Boost Appointment Bookings with Your Dental eNewsletter

November 17, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Boost Appointment Bookings with Your Dental eNewsletter

Dental patient newsletters can be an indispensable practice-building tool for you, if they are executed well. Be sure you have clear goals when planning and executing your dental newsletter strategy. These should include boosting patient appointments. And, if your practice is proactive on the Internet and social media, you can use your newsletters to increase your online presence, and even gain new patients.

To reach your dental marketing goals, be sure your newsletter includes these best practice essentials:

Practice contact information
A lack of contact information can be one of the biggest “misses” in patient newsletters from dentists. If you use an eNewsletter, open your most recent issue. Pretend you’re a patient. How easily can you contact your office from that newsletter? Is the contact information easy to find? Is it clearly visible? Does the link for the e-mail address work? If you have the ability to book an appointment online, is it displayed clearly, and is it easy to use? Check it on your cell phone too. Can you click on your telephone number and call your office easily?

These little things may sound tedious, but they can make the difference between a patient’s calling or e-mailing your office and booking an appointment right now, or having them postpone that indefinitely. Patients expect ease and convenience today. Thus, they will be happier with your practice if you make this step easy.

Link to your website
Be sure that the link to your website is easy for readers to find and that the link always works. We advise that you test the links before you distribute your newsletter. This is one of those fundamentals that can too easily be missed.

Feature social media buttons
Always be mindful of boosting your social media presence. Including those icons in your newsletter is an easy and passive way to give your readers an opportunity to follow you on their preferred social media platforms. And seeing those icons reinforces to them that your practice values staying current with social media tools as a service to your patients.

Dentist or practice photo
Add a personal touch to your newsletter by including a photograph of the dentist and his or her family, or an inviting image of the practice staff. Your photo should be professionally taken, with good lighting. Here are 4 Dos and Don’ts for Your Social Media Headshot. Cutting corners here can make your practice look less than the very best.

Calls to action
Consider whether you have a call to action on every newsletter you send. While it’s not mandatory to always have one, at least consider whether one may be appropriate. This can be an entry in a contest to win a service or prize, a free gift for referring a friend, a discount on a cleaning appointment or teeth whitening, an opportunity to take advantage of a flexible spending account before the end of the year—or more. Whatever you choose, let your newsletter be an opportunity to help your patients take advantage of your offer.

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