3 Easy Steps to Build Your Prosthodontics Practice

February 8, 2018    By Becky Sheetz ()

3 Easy Steps to Build Your Prosthodontics Practice

You and your team are trusted to provide exceptional patient care. Daily, you are challenged to perform to the absolute highest standards so that each and every one of your patients will be pain-free and confident. They will be pleased with their decision to trust you with the complex and demanding treatments performed by prosthodontists.

We know from the prosthodontists we work with that you take that responsibility very seriously.

Our responsibility at WPI Communications, Inc., is to provide the very best referral-generating newsletters for each of our clients. For prosthodontists, we help you reach as many dentists as possible in your practice area with high-quality, relevant content. We do this because it helps prosthodontists build their practices by broadening and deepening their relationships with referring dentists. And just like you, we take that charge very seriously.

Building your prosthodontics practice requires specialization
To build your prosthodontics practice, you need both kinds of expertise—domain expertise in your dental specialty, as well as the marketing expertise of referral-generating newsletters.

That’s why the practice-building, referral-generating newsletters we offer are known for being well researched by trusted experts.

Report on Prosthodontics is edited by Dr. Lisa A. Lang, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of General Practice and Materials Science at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Dr. Lang is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

Prosthodontics Newsletter is edited by Dr. David Cagna, who has an active private practice at The University of Tennessee Dental Faculty Practice where he manages all phases of clinical and laboratory prosthodontic patient care. He is also Associate Dean for Postgraduate Affairs, as well as Professor and the Director of the Advanced Prosthodontics Program in the Department of Prosthodontics at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.

A newsletter can help build your prosthodontics practice
Prosthodontics is a complex specialty, and building a solid referral pipeline requires strategic thinking and precise execution. A newsletter is an easy, repeatable and professional way for you to market your practice. Here are three steps to help you get there:

1. Envision your perfect patient base
Think about the types of patients you would like to treat. Who are your “best” patients, and what are their characteristics? What makes them the “best” patients for your prosthodontics practice?

In answering this question, consider your specific objectives for your practice. Perhaps you are looking to sell your practice or bring in an associate. Consider the types of patients you will need to attract for that to occur.

2. Build your perfect referring dentist list
Once you have a firm picture of your ideal patient base, you can set to work determining which referring dentists will be most influential in helping you achieve that desired goal. Are your current referring dentists enabling you to reach this objective? Why or why not?

There are many marketing methods you can employ to reach this list of referring dentists. Phone calls and face-to-face meetings can be extremely useful, but, as you probably know, they aren’t always easy to arrange. An effective way to reach referring dentists is with a referral-generating newsletter.

To build your ideal practice, your database will need to be current and large. Feel free to include dentists who you might not personally know. Sending them a quality newsletter is a great way to introduce yourself. Your list should also be updated regularly, because 10% to 20% of addresses on most mailing lists are inaccurate after only one year.

3. Distribute your dental marketing newsletter
The final step to reach your ideal patient base is to distribute a content-rich, relevant newsletter to all your potential referral sources. Be sure this includes those sought-after target demographics mentioned in step one. This way, you will stay top-of-mind with influential referral sources all year long in a professional, subtle and cost-effective way.

Other benefits of marketing your prosthodontics practice with a newsletter include the following:

The way to build your ideal prosthodontics practice is by expanding and enhancing your referral relationships. And the proven and cost-effective method of doing so is with a prosthodontics newsletter. Learn more about how Report on Prosthodontics and Prosthodontics Newsletter can help you grow your prosthodontics practice.

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