Can “Mommy Bloggers” Help Your Dental Practice?

July 28, 2015    By Becky Sheetz ()


Even if you’ve never heard of “mommy bloggers,” you can get a pretty good idea of what that term means from the name. There are many such blogs, some of which are read by thousands and even tens of thousands of occasional and regular visitors. Many of these mommy blogs include reviews of products as well as local businesses and services, personal stories, do-it-yourself tips and other “life hacks.” These blogs are designed to make their readers’ lives easier, and to give them information and encouragement along the way.

Top Mommy Blogs lists its top 25 mommy bloggers, and public relations resource Cision lists its Top 50 U.S. Mom Bloggers. Yes, mommy blogs have really taken off.

Who reads mommy blogs? Hulafrog, a blog with a national network, polled its followers. They found that these readers are

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So what does this mean for dentists?

This is all interesting information, but what does it have to do with your dental practice? The answer is that mommy bloggers in your community have considerable influence on their readers. And women make the majority of purchasing decisions for the family when it comes to health matters, including dental care.  

I did a search in my community and very quickly found a surprising number of these writers. At the top of the list were Beltway Bargain Mom and Northern Virginia Housewives. The social media icon tells me that I have friends who follow these bloggers—mainly moms, but at least one dad.

In neighborhoods all over the country, bloggers like these are mothers with strong ties to their local communities. They’re influential, relatable, trusted, impartial—and they care about the same things their readers care about. These are women who, if they talk positively about your dental practice, will benefit you greatly.

Are any of your patients mommy bloggers? You can ask your dental patients (mostly the women) if they read any local mommy blogs, and if so, whose? The blogger just might be a patient! Or, you can do a Google search for mommy bloggers in your area.

Consider partnering with an influential local mommy blogger. But remember, one of the reasons their blogs are read is because they present themselves as impartial. You don’t want to compromise that impartiality. However, if the blogger uses your dental services, or brings her family, chances are she has something positive to say about you and your team. Maybe she would be open to having you write about a particular topic of interest or treatment option that would benefit her readers. It doesn’t have to be a “hard sell,” but it would inform visitors to her mommy blog that you’re the professional she trusts.

Unless you already know you have a mommy blogger or two among your patient base, you can do a little research. The result could mean a lot for your practice.

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