5 Inexpensive and Proven Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

February 13, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

5 Inexpensive and Proven Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

Do you want to expand your dental patient base, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to do it? No problem. Here are five high-impact, cost-effective marketing tools you can use.

1. Leverage the power of e-mail marketing
E-mail marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to ensure that you stay in contact with your current and prospective patients. Dental Bites eNewsletter gives you the power to subtly and professionally market your services, while informing and educating your readers. This is a cost-effective way to show your patients that you care about their health.

Also available are Perio Health eNewsletter and Pediatric Dental Bites eNewsletter.

2. Learn from your patients
There is a wealth of knowledge about how to grow your patient base—and it’s right there in front of you in your patient database. You can survey your patients to find out their level of satisfaction with your practice. These questions are important because a loyal patient base is the foundation of a successful practice. Take seriously any possible areas of concern.

You can ask them what they value most about your practice and other questions that will help you highlight your differentiators on your website and other marketing channels.

3. Encourage patient reviews
Patient reviews on sites like Google, Yelp and others are extremely valuable. Generating them isn’t costly, but it does require some effort on your part. Remind your patients through office signage and your patient newsletter that you value those reviews. Some dentists have Internet kiosks in their offices for satisfied patients to post reviews. Another easy way to do this is to include links to review sites in your dental patient eNewsletter.

4. Promote your patient referral program
Do you offer incentives for referrals who become patients? If not, we suggest that you consider doing so. If you do offer incentives, do you get the word out about these programs and make it easy for patients to send referrals your way? Both of these objectives can be accomplished handily with a patient eNewsletter!

5. Do a lost case analysis
A lost case analysis is the art and science of learning why patients left your practice. This doesn’t include those who left the area, but those who chose another practice over yours or who chose to take no action at all for their dental health. Many dentists make assumptions for why they think they lost patients, but rarely do they take the extra step of contacting those patients to learn why. In some cases, reaching out may be enough to bring wayward patients back to the fold, which is valuable considering that acquiring new patients can cost 25 times more than retaining them.

We recommend you have a member of your staff who doesn’t have much contact with patients make these calls. Patients may be less likely to be candid with someone they know because they won’t want to hurt feelings. Some practices use an outside consultant because patients are more likely to be open and honest with a third party.

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