Boost Your Reputation

June 27, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Boost Your Reputation

You might say that your image is your greatest asset as a dentist. But do you ever ask yourself, what makes a reputation?

Your answer may lie in the quality of care you provide. Maybe you point to your education, teaching credentials, years practicing dentistry or advanced procedures at which you’re highly proficient.

If these are part of your story, they are absolutely important aspects to your credit. But there’s more to your public persona, and you may even be missing some of the most important components.

Your brand is the value of your name, and how favorably your practice is viewed in the community. So while your educational pedigree, teaching credentials (where applicable) and other distinctions are critical, what matters is that others know about them. And by others, it’s more than a small handful of your peers. We mean the entire community of patients, referring colleagues and other influential people. That’s what makes for a great following.

Without those of influence knowing about you, your renown will fade except among precious few. While that handful of individuals is important, you need to do more to build a thriving dental practice.

Share your message
Dentists successful at marketing their practices understand that it’s not enough to be an outstanding clinician. They realize that they need to consistently and tastefully share that essential message. Newsletters are an ongoing and powerful way to remind your audience on a monthly or quarterly basis that you’re the trusted resource. Quality newsletters are content marketing that provides educational insights. With newsletters, you reinforce your expertise in a way that benefits your readers.

Regardless of whether they read every article or skim for highlights, you’ll create a powerful and lasting impression by sending high-quality, content-filled newsletters. By keeping you top-of-mind, newsletters are a way to build relationships.

Bonus ways to extend yourself with a newsletter
Here are some additional ways savvy dentists use newsletters to grow their dental practices and further build excellent reputations.

Highlight testimonials—You can provide a testimonial from a patient or a referring physician or dentist in your newsletter. Of course, you’ll need to get their permission. These are especially powerful when they tell a story of how you helped patients overcome fears or dramatically improved how they felt about themselves.

Share reviews—You can highlight some outstanding patient comments in your newsletter and even link to others. This is a good reminder to patients that you value their online feedback.

Reward referrals—Use your newsletter to promote any incentives you have for patients to refer friends or colleagues. These are valuable ways to convey to your readers that you always appreciate their referrals.

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