Before You Try Writing a Dental Practice Blog, Read This

December 20, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Before You Try Writing a Dental Practice Blog, Read This

Dental marketing blogs are growing in popularity, and we can understand why. The Internet is a potentially powerful force for reaching new patients. Certainly, high-quality blogs that meet the criteria we describe below can be assets for dentists. But dentists must know: not all blogs are created equally. And just because something is called a “blog” doesn’t mean that it really is a blog.

An interesting dental marketing trend is for website vendors to sell dentists prepackaged, general content and upload that to the dentists’ blog. This is probably useful for search engine optimization, because these blog posts are rich with keywords that could entice online searchers looking for implants or other services. But what these services call a blog is really fairly far removed from what a blog really is. And here’s why:

A blog is unique
A blog contains the unique voice of its author. When dentists purchase these blog post resources from vendors, they may not know that the exact same content can be and is used by hundreds of other dentists. Readers know that it is not genuine and don’t regard it as useful.

In fact, just today I saw a dentist in my community with a blog post meant to speak to local readers. But the mass-produced blog post repeatedly had the wrong city listed in the headline and throughout the supporting copy. In fact, the town listed is on the other side of the country. What’s more, it had been posted six weeks ago, so neither the dentist or the vendor noticed. Yikes!

The voice is genuine
Blogs written by dentists or dental office staff that tell stories or educate about treatments are useful and meaningful to their patients or prospective patients. These have the authentic voice of the author, which is really what blogs are supposed to be about. You don’t have that with posts that are mass produced by an external firm.

Good blogs are well designed and easy to skim
Be sure that your blog and posts are well designed and formatted and easy to skim. Long paragraphs of text and visually unappealing formatting don’t draw readers in to stay on the page.

Such blogs may drive some traffic to your website, but they will not drive quality traffic, increase your reputation as a skilled professional or build patient loyalty.

Should you blog?
Time, talent and desire, combined with an overall strategy of what you want to do with your blog, would position you as an excellent candidate for a dental marketing blog. But be sure it meets the criteria listed above.

If, like most dentists, you aren’t able to contribute regularly to a dental blog with a unique, genuine voice in an easy-to-skim format—but you want to benefit from the power of professional content marketing that allows you to stand out, and for which you’ll be the only dentist to benefit in your community—consider newsletter marketing, which has many benefits and the #1 Benefit of Newsletter Marketing: Building Relationships.

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