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Newsletter Marketing Guide Provides Valuable Information for Veterinarians

July 18, 2013

Springfield, NJ—WPI Communications, Inc., a newsletter marketing firm that helps veterinarians and other professionals build their practices and augment revenue through increased communication, has released a special report titled, The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Veterinary Practices and Hospitals. The 14-page guide provides practical tips and best practices for veterinarians aiming to build their practices with a newsletter marketing program.

Like professionals in many other fields, veterinarians are facing increased competition. A generation or two ago, most pet owners took their cats, dogs and other small animals to the nearest veterinarian or animal hospital. Today, they shop around, using the Internet, social media and word of mouth to find a good veterinarian. And just because they settle on one veterinarian doesn’t mean they will stay with the same one forever. Many pet owners will bring their business somewhere else, lured by professionalism, convenience or the recommendation of a friend.

In good economies and challenging ones, the most successful veterinarians provide top-quality service, and they market their practices consistently and effectively. A growing number of veterinarians use print and e-mail newsletters to keep in touch with pet owners on a regular basis. 

“Newsletters have proven effective for the unique marketing needs of veterinary practices and hospitals,” said Steve Klinghoffer, president of WPI Communications. “They are especially valued in today’s veterinary marketing environment because, unlike traditional advertising, newsletters are not viewed as self-serving and offer the best opportunity for client education.”

“Veterinarians especially value newsletter marketing because it is cost-effective, reinforces their authority as the local expert and keeps their names in front of clients between visits,” Klinghoffer added.

The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Veterinary Practices and Hospitals is written not only for veterinarians interested in starting a newsletter marketing program but also for those looking to make the most of their investment in an existing newsletter marketing program.

Sections of this special report include

“As with all marketing programs, return on investment is key, and newsletters are no exception,” Klinghoffer said. “Used consistently over a long period of time, veterinary newsletters pay for themselves. This is a fact I have seen for myself in my 29 years of publishing newsletters. For many of the practices with whom we work, one or two new patients or clients pays for the annual cost of a newsletter program.”

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WPI Communications, Inc., helps professionals market their practices through editorially based programs that position the practice as being knowledgeable, well-trained and willing to communicate its expertise. WPI has been providing newsletter marketing services to professionals since 1952. For more information about WPI Communications or The Complete Guide to Newsletter Marketing for Veterinary Practices and Hospitals, please call 800-323-4995, e-mail or visit

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