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Dental Marketing Barometer Survey Reports Spending, Revenue for 2011

February 23, 2012


Patient newsletters and referral newsletters planned to increase dramatically this year

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February 15, 2012–Springfield, New Jersey–WPI Communications, Inc., an editorial, communications and content-development firm specializing in helping dental specialists, medical specialists and others increase revenue through more professional referrals and patient contact, released its 2012 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey results today. These results provide a detailed picture of marketing spending for the past three years and projections for 2012. For the first time this year, general dentists were included in the Dental Marketing Barometer Survey. Data is broken down by marketing tactic for each dental specialty. The findings provide marketing and revenue trend data based on surveying 231 endodontists, general dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, periodontists and prosthodontists. The full survey and analysis are available at

Dentists can use this data and analysis to understand broad marketing trends, as well as those impacting their specialty. Included is a breakdown by specialty for the amounts spent on print advertisements, direct mail, yellow page ads, Web sites, patient newsletters, physician referral newsletters and other common dental marketing tactics. Dentists and specialists can see where their colleagues and competitors are spending on marketing and compare revenues.

Respondents reported strong economic growth in 2011 and optimism for 2012. Nearly half of all professionals noted revenue growth, and more dentists in each category reported increases than decreases. Of the past three years that WPI Communications has surveyed, 2011 was the best, with 46% reporting higher revenue. Moreover, respondents expect an even better 2012, with 65% projecting increases.

A projected trend for 2012 is increased spending in all categories of marketing activities surveyed —except for yellow page advertising—compared with real spending in 2011. Newsletters are projected to increase most dynamically. Use of patient newsletters is planned to more than double, and 41% of practices intend to use newsletters to reach referring health care providers. This would make referring newsletters the third most used dental marketing tactic, which is even more significant when the very low rate of general dentists who use them is considered. Over 50% of oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists and endodontists, respectively, plan to use referral newsletters this year.

“We are encouraged by revenue growth across dental practice areas and hope this year’s survey will once again help specialists understand dental marketing spending trends,” said Steven Klinghoffer, president of WPI Communications. “With our emphasis on content development, we are pleased to see many dental specialists planning greater use of newsletters. We believe in the proven ability of these resources to generate referrals for specialists and facilitate consistent communications with referring providers.”

Other Key Findings from the 2012 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey:

• Nearly half of all dentists and dental specialists saw revenue increase in 2011, and 65% project greater revenue for 2012.
• No single marketing tactic saw a dramatic increase in use, but direct mail, patient newsletters and print advertising increased modestly last year.
• Dentists plan to spend more broadly across all marketing categories in 2012, except for yellow page advertising.
• Newsletters to patients and referring providers are projected to increase the most dramatically of all tactics, for every type of dental professional.
• In 2011, for the third straight year, Web sites were the most commonly used marketing tool, and yellow page advertising was second.
• Orthodontists engaged in the greatest volume of marketing activities in 2011, followed by oral surgeons. For the second straight year, endodontists engaged in the lowest volume, followed closely by prosthodontists.
• A full 97% of respondents reported that having a marketing plan or program was “very important” or “somewhat important.”

Get the full details of the 2012 Dental Marketing Barometer Survey at

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