5 Ways to Make Your Endodontics Practice Successful

March 22, 2018    By Becky Sheetz ()

5 Ways to Make Your Endodontics Practice Successful

It’s not a secret: In addition to expertise, the clear and obvious key to a successful endodontics practice is relationships. This article shares insight and perspective from two successful endodontists—Dr. Gary Glassman and Dr. Louis H. Berman—each with decades of experience building their practices.

Dr. Gary Glassman is a partner at Endodontic Specialists in Downtown Yorkville, Toronto. He has been an endodontist for 30 years and has used WPI Communications, Inc.’s endodontics newsletters for more than 20. As Dr. Glassman discusses in his interview about dental newsletter marketing success, newsletters have had a measurable impact on his practice’s relationship-building.

Dr. Glassman has found that newsletters help keep his practice’s brand in front of other dentists so they think of him when it’s time to make a referral to an endodontist. Because he measures the tactics that lead to his endodontic marketing success, Dr. Glassman recognizes the direct correlation between dental newsletters and his strong dental referral base.

With that said, here are five key ways to make your endodontics practice successful:

1. Stand out with print
Endodontics Newsletter and Update on Endodontics are print newsletters from WPI Communications that Dr. Glassman uses every quarter. Even with the ubiquity of e-mail and digital marketing, Dr. Glassman has found in his decades of experience that print is more successful in reaching dentists. He believes this is because dentists can put printed materials aside and come back to them when they have time to study. He does see value in digital marketing, too, which provides the option of sending the print newsletter electronically—if a practice did not receive it or makes that request.

Another unique benefit of using print newsletters that Dr. Glassman particularly appreciates is the geographic exclusivity. His is the only practice in his particular geographic location that can use these endodontics newsletters. In this way, he continues to build his reputation and nurture his relationships with each high-quality, informative newsletter.

Read more of Dr. Glassman’s endodontics newsletter marketing tips.

As Louis H. Berman, DDS, FACD recently echoed in Dental Economics, relationships with referring dentists are his key to success. With more than 30 years’ owning a successful endodontics practice, Dr. Berman recognizes that availability is an important part of that relationship.

2. Go above and beyond
Much of Dr. Berman’s advice can be summed up in these words: Impress the patient and the referring dentist by going above and beyond. Schedule the patient’s appointment as soon as possible. If he’s in pain, do what you can to see him quickly. This sends a powerful message to the referring dentist that you’ll do what it takes to treat her patient like a VIP. This makes a difference when she makes future endodontic referrals.

3. Sing the referring dentist’s praises
In addition to providing excellent patient care and going above and beyond, one of the most thoughtful compliments you can pay to a referring dentist is to say positive things about her to the referred patient. If you think the referring dentist’s work was outstanding, innovative or otherwise noteworthy, tell the patient. If you know the referring dentist has a great reputation or is active in philanthropic or community events, talk it up. This will help build your goodwill with the patient, and it will very often get back to the dentist. Besides, positivity makes everyone feel good and makes a great impression about your practice.

Who wouldn’t want to make a referral to an endodontist that does excellent work, treats the referring dentist’s patient like a VIP and sends accolades back to the dentist?

4. Become known as the expert
Dr. Berman adds that visibility is important to relationships. Giving presentations at dental society meetings or sending relevant journal articles to your colleagues will ensure that you are being seen in the community. “When you look like the expert, you'll be perceived as the expert,” claims Dr. Berman.

A consistent and repeatable way to stay in front of referring dentists and be viewed as the expert in endodontics is through a high-quality newsletter. This is an eminently professional way to deliver valuable, insightful content to a broad audience of potential referral sources and be sure that your practice stands out. You will regularly remind local dentists that you are the expert they can trust with their patients. Even if you don’t have any upcoming presentations or events scheduled, newsletters continue to work for you.

5. Stay in front of them
If you want to build more and better referral relationships, it’s not enough to be an expert; you must be known as the expert. And it’s not enough to have once been known as the expert but no longer be on dentists’ proverbial radars. To build an endodontics practice that receives a steady flow of referrals, you need to keep your practice in front of referring dentists.

Newsletter marketing programs like Endodontics Newsletter and Update on Endodontics keep your name in front of referring dentists on a regular basis, continually associating you with new developments and updates in endodontics. They demonstrate that you value the relationship enough to send them high-quality, educational newsletters that will help them provide the best care for their patients.

If relationships matter to you, what will you do to subtly and professionally keep your practice out in front of referring dentists all year long?

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