6 Reasons to Use a Newsletter to Educate Your Patients

December 1, 2016    By Becky Sheetz ()

6 Reasons to Use a Newsletter to Educate Your Patients

You’ve heard of newsletter marketing for dentists. Perhaps you’ve even sent some patient newsletters in the past. Certainly, you have colleagues who send dental marketing eNewsletters to patients. But are you fully aware of the power of these tools for patient education? Here are six ways newsletters can help you educate your patients—and build your practice in the process.

1. You have competition. Dentists don’t always view their peers as competitors, but certainly you’re aware that your patients have choices. Dental newsletters help educate your patients to show that you have the expertise to meet their dental needs. But more than that, newsletters show your patients that you care enough about their health and well-being to send them a valuable monthly resource, at no cost to them.

2. They will be more likely to come to you for treatment, rather than respond to a coupon they receive. Patient loyalty is essential to your healthy practice. By educating your patients and staying in contact with them through your newsletter, you reinforce that yours is the practice to trust. This decreases the likelihood that they’ll be wooed away by a postcard or mailing they receive from another practice.

3. Remind them of other ways you can help them. If you aren’t educating your patients about the various services and treatments you offer, how can they know all of the ways you can help them? We’ve seen dentists make the mistake of assuming that patients know about their newer and more complex services. But, typically, people will know you for how you’ve helped them in the past—and little more. A newsletter is an ideal educational way to subtly and professionally remind patients of other ways you can benefit their oral health. Newsletters help them to place intellect above fear: Are Your Patients Motivated by Fact or Emotion?

4. Messages must be repeated. It’s great to tell patients when they’re in your office that you now offer implant services, for example, but people are busy, and each of us has a lot on our minds. Compound that with the pervasiveness of social media and other forms of constant communication, and it’s necessary to hear a message multiple times. This certainly applies to your practice. Your patients must hear your message repeatedly—not just once or twice. A newsletter can be a powerful, yet subtle, tool to that end.

5. They make better patients. It’s no coincidence that many dentists say their best educated patients are also their best patients. Newsletters inform them of dental conditions and treatment options. With regular reminders, they also keep even your busiest patients on track for treatments.

6. Remind them you value referrals. It would be nice if patients were constantly thinking of opportunities to refer you to friends and family, but that’s rarely the case, regardless of how much they like you. But dental newsletters remind them that you value their kind words by promoting referral programs, or simply by using the newsletter as a forum to say thank you. Contact us to learn more ways to use a newsletter.

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