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WPI Announces New Educational White Paper

October 14, 2016

Springfield, New Jersey—WPI Communications, Inc., a newsletter marketing firm specializing in helping dentists and other professional practices increase revenue through quality professional referrals and patient contact, announced today that they have published the new educational white paper, “The Complete Guide to Building a Profitable Dental Practice Through Newsletter Marketing.”

“More dentists are using newsletters to market their practices than at any time in the past. We recognize that most dentists are not and do not want to be marketing experts. They want to treat and care for their patients. So we’ve distilled a great many tips, tactics and best practice strategies into this comprehensive and detailed white paper so that even the busiest dentist can benefit,” said Steven Klinghoffer, president of WPI Communications.

This free report for dentists shows how to generate patient referrals, maintain patient loyalty and compliance, and build relationships with referring health care providers. It presents information about

This and other WPI Communications white papers for professional practices can be downloaded here:

“We are pleased to see many dentists using newsletters to generate referrals and boost patient loyalty. One reason for the increasing popularity of dental newsletters is that they are educational resources and are not viewed as self-serving like so many dental marketing tools. Newsletters also have much greater response rates than postcards, according to recent studies, and they are an extremely cost-effective and high-impact method of reaching patients and referring providers, thereby building more profitable dental practices,” said Klinghoffer.

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