Are Dental Newsletters Worth the Money?

July 6, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Are Dental Newsletters Worth the Money?

You might imagine, as a newsletter marketing company for dentists, that we frequently hear questions about the cost-effectiveness of newsletters. “Are they worth it?” and “Will it help me grow my practice?” are the top questions dentists ask when they begin to evaluate our services.

Cost-effectiveness of professional referral newsletters

There are two types of dental newsletters. Referral newsletters are used by dental specialists to reach their professional colleagues and keep them informed of the latest developments and updates in their specialty. Endodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists and orthodontists all use such newsletters as tools to market directly to referring dentists and physicians.

It’s easy to make the case for the cost-effectiveness of referral-generating newsletters. Dental specialists tell us that just one patient new to their practice typically pays for an entire year of the newsletter program. Imagine a newsletter that consistently reaches out to a broad section of current and potential referring dentists in your practice area. One new referral relationship could result in many new patients for you.

Establishing new referral relationships is a key objective of newsletters, but so too is using newsletters to reach your existing referring physicians and dentists. Their effectiveness is seen in relationships maintained, and even further developed, as well.

Cost-effectiveness of direct-to-patient newsletters

Direct-to-patient eNewsletters are written and designed for patients, so they don’t contain the technical information of referral newsletters. The cost-effectiveness of dental patient newsletters may seem difficult to gauge because the name of the game with patient newsletters is building loyalty and keeping your practice healthy.

The average dentist retains only about 31% of patients. For your practice to thrive, you’ll need to beat the average.

The best way to assess the success of a patient newsletter is to measure your patient retention rate before and after the newsletter marketing program is started. That’s how you’ll know if the program is worth it. And we’re confident that if you’re accurately measuring the success of the program, you’ll see patient retention increase.

Can you afford it?

If you think newsletter marketing—or any type of marketing—is expensive, the alternative is much more costly. The type of dental marketing that will cost your practice the most is doing nothing. Unless you are the only dentist in town, you can’t afford that.

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