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WPI Publishes Special Report on Acknowledging Dental Referrals

September 25, 2013

WPI Communications, Inc., recently released a special report titled, “Powerful Ways to Acknowledge Professional Dental Referrals—And Keep Them Coming.” The 11-page guide provides practical tips and best practices for dental specialists aiming to increase the value of their dental practices with patient referrals. 

Patient referrals are a precious commodity for dental specialists. Provider referrals can be an especially impactful source of lucrative, long-term relationships. Endodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, periodontists and prosthodontists all benefit from referrals by general dentists and other health care professionals to build their practices.

This white paper provides insight into the most effective methods and techniques for dental specialists to show their appreciation to these referring professionals. By appropriately acknowledging referral sources, dental specialists will meet four important objectives:

“Some dental specialists perform a variety of activities to encourage referrals, from making office visits to attending and participating in professional networking events to sending referral-generating newsletters,” said Steve Klinghoffer, president of WPI Communications. “Regardless of what activities you engage in to obtain these all-important professional referrals and how many new patients you receive, you must demonstrate your gratitude and be sure no providers slip through the proverbial cracks and feel unappreciated.”

The guide emphasizes the importance of creating a system to consistently acknowledge dental referrals. The ideas in the guide, as well as any others that dental specialists already use in their practices, are only as good as the consistency and professionalism with which they’re instituted. A consistent and structured system ensures that dental specialists acknowledge all referral sources in a timely fashion.

Sections of this special report include

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