2013 Industry Predictions: Direct Mail to Rise

January 14, 2013    By Becky Sheetz ()

2013 Industry Predictions: Direct Mail to Rise

As I wrote recently, the influential industry resource, MarketingProfs, has released its 10 Marketing Trends for 2013. We highlighted three important trends for professional practices. There’s one more MarketingProfs conclusion that practices should know. Despite the ongoing growth of digital marketing, they predict that direct mail will increase in use among marketers.

Why will that be the case in this world where digital reigns supreme? The answer is in the question. Precisely because of the influx in digital marketing, direct mail will continue to help marketers “break through the noise.”

We couldn’t agree more with this projection. This trend has already begun to emerge, even as we’re seeing digital marketing continue to grow in popularity. Anyone with an e-mail in-box can attest to this. Meanwhile, print, especially by way of the mail, has declined over the years. These shifts have set the stage for print marketing, including newsletters, to continue to gain ground in 2013—and beyond.

Well-executed direct mailers have the potential to stand out from the crowd of e-mail marketing communications. But they have other advantages as well. Quality print materials have a longer shelf life than does e-mail. They can be displayed in a practice waiting room or lobby, whereas e-mail is purely for digital use. And they can be hand delivered to referring professionals, or distributed at speaking engagements and seminars.

When to use print
At WPI Communications, we develop both print and eNewsletters for professional practices. E-mail newsletters can be optimal for reaching patients or clients, such as our Accountant Client eNewsletter, PT eNewsletter for physical therapists, Dental Bites for general dentists and Pediatric Dental Bites for pediatric dentists.

But, when it comes to making an impression with the latest expert articles for professionals, such as referring doctors or dentists, print will often be the superior choice.

One more tip for the best of both worlds
The message here is not to replace your electronic communications with print. In fact, there is another MarketingProfs recommendation we share with our clients. A combination of paper and eNewsletters can be a wise strategy. You’ll have the best of both marketing methods and expand the likelihood of reaching your audience. You may call us at 800-323-4995 or e-mail info@wpicommunications.com to discuss some options that may work for you.

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