsletter

Those are just a few of the ways you can customize your eNewsletter to truly make it your own. Get creative and add the information your clients want to read to increase interest and to take your accounting firm marketing to a whole new level. Read More

Make Your eNewsletter Sign-up Process Simple

How easy do you make it for your clients or patients to sign up for your newsletter? Make it easy, and more of your current―and future―clients and patients will opt in to these communications. It really is that simple! Read More

Make Your Periodontal Practice More Profitable with a Patient Newsletter

Dentists have used patient eNewsletters to grow their practices for many years. And now, more periodontists are using newsletters to reach their patients. Periodontists are going directly to both their current and past patients and keeping their practices front and center on an ongoing basis. Read More

Make Your Practice Newsletter a Must-Read

Can your professional practice send out a newsletter that your clients or patients look forward to reading? Can your newsletter be informative and useful for them—and highlight the expertise of your practice? The answer to both questions is “yes!” Read More

Measure Your Practice Newsletter’s Impact

Are you accurately measuring the impact of your practice’s newsletter? To determine your marketing impact, you must ask the right questions. Many practices ask new clients or patients about the source of their referrals, but they often fail to correlate those referrals to their newsletter. Read More

Meeting the Challenges of Marketing Your Accounting Practice

While content is critical to driving traffic to your site, you need to have the right kind of content for your efforts to be truly effective. And, you need to provide fresh content on a regular basis. Read More

Need Content for Your Accounting Newsletter? Think About Your Clients

You need to put yourself in your clients’ collective shoes so you can learn—really learn—how your accounting practice and your marketing content can satisfy their needs. Here are a few tips to get you started: Read More

Newsletter Marketing and the Action Train

Marketers agree the most difficult task in marketing is getting people to take the action you want them to take, whether it’s booking an appointment, signing up for your newsletter or clicking “Like” on your Facebook page. But once a single action has been taken, getting a person to take another one becomes much easier because he’s already in. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Benefits Your Professional Practice

Running a practice is complicated. You have to deal with paychecks, facilities, staffing, and lots of paperwork—not to mention serving your clients or patients! With all these different elements to keep track of, it’s easy to miss out on prime marketing opportunities. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Best Practices

These four tips are from WPI Communications’ white paper, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. That resource shares valuable eNewsletter marketing best practices for professional practices. Be sure your practice newsletters include these valuable must-haves. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Builds Trust

There is a lot of talk about what professional practices need to do to be successful. One often overlooked component is actually the basis of most professional interactions and the foundation of business success: trust. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Can Help Small Accounting Firms Make a Big Impact

A current or prospective client reading a smaller firm’s newsletter should immediately notice that its content addresses their concerns. It has news specific to their communities, advice tailored to the local industries, and it contains stories about real people there’s a good chance they know personally. Read More

Newsletter Marketing for Your Law Practice Is for Business—Not for Fun

Timely releases and quality content make newsletters work. Sticking to those goals, not the diversion of writing, will lead to a measurable increase in the effectiveness of your marketing and, ultimately, to the overall success of your firm. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Is Evolving—And Here’s Why

Newsletter marketing continues to evolve. As with all marketing, in order to stay relevant and be successful, it has to. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Newsletter marketing demonstrates your authority by keeping high-caliber content in front of clients, patients and referral sources. Valuable content that matters to your readers, sent with appropriate frequency by the professional practice they trust, is at the core of an effective newsletter marketing strategy. Be sure that your newsletter is sent on a consistent basis, but not so frequently that it is ignored by your readers. For professional practices, a monthly or quarterly newsletter is often the sweet spot. Read More

Newsletter Marketing Tips for Small Practices

Small practices face their own unique challenges, especially when it comes to marketing. With limited resources, you need to look for ways to get the biggest bang for your buck. For a small practice, marketing with a monthly newsletter can offer a significant impact for a low cost. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your newsletter, follow these tips to market your practice. Read More

Newsletter Marketing—Stop Selling, Start Educating

We all know that content is king, but very few professionals take the time to truly examine their content—and how it might need to change. In the past, the good ol’ sales pitch might have done the trick, but today’s consumers are much more savvy and more weary of being “sold to.” Instead, they are looking to do the research themselves before coming to an informed decision. Read More

Newsletters Raise Financial Planners’ Credibility

How solid are your relationships with your clients? Certainly you have some die-hard, extremely loyal clients. But what about the majority of them? Are they committed to having all of their financial planning needs managed by you? Are you the first place they come for advice? Or are you just one more voice? Read More

Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Accountants, attorneys and financial planners used to ask me all the time: If I include important information in the newsletter I send to clients, aren’t they going to do everything on their own, thereby costing me fees? My answer was pretty much the same: Not if the content is handled “just right.” Read More

Not Your Grandfather’s Client Newsletter

OK, kids, here’s a story about how we used to conduct the client newsletter business. Back in the day, we researched, wrote and proofread the editorial content before a layout person assembled it in a four-page, two-color template. We would usually attach some Read More

Outbound Marketing Ho! 5 Ways for Attorneys to Move Forward in 2014

For many law firms, the optimal approach for the coming year should be to combine inbound and outbound marketing for an effective one-two punch. How can you energize your outbound marketing efforts in 2014? Here are a few practical suggestions. Read More

Patient Newsletters Even More Popular for Dental Specialists

A high-quality, educational, reader-friendly digital or print newsletter, delivered consistently, can go a long, long way toward reinforcing that your practice is their best choice. Read More

Pediatric Dentists’ Marketing: Don’t Forget About Existing Patients

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to focus all of your marketing efforts on generating new patients. Yes, gaining new patients is essential for the health and growth of every pediatric dental practice―yours included. But you should never make the mistake of losing focus on retaining your existing patients. Read More

Personalize Your Client or Patient Connections with Your Newsletter

Creating your newsletter should never be a pro forma activity. It’s not simply a matter of creating content to satisfy a marketing checklist. It’s a way to build and maintain a relationship. Read More

Print Makes an Impression, Now More Than Ever

Yes, electronic newsletters are an essential part of the marketing process. But so are print newsletters. While communications technology is continually advancing, no one should expect to live in a paperless society any time in the next 200 years. We like paper too much. Read More

Prosthodontist Checkup: How Strong Are Your Referral Relationships?

Too often, prosthodontist marketing is done sporadically. Many practices engage in marketing during those periods when their patient caseloads decline. Then, when the schedule gets busy again, these well-intentioned marketing activities fall by the wayside. Read More

Psst ... E-mail Newsletters Still Work!

Most of us take e-mail for granted. We hardly remember a time before it. E-mail has changed the way we communicate—and this includes marketers. Until the 1990s, direct marketing to consumers was done by mail or phone. Both were expensive. E-mail marketing introduced many changes and innovations. Read More

Publishing a Newsletter Is Hard Work

Everyone who has ever published a newsletter knows this is true. It may sound easy enough, but newsletter publishing is hard work. That's why so many professionals begin with the best of intentions, but fail to maintain their newsletter marketing program. Read More

Re-energize Your Dental Marketing Newsletter

Newsletters can be a powerful tool for dentists. But it’s not enough to just send out a newsletter and expect it to favorably influence your practice. Your newsletter has to impact your audience for them to care about it. Read More

Read It, But Don’t Weep

Don’t just go through the motions—turn your client newsletter program into a genuine revenue-generator. Read More

Renew Acquaintances at Year End

Where have all the clients gone? If you’re like many tax and accounting professionals, your active client list may be shrinking or barely growing. Read More

Rites of Autumn: A Year-End Tax-Planning Letter

As leaves change color in many parts of the country, the time is ripe for year-end tax planning. Both individual and business clients may take advantage of numerous tax-saving opportunities based on timing of income and deductions, as well as other special tax-law provisions. But how can you get the word out to your clients in a timely and efficient manner? Read More

Seize the Opportunity When Readers Unsubscribe

If readers choose not to receive your eNewsletter, you might feel as if your program is failing. Instead of wringing your hands in frustration, use this as a learning opportunity to make your eNewsletter stronger. Here are a few steps to consider as you try to strengthen your marketing program. Read More

Seize This Year-End Opportunity

If you’re like many tax and accounting practitioners, your “busy season” typically kicks in from February 1 through April 15, around the time when tax returns are filed. Nevertheless, you may be able to create additional revenue by being more proactive throughout the rest of the year. Read More

Should You Outsource Your Professional Practice Newsletter?

When it comes to newsletter marketing, professionals must first answer a few questions. The answers will guide you as you explore how best to develop a newsletter that builds your practice and keeps you connected to your patients or clients. Read More

Show, Don’t Just Tell, in Newsletter Marketing

During my 34-year career teaching middle and high school English, I figure that I helped about 3,000 students to become better writers. To accomplish these tasks, I counseled my students to “Show. Don’t just tell.” The connection between this dictum and content marketing through client newsletters is closer than I ever imagined ... Read More

Six Ways to Generate Content for Your Newsletter

There are many reasons professional practices start a newsletter marketing program, then fail to keep it up. Consistently coming up with fresh ideas for content and articles is one of the biggest challenges practices tell us they face. Read More

Six Ways to Improve Your Newsletter

Newsletter marketing is a practical way to keep clients, potential clients and colleagues informed and connected. But choosing the right medium is only half the battle—what you say and how you say it will have a significant impact on how your practice is perceived. Follow these six steps to craft a newsletter—or improve your existing newsletter. They will help you build a successful practice. Read More

Spread the Word About Year-End Tax Planning

The 2012 Year-End Tax-Planning Letter, produced by the professionals at WPI Communications and available in both electronic and printed form at a reasonable price, encourages clients to contact you about the services your firm can provide. Read More

Target Individuals for Year-End Tax Planning

Year-end tax planning is often difficult, but this year is especially complicated due to the potential for sweeping tax reforms in the near future. Your clients will likely be looking to you, or should be looking to you, for guidance. But how can you deliver your message in a timely and efficient manner? Read More

The Accountant’s Calendar: Use the Seasons To Maximize Your Marketing

The winter doesn’t just represent the end of the year; it represents an opportunity for an accountant to explain how the tax code handles gifts and charitable contributions. The spring is tax time, but it is also a time when many people are leaving their winter homes and heading back north, presenting a perfect opportunity to discuss real estate taxes and residency issues. Read More

The Art and Science of Asking for Referrals

Asking for referrals makes many financial planners more than a little uncomfortable. It can take you far outside of your comfort zone. The good news is that there is an art and science to asking for referrals. If you do it properly, you’ll further position your practice in a professional, high caliber manner—and benefit from increased referral business. Read More

The Case for Print Newsletters

There is no denying that our world has become increasingly digital. As a result, many professional practices have gone digital with their marketing, too, and are sending their newsletters electronically. While there are certainly many advantages to sending out an e-mail newsletter (lower cost and easier data analysis, chief among them), it would be foolish to discount the benefits of a print newsletter. Consider these top three reasons for mailing a print newsletter, then make an informed decision of what is best for you and your practice. Read More

The Dangers of Creating Your Own Practice Newsletter

More and more professional practices are leveraging newsletters to build their practices, whether they are marketing directly to clients or patients, or to referring professionals. While there are a myriad of benefits to practice-building newsletters, there are pitfalls in designing, developing and delivering a newsletter yourself. Here are some of the most common dangers. Read More

The Five Critical Success Factors for Growing Your Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing

This blog post is adapted from WPI Communications’ popular white paper, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Your Professional Practice. These are the five critical success factors for a dental newsletter marketing campaign. Dentists are well advised to incorporate these important lessons into their practice newsletters. Read More

The Four Biggest Newsletter Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Newsletter marketing is a proven, inexpensive and effective way to build customer loyalty and generate referrals. It also seems deceptively easy—emphasis on “deceptively.” People make many mistakes when producing their newsletters. Here are a few of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Read More

The New Tax Law: Opportunity Knocks

No matter what the delivery method for the content, the underlying message should essentially be the same: Consider the implications under the new tax law and react accordingly. Read More

The Power of Third Parties for Expanding Referrals

The content of your newsletter may not be of prime interest to these professionals, but it projects a good image of you and your practice. When one of those third-party professionals is asked for a recommendation, your practice will come to mind first. Read More

Three Ways a Client Newsletter Can Help Build Your Law Practice

When you leave the hard sell behind and begin to share valuable information free of charge, your audience perceives you as being helpful and caring instead of being a business that’s focused solely on its bottom line. Read More

Three Ways to Call Your Newsletter Readers to Action

Make sure that among the valuable information you provide in your newsletter, you also include a call to action. Read More

Three Ways to Make Your eNewsletter Action Oriented

Newsletters are valuable tools for professional practices seeking to build loyalty and credibility among their existing patient or client base. But are you using your newsletter to encourage readers to take actions that help build your practice? Here are three ways to ensure your newsletters are action oriented. Read More

Tips for Double-checking Your Dental Newsletter

Every communication you have with your patients is important. Whether it’s a phone message or a visit to your office, each interaction represents your practice. The same is true for your dental marketing newsletter. To ensure you always convey the best possible impression, it’s critical that your newsletters are professional and error-free. Read More

Top Five Mistakes Professional Practices Make with Newsletters

As newsletter marketing becomes more and more popular, many professional practices are using this tool very effectively. But we are also seeing some common mistakes being made. Let’s talk about the top five mistakes in newsletter marketing, so you can avoid them and win big with your practice newsletter. Read More

Update Your Website at Year End

A website is often the first and last impression that clients and prospects have of a tax and accounting practice. It “sets the tone” for the way you do business. If you haven’t already set up a website for your firm, don’t delay any longer. Read More

Use Your Newsletter to Position Yourself as a Trusted Adviser

Marketing—good marketing—is all about developing strong relationships that last. It’s about developing loyalty and, yes, creating trust. Read More

Veterinarians: Keep Your Newsletter Audience in Mind

Before your newsletter goes out, look at each piece as a client would and ask yourself, “So what?” If you can’t come up with an answer, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and rework the piece to increase its relevance to your readers. Read More

What Are You Saying in Marketing E-mails?

Technology makes it relatively easy for accountants to “reach out and touch” their clients. A staff member doesn’t have to pick up the telephone to call each one individually. Simply arrange an e-mail “blast,” and you can contact every one on your client list with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Read More

What Is the Most Important Ingredient in Your Newsletter Marketing Program?

Plenty of factors go into a successful newsletter marketing program for professional practices. From the list to the distribution to the measurement, there are many more steps and considerations than meet the eye. So what’s the most important factor? Read More

What Kind of Shape Is Your Practice In?

I've struck up a friendship with a guy who works out at my gym. My workout buddy, let’s call him Arnold, is a CPA with a well-established practice. I sometimes try to engage him about taxes and the accounting profession. It turns out that Arnold is practically working with blinders on. All he wants to do is churn out tax returns in the beginning of the year ... Read More

What’s the Return on Investment of Law Firm Newsletters?

Do attorney newsletters for clients really have an ROI? Norman Clark, founder of Walker Clark, LLC, described a discussion he participated in with a group of law firm partners about the value of newsletters. Not surprisingly, participants agreed that the best newsletters are the ones with news their clients can actually put to use. Read More

When Accountants Exchange Holiday Gifts, They Can’t Forget Their Clients

Perhaps the best way to transfer the gift of information is through an electronic or physical newsletter. It is relatively inexpensive. If your firm is not already producing one, a newsletter marketing company can create one for you. Read More

When to Go to the Experts

As the leader of your professional practice, it is tempting to try to manage all of its areas and aspects yourself. You’re used to diving in head first, learning on the go and making tough decisions. But sometimes going to an expert is the best—and smartest—way to help your professional practice grow. Read More

When to Write About Accounting, and When to Write About the Accountant

When generating a newsletter, one should always focus on creating content that targets the client’s interests. It’s an easy rule to follow. Except, like many rules, there are circumstances when you should absolutely break it. Here are a couple: Read More

Why a Newsletter that Isn’t Consistent Isn’t Effective

For just about any marketing initiative anywhere to be successful, it must be consistent. This is especially true for dental marketing newsletters sent to patients. Let’s explore what it means to be consistent. It may just mean more than you think. Read More

Why Endodontists Should Have a Referral Newsletter

Newsletter marketing is an increasingly popular tool used by endodontists to reach influential referring dentists. Here are the top five reasons endodondists are leveraging referral newsletters. Read More

Why Newsletters Are Better Than Blogs for Professional Practice Marketing

Content marketing is an important tool in communicating expertise to current and future clients or patients. When it comes to blogging or newsletter marketing, many professionals question which tool is “better.” Read More

Why Should Oral Surgeons Use Newsletter Marketing?

The answer to this question is simple. There is really one ultimate reason why oral surgeons should use newsletter marketing to build their practice―to generate a reliable and ongoing stream of professional referrals. This is a more important objective than ever before. Oral surgery is an increasingly competitive specialty, with more and more dentists doing it themselves. As you well know, referrals are more difficult to obtain than ever before. This makes referrals from other dentists more valuable than ever. Read More

With a Client Newsletter, Your Law Firm Will Be the “First Call”

How do you dramatically improve the likelihood that they’ll call you for all their legal needs—on an ongoing basis? The “secret” is no mystery at all. Simply by keeping in touch and educating your clients along the way, you will increase the odds that they will call you. And for a busy law firm, the easiest, most effective, most targeted way to do that is with a client newsletter for attorneys. Read More

Writing to Your Audience: Find Your “Voice”

If your marketing is directed at clients or patients, employ a less formal voice, one that makes your content easy to understand and expressed in laymen’s terms. Read More

Year-End Tax-Planning Letter Incorporates Business Ideas

Small-business owners are facing a predicament at the end of 2017. Year-end tax planning, which is typically difficult, is even more complicated this year due to the potential for sweeping tax reforms. This has left many business owners in a quandary. Read More

You Can Be Your Newsletter’s Most Valuable Asset

Your personality and personal stories can do more than convey information. They also help build connections with your readers. Sharing these interests makes you more human to your readers—and they might discover shared interests with you ... Read More

Your Clients Take It Personally

The more you’re able to personalize communications with clients, the better. This will help separate your firm or practice from the faceless corporations that many consumers detest. Read More

Your Dental Newsletter Marketing Should Be Like Regular Brushing and Flossing

For your dental marketing newsletter to be effective, it has to be a regular part of your practice’s routine. As is the case with fundamental dental hygiene such as brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dentist, your newsletter must be a predictable and ongoing part of your dental marketing routine. Read More

’Tis the Season for Marketing Accounting Services

Autumn is the optimal time to rev up the marketing machine. By alerting your clients to the tax-saving opportunities available through year-end planning—which can literally “make or break” a client’s tax situation—you can drum up more business for your firm that isn’t directly related to filing returns. Read More