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Accountant Client eNewsletter is the most customizable, high-quality monthly accountant's client eNewsletter available today. This accounting client e-mail marketing program delivers current information about your firm and the services you provide. Written by a team of experts, it contains timely information of interest to your clients.

Recent articles include

  • Seven Steps to Protect Against Data Breach
  • Tax Court Sharpens Edge for Family Limited Partnerships
  • New Wrinkles for Wash Sale Rule
  • Keeping Records to Protect Travel and Entertainment Deductions
  • Five Ways to Defray New Medicare Surtax
  • What to Do if You Suspect Drug Abuse
  • Watch Out for “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams
  • Can the IRS Snoop Into Your E-mails?
  • Keep Your Winning Streak Going
  • Medical Deductions: No Sugar Coating
  • Meet Your Family’s Long-term Needs
  • Payroll Tax Holiday Ends
  • Itemized Deductions: Back to the Future
  • Compare the Two Types of IRAs
  • Ten Job-Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

Accountant Client eNewsletter Tracking and Reporting

View who opened and clicked through your eNewsletter

Accounting client eNewsletter tracking
  • See what percentage of your list opened your eNewsletter, and who they are
  • Check which links generate the most click-throughs and interest
  • Measure the performance of each issue

Measure your social media success

Measure social media success
  • See how often Facebook fans or friends “Like” or Share your eNewsletter on Facebook
  • Get a running count when people Tweet about your eNewsletter
  • See Social Stats on LinkedIn posts about your eNewsletter

Compare results from all your e-mail marketing campaigns

Compare accounting client email marketing campaigns
  • See bar and line graphs of each issue, showing open rates, click-throughs, bounces and more
  • Print out each issue report to review at your convenience

Watch your list grow and track opt-outs

Accounting client email marketing list growth
  • Learn when a new subscriber signs up
  • See how many people forward your eNewsletters to friends
  • Track your monthly list growth by source—through Web site traffic, forwarded e-mails, in-office signups, etc.
  • Learn who unsubscribes from your list, and why

Manage bounced e-mail addresses

Manage bounced accounting client email addresses
  • See which e-mail addresses bounced
  • Learn why they bounced, so you can contact your clients to find out why or update your database
  • Remove or edit addresses as needed for your next issue

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