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Accounting Client Information Bulletin

Client Information Bulletin has been helping accountants build their practices since 1952. This four-page monthly publication, printed in two colors on attractive white stock, covers important new tax developments, general business principles, financial planning, estate planning and other related topics.

Recent accounting client newsletter articles include

  • Small Businesses: Prepare for Health Care Reforms
  • Tips for Avoiding Investment Mistakes
  • Should You Direct IRA Funds to Charity?
  • A Roth for Your Child?
  • Tax Primer on Higher Education Expenses
  • Seven Steps to Protect Against Data Breach
  • Tax Court Sharpens Edge for Family Limited Partnerships
  • New Wrinkles for Wash Sale Rule
  • Keeping Records to Protect Travel and Entertainment Deductions
  • Five Ways to Defray New Medicare Surtax
  • What to Do if You Suspect Drug Abuse
  • Watch Out for “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams
  • Can the IRS Snoop Into Your E-mails?
  • Keep Your Winning Streak Going
  • Medical Deductions: No Sugar Coating
  • Meet Your Family’s Long-term Needs
  • Payroll Tax Holiday Ends
  • Itemized Deductions: Back to the Future
  • Compare the Two Types of IRAs
  • Ten Job-Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

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