A Newsletter Is an Easy Way to Connect

October 6, 2016    By Erin Kelly

A Newsletter Is an Easy Way to Connect

Give your clients, patients, visitors and colleagues an easy way to connect with you. Besides the usual handshake, another kind gesture is to offer your newsletter as a way to open the door for future conversations. Newsletters that are available to those who are waiting to meet you or those given as a parting gift will allow an opportunity for you to open communication.

Keep the conversation focused:

Having a newsletter in hand, with your contact information on it in large print, creates a tangible impression. Whether they are handed to visitors in your office or brought with you to conferences to be used as a networking tool, newsletters provide a conversation piece. Shared experiences, including reading, create an opportunity for a bond between an audience and yourself. Giving someone a newsletter creates a chance for you to get into the hearts and minds of those who meet you. Let them know what might pertain to them within the newsletter, and invite further questions. Tell them to let you know their thoughts or if they have any questions once they finish reading.

Let them unplug and recharge

Clients and patients may rarely visit a library or bookstore, but they often look forward to a few moments of relaxation and reading when they visit your office. Millennials will surprise you with their eagerness to read printed material. Free Internet content found by Web surfing is often viewed with skepticism because it is rarely fact checked and it will disappear, once facts emerge. Printed and professionally produced articles are valued and perceived as trustworthy guidance. People like to unplug and recharge with printed material in their hands, and they will be grateful to you for the perfectly sized and well-designed newsletter that allows them insight into your area of expertise.

Give them a reason to think of you as an expert

Your colleagues will enjoy snapshots of the latest relevant articles without having to pore through hundreds of pages of professional journals or Internet research. Visitors or everyday laypeople will be given insight into your professional services: Our newsletters have an entire team ensuring that your finished product uses proper industry specific language (for medical or legal content). Everything is fact checked. Professional writers capture the essence of current industry trends, and design is carefully crafted by professionals who make the content pleasing to the eye, while easy on the reader.

Your newsletter is easy to share

Evocative content within your newsletter will drive readers to action, whether you present it to new patients or loyal ones. Newsletter content can be shared across social media through your Web site, Facebook, LinkedIn or e-mail. Always remember, A Newsletter by Any Other Name Is Still a Newsletter. You decide who you want to reach, how you want to reach your audience, and results can be measured by future foot traffic to your door.

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