6 Reasons Newsletter Marketing Is Effective for Periodontists

February 20, 2018    By Becky Sheetz ()

6 Reasons Newsletter Marketing Is Effective for Periodontists

Periodontists have a unique opportunity with their newsletter marketing. They can target referring dentists and physicians, or they can send eNewsletters directly to their patients.

Here are six reasons why newsletter marketing—to patients and to referring professionals—is one of the most effective types of marketing for periodontists:

1. Content matters—when it’s from a reliable source
As a periodontist, you are a reputable source of knowledge in your community. This is true for both audiences: patients and referring medical professionals. We think this is reflected in a statistic Steve shared in “Why a Newsletter Can Be Successful for Dentists,” an article he wrote for Dentistry Today. As he wrote, eNewsletters generate a higher response rate than do postcards—another popular form of dental marketing. For context, on average, eNewsletters drive 17 calls for every 10 from a postcard, giving them a 70% higher response rate.

Good newsletters are content-forward and valuable for readers.

2. Out of sight, out of mind
Newsletters keep your name and practice in front of patients and referring dentists and physicians. For patients, newsletters are useful reminders to stay on track with their oral care. It’s easy for patients to allow routine treatments and follow-ups to lapse. It’s not in their best interest, but it happens. But even beyond that, most periodontists recognize that their patients receive postcards, see online ads and hear word-of-mouth referrals promoting other dentists.

It’s important to keep your name in front of your patients in a meaningful and ongoing way.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is equally true with referring professionals. Dentists and physicians have choices when referring a patient. It’s important to maintain ongoing visibility, which newsletters make possible.

Great relationships are the basis for building referrals. Newsletters reinforce this essential loyalty. If you are not using periodontal newsletter marketing, how do you regularly remind referring dentists and physicians that you are the expert they can trust?

3. Build essential credibility
The goal of periodontists is to be perceived as an authority. Who wants to be treated by, or refer patients to, a periodontist who is “satisfactory”? Newsletters reinforce the message that your practice possesses sought-after expertise.

Issue after issue, newsletters subtly and professionally showcase your periodontics practice as the area’s most preeminent. Again, this is accomplished with education-forward newsletters.

4. Newsletters show you care about your patients and your dental community
In an age where “information” is abundant, a newsletter from a trusted periodontist cuts through the clutter. By sending a periodontal marketing newsletter to your patients, you impress upon each and every reader that you care about them and their dental health. You care enough to send current, useful, meaningful content that is easy to digest.

For referring physicians and dentists, you create the enviable impression that you are on the leading edge of periodontics in your community—and that you care enough about your recipients to deliver high-quality content that will keep them informed and educated, and enable them to best meet the needs of their patients. This is what referring dentists seek in a periodontist they can trust with their patients.

In both cases, the periodontal marketing newsletter points back to you as the source of expertise.

This doesn’t need to be done to excess. Newsletters sent with an appropriate frequency are more likely to be read than are those sent so often that they are taken for granted. With educational periodontal newsletters, less is more. In our experience, a monthly newsletter is optimal for patients, and a quarterly newsletter is ideal for busy referring professionals.

5. Extend the benefits of your periodontal newsletter
Newsletters should not be seen as just one isolated periodontal marketing program. Articles can be repurposed in blog posts, shared on social media and posted on your website. You can maximize the value and impression of your newsletter even further by keeping paper copies of Perio Health eNewsletter in your waiting area, too, as some of our clients already do.

Newsletters keep you engaged with your audience, and by doing so, help you generate fresh ideas for new content.

If the articles are credible and patients believe their colleagues and friends will benefit from them, they will likely share your digital newsletters. Print newsletters, such as Update on Periodontics and Periodontics Report, often have a long shelf life in medical and dental offices.

6. Low-risk periodontal marketing with a newsletter
Newsletter marketing is eminently cost-effective, particularly compared with other types of dental marketing. E-mail marketing is a very easy and efficient way to reach patients. And, once periodontists get into the rhythm of developing a referral-generating newsletter for colleagues, which is most effective in print, that process gets simpler, too.

Make it as easy as possible for your practice
The best way to make the process of newsletter marketing as easy and effective as possible for your busy periodontics office is to outsource it. An outsourced program that provides everything from content development to distribution makes newsletters a low-cost, high-impact way to communicate your professional expertise.

Whether you use newsletters already or you want to start using them, your practice will benefit from a greater understanding of essential marketing trends. To learn more, download WPI Communications’ 7 Major Marketing Trends: How Your Practice Can Take Advantage of Them with a Newsletter.

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