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WPI Releases “The Complete Guide to Building Your Practice with E-mail Marketing”

April 18, 2013

Springfield, NJ—It’s more important than ever for professional practices to communicate regularly with patients or clients. For today’s professionals, building an e-mail list is the simplest and most convenient way to remain connected to patients, clients and even referral sources. This medium presents a wealth of opportunities, as well as its share of challenges. In a world teeming with spam, viruses and e-mail overload, it can be difficult to earn the attention and trust of an audience. That’s why it’s critical that professionals use trusted techniques to build and maintain their e-mail lists.

To help professional practices build a solid e-mail list and increase revenue with e-mail marketing, WPI Communications, Inc., released a special report titled “The Complete Guide to Building Your Practice with E-mail Marketing.” This guide provides tips for professionals looking to build their practices with e-mail marketing.

“You can provide the most extraordinary service and care to your patients or clients, but what happens when they’re not present in your office?” asked Steven Klinghoffer, president of WPI Communications. “How many competing practices are contacting them and attempting to woo them away? E-mail is the quickest and easiest way to systematically reach your audience, and it’s being used extensively by dental specialists, physicians, attorneys, financial advisers, accountants, physical therapists and other professionals. If you don’t use e-mail, you’re missing out. And if you’re not using it optimally, you could be making costly mistakes.”

Sections of this special report include

“‘The Complete Guide to Building Your Practice with E-mail Marketing’ is written not only for professional practices looking to start an e-mail marketing program but also for those trying to make the most of their existing e-mail marketing program,” Klinghoffer said. “With any kind of marketing program, return on investment is key, and newsletters are no exception.”

“Because e-mail communication is so cost-effective and can be so powerful, you’ll be ahead of other practices that spend thousands of dollars a year on other, less effective, less consistent advertising methods,” he added. “Furthermore, if you follow the recommendations in this paper, you can be even more successful with your e-mail marketing than those who’ve been doing it for years.”

Building a solid, legitimate e-mail list is especially important for practices that use popular e mail marketing tool such as Constant Contact. Even small-volume, infrequent users of these tools can experience frustration and setback. Constant Contact has been known to suspend the accounts of first-time users who receive “too many” e-mail bounces from their marketing database. They may even suspend accounts of users who have just one or two spam complaints filed against them. Don’t let this happen to you. Avoid these pitfalls and effectively grow your practice by building an excellent quality e-mail database. This guide will show you how.

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