3 Big Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make

May 17, 2017    By Becky Sheetz ()

Some dentists are very successful at marketing and growing their practices. If that describes you, well done! But many others struggle with making the right marketing decisions. We’ve seen many of the same mistakes repeated by well-intentioned dentists, and we want to share three of the biggest that impede dental marketing success.

1.  It’s about the patient, not you.
The perception, and often the reality, with dental marketing is that it’s self-serving. Most dentists would rather spend their time treating patients than running ads and promotions that focus on them. You may not expect a newsletter marketing company to say this, but these dentists have the right idea!

Successful, effective dental marketing focuses much less on the dentist and much more on the patient. For example, with patient marketing newsletters, no one wants to read an article titled “Why Dr. Jones is the Best Dentist” or “Dr. Smith’s Bio.” Well, no one except for Dr. Jones and Dr. Smith.

Patients will read articles that impact them and their health, such as “Preserve Your Teeth as You Age,” “Stress Affects Oral Health, Too,” “How People with Diabetes Can Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy” and “Dental Care Can Silence Snoring.” These articles concern issues a patient may care about. If a reader’s husband snores, she will be particularly interested in how to help him address that situation. A patient struggling with diabetes will read the article about how one with this disease can maintain healthy teeth.

With all of your dental practice marketing, ask yourself, is this about me or the patient?

2.  There will be change, so get used to it.
Marketing, like dentistry, is changing, and that will continue. The tools you may have used in the past with success may not be as effective as they once were. Newsletters are an area of dental marketing that has changed significantly in recent years, with such transitions as print to digital, e-mail marketing best practices and social media trends. It’s essential for marketers to adapt.

For more on the enduring power of newsletter marketing, read the article by WPI Communications’ Steve Klinghoffer, Seven Ways Newsletter Marketing Still Works for Professional Services Providers.

3.  New patients matter, as do existing patients.
New patient acquisition is essential for dentists. But you can’t neglect building existing patient loyalty to focus purely on gaining new patients. That results in a revolving door of patients, when what you want to do is to keep referrals flowing. It’s much more efficient for a practice to work to maintain and expand its existing patient base than to ignore existing patients and focus exclusively on new ones.

How do you keep in touch with your existing patients and show them that their health and well-being matter to you? Do you regularly let them know that you appreciate them?

A monthly dental patient newsletter is an ideal way to assure your patients that they matter to you and that you’re not taking them for granted. Contact us for more information.

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