Are Your Patients Motivated by Fact or Emotion?

October 27, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

Are Your Patients Motivated by Fact or Emotion?

What drives your patients’ dental decision-making? Is it the facts about treatments? Or, are they motivated by their emotions? Perhaps it’s a 50/50 combination of the two. In Dental Economics Michael Kesner, DDS, reveals some data about case acceptance and patient decision-making that we’d like to share with you. We know it will benefit your dental practice.

Emotion and dental case acceptance

The average rate of case acceptance is only 23%. Why is this number so low? Whether you are above or below average, this is certainly a question you’ve evaluated at your practice. Every dentist we’ve talked with would like to boost case acceptance.

The data about emotion versus facts may surprise you. Dr. Kesner cites that only 15% of a dental decision is based upon the facts, while a whopping 85% is emotion driven. That 85%, he says, is based on such factors as how they feel about

This high number for the emotional impact may come as a surprise to many dentists whose practices spend so much time giving patients information to help them make a rational, intellectual decision about the treatment they need. That information is important, of course, but don’t neglect other key decision-making factors of your patients.

Keep the facts in perspective

Also, be mindful that patients don’t begin to remember all the facts they learn about a treatment option. In fact, Dr. Kesner says that patients remember only 6% of the facts their dentist tells them. He believes that low number has to do with the reason that the rational part of the decision-making is only 15%, along with the overall low case acceptance rate.

Newsletters connect fact and emotion

At WPI Communications, we are big believers in patient education. Patients need to be informed to make good decisions. Dental patient newsletters are powerful tools to connect patients’ rational decision-making with their emotional factors. Newsletters such as Dental Bites eNewsletter, Perio Health eNewsletter and Pediatric Dental Bites eNewsletter provide useful fact-based information on dental health and treatment options.

But more than that, they create a favorable emotional “feeling” from the patient for the practice that sends them newsletters. Dental eNewsletters remind the patient that the dentist values their dental health and keeps the practice top of mind. Newsletters create ongoing favorable impressions. All these factors are important for case acceptance. Dental patient newsletters offer a sweet reminder to take care of teeth and gums too.

Never underestimate the importance of how your patients “feel” about your practice. If you have never used dental marketing newsletters, contact us today to find out how they can boost your case acceptance.

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